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This is the full-feature PRO version of the award-winning OfficeSuite application that lets you easily view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, convert to PDF, and manage your files.
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Varies with device
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How to install OfficeSuite 12 Pro + PDF Premium v12.5.42057 (Unlocked) Apk + Mod APK?

1. Tap the downloaded OfficeSuite 12 Pro + PDF Premium v12.5.42057 (Unlocked) Apk + Mod APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] OfficeSuite 12 Pro + PDF Premium 12.5.42057 (Unlocked) Apk + Mod App for Android

Mixed – The app is generally excellent. The app used to be superior to Microsoft office but it is no longer. The ads are the worst part. It is absolutely infuriating considering that I paid for it a while back to get rid of the ads. When it goes wrong, it throws up an error regarding security and loses all your document. Clearing cache is not enough – you need to uninstall the app and reinstall it. It has been so many times that I thought I would just stop using it and use Microsoft version.

It is very easy to use and efficient. You can use it to work with Microsoft office documents. Overall, this app is excellent. Updated my Jan 22 review with ans22 ultra. It won’t save the modified xcell files and will only accept new file names as SAVE AS. This means that I cannot update my files (eg: filex), but I can get more files (eg, filex, filex(1), filex(1)(1)). How can this be corrected ????? ?

Overall, it’s a great app. The only problem is that I am a Professional user. However, the app keeps asking me to upgrade to the Personal subscription. The Personal subscription costs less than the Professional and should therefore not be considered an upgrade.

It works great on my tablet. A few things that I would like to see fixed are: – Make tabs work with Word docs. Scrolling over is a problem. It could be my Android, but tabs seem to be a simple fix. When I move the cursor to change a Word document’s location and begin typing, it glitches and jumps to another place and begins there instead. This is why I have to delete one character and then start typing again. I’m not sure why it happens. Perhaps there is a default setting that I need to change

It was exactly what I needed – it is possible to pay a small fee to get this app – an excellent Word replacement without being forced to give your phone number or other details. Very intuitive to use. This is what I think even after having it for 6 years.

Although all my writing is from libreoffice, the fonts in the odt file aren’t aligned so it’s difficult to convert. Although I was going to rewrite everything using apps formats, it would have been easier if that wasn’t necessary. The ads I have seen so far are just reminders to use the Windows version with this. I don’t mind it at all as I intend to do that. I don’t mind getting upgrades either.

This app is great! This app is the best I have found. After using spreadsheets, PDFs, and documents for years, this app suits my needs perfectly. All the problems I had seem to have been solved! Thank you to the programmers.

This product worked perfectly until today, even though I bought it years ago. I now get the message “file not found” when I attempt to open any file. It is possible to fix it with an update. Update – It is now fixed and running as it should.

This app has been a great help for me over the years. I have been very happy with the paid version. This was, at least, up to now. Documents with columns are no longer available after the latest update. To get them back, you need to create a new file, copy and paste data from the previous document, then change the layout slightly so the columns will be retained for a few days. I must start over because the columns vanish again.

Overall performance is excellent. I enjoy being able convert documents to pdf and be able sign off documents. So far, there have been no problems.

I’ve been happy with office suite for years. However, I recently switched to Samsung zfold 3 and when I click SAVE it changes to SAVE AS. This means that I must go through a lengthy process to save my worksheet. Please advise

This app allows me to review and edit all of my work data stored on my cloud drive. It includes Excel files, PowerPoint slides and Word documents. I will be able to do more with the app than what is possible on my smart phone. However, it is better to have the tool than not to use it. I have used it several times to save my skin. It allows me to make changes to documents and add information on the fly without the need to go to an Internet cafe. It’s difficult to type on a smartphone, but I was able to make notes in the relevant documents. This meant that I didn’t have to remember anything or go through a lot of paper. I was able to make any changes quickly once I returned to my work system.

Although I love the app, I’ve been having issues for several months with the ability to save modified documents back to Google Drive. It used to work well, but stopped working when support for Google Drive was removed. Support has been contacted several times. Sometimes I would receive a reply, but so far no resolution. The issue has been observed on two devices. Update: They replied again, saying that there had been no progress with my issue. I decided to uninstall the program and return to Docs to go

5/20/202020 After more than a year, keyboards were completely unusable. They have improved the responsiveness of the app and added many useful features that are not available in Word. This app has bugs that take months to fix. I’ve been using it for years. It eventually gets better. It’s almost like a love-hate relationship. Their feedback button is currently broken, so he is the only place. They will be able anchor graphics to text

It isn’t bad and does the job well. It doesn’t preserve indents or other formatting, such as italics, when copying/pasting to other documents/websites. This is something that I assumed was a standard feature of purchasing the program. When they complain that the program still displays an ad even after you follow the instructions, they are valid. It is also disappointing that there are no ways to recover files already saved. It’s not bad, but it’s meh.

This app was purchased several years ago. I switched to another app due to its issues. Although it offers SAVE AS for local, SDCARD and NETWORK options, it does not allow you to create a subfolder. It is unusable for this reason. This should be a key function for document creators. There should be an option in the settings to turn off cloud storage. Instead, you are presented with a nag screen every time you save a file. Maybe 3 stars is too generous. It was a mistake to have bought it.

An Android office app is very handy. There are still some issues. Typing will not always be where the cursor is located in the document, sometimes jumping lines of text where there are clear breaks, and as a fiction writer, I find the autocorrect far too aggressive sometimes changing text I have already written and changing common names to common text. These are my main issues with the app. It could be worse.



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