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This is the full-feature PRO version of the award-winning OfficeSuite application that lets you easily view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, convert to PDF, and manage your files.
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November 30, 2020
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Download OfficeSuite Pro v11.0.33145 Apk Mod Premium Android

I do not recommend anyone to buy this app, run away from ads, they will throw public ads after purchase. I bought this app because I like it, but they ask me to upgrade when I open any document for PC or professional version. I hate content pop-ups so I want to get my money back.

Switch to a competitor app after 7 years of loyalty! => Word worse – now unstable – Word files and file commander do not lock randomly – New web view mode big bad change – big left margin Does anyone read this? Word bugs that do not have a major version get worse with each version – randomly, it opens in the last saved view => when new text is typed it enters the top of the document, misspells the last letter when editing and 1 or 2 extra spacers

Download OfficeSuite Pro v11.0.33121 Apk Mod Premium Android

I’m happy with Office Suite Pro, especially the diversity of multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Apple and Android. Features are important for the license price. I have access to fully licensed Google Office applications and Microsoft Office, but I still find features that motivate me to use this app instead.

Password-protected PDF will appear after this update: The error file contains corrupted or unsupported objects. Before this update takes effect. I emailed you a few weeks ago talking about the problem, but the problem persists, please fix this issue if possible (I think it took too long to find the customer bug and fix the report, I’re reporting a few months ago) If so, find another app

I bought this app because I was fascinated. I went to Forms 2 forever and I like it the most. They did regular updates and it works. Updating to 4 stars. The app is generally excellent. This leaves at 4 stars due to a previous bad decision of the developers that was resolved at this time.

Download OfficeSuite Pro v11.0.33121 Apk Mod Premium Android

I bought the software a long time ago and acted like a premium member, but recently my premium member status dropped to sub premium member status because some annoying popups to buy add-ons were destroyed. Understand, what is the guarantee if I pay a premium member again, in the future, you will not be able to add another add on and merit my premium status …

I’m not happy I’m already purchased this app, though they need an additional subscription now to allow me to select the text in the pdf file! To open the address! I spend a ton of money on apps every year and I feel good about the purchases I usually make … this app is one of the few exceptions. Undoubtedly the subscription is not expensive for me, which means I need to download one of the countless apps that allow this simple feature for free! Go with the opponent

Download OfficeSuite Pro v11.0.33121 Apk Mod Premium Android

According to the latest update, Dropbox Android will no longer poll this app to upload edits. So, if you run and save the file on your tablet or phone, it will not be uploaded to your Dropbox cloud. If you open the file again, you will see the version you started, not the version you completed. The version you just finished is not in the cache or waiting to be synced, so Dropbox will never know you edited it. Sync to Dropbox All other programs I use work well.

I do not usually update if apps are running. Today I upgraded to the latest version and found that I can no longer edit the PDF file, which is the main reason for using the app. I paid for the Pro version in 2012, now I don’t have the functionality I need. Well done! Another plan for me to try to upgrade.


What's new

Enhanced Thumbnails - We've improved the thumbnail bar in Portrait orientation.
Smart Quotes - Use the new Smart Quotes feature to automatically change straight quotation marks to curly ones.
Improved Paragraph Properties - The number of paragraph properties you can edit has been increased.


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