LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects PRO MOD APK (Unlocked)


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Apr 7, 2024
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects PRO MOD APK v2.2.1-427 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects PRO MOD APK v2.2.1-427 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects PRO MOD APK v2.2.1-427 (Unlocked) App for Android


One of the top app available on the Play Store to modify and edit images. I use it in my company and the feedback from clients is fantastic.

LightX provides more options to adjust the color and light than simple photo editing programs. Through LightX I can make an image with tons of color, unlike any other app and yet manage it with the help of extra features like the ability to balance color. I’ve used four photo editing applications to help me get the best results in terms of creativity …. however nothing goes through my fingers without passing through LightX !

There are a lot of cool features to play for long hours playing. It makes you want to take photos. Suggestion: to alter how big the font is when it is expanded to fill the screen, you should be able to let the text move across the screen instead of just over the entire screen. In addition,

A very impressive editing program! There are many free features but, as with other apps, the most effective features are reserved to the paid-for option. LightX is extremely affordable should you opt to pay for it and offers various price points, which means you can save money if you are certain you will use it for months at a stretch instead of paying every month.

I love lightx! I downloaded it to play with some old images and created amazing photos with this app. It comes with nearly all the effects and options of many of the other similar apps however, everything is in one place. I highly recommend this! I don’t have the premium version yet, but I am amazed with this product and have never been disappointed.

I was wary of purchasing the app at first because I’ve been frustrated previously with similar applications, but so far, it’s been simple to use, easy edits and enjoyable exploring the numerous features that are packed into this app! I’m really happy to have bought an annual subscription! It’s definitely the best choice and is among the best purchases you’ll ever make.

Okay, the app isn’t without its negatives However, it’s the most effective editing app I’ve tried to date! The Zoom feature can be enhanced. When changing the backdrop it is only possible to zoom in only one part..there ought to be a way to navigate, so we could zoom in any area to erase or add background. I hope this suggestion is taken into consideration.

It’s a good app but it’s quite complex. It does not come with as many tools. I use this app to make the backgrounds I use for Roblox Gfx but it’s hard to cut and is very frustrating, and you are unable to choose the colours and brushes and colours, which isn’t very useful. I recommend IbisPaint X even though this isn’t the best, I would not say it’s the best, but I would not claim it to be the most difficult. I would like to have more brushes, tools, and easy to cut. It’s difficult to cut since it’s big and blobby. Whenever I put it in, I can see white lines.

This app has experienced a few minor glitches but the creator/s generally ensure that it runs smoothly. Somehow, it was unable to load today. Rebooted, no change. So I deleted the cache and it started loading. However, it didn’t recognize my username or password. It wouldn’t even recognize my email address and It’s not charging me to use the app for the second time. This app is excellent and I frequently use it to honestly say at a minimum 1 per week. Update: DEV has solved the issue two days after the email was sent!

Awe-inspiring app Simply superb in every aspect. A user-friendly interface that’s visually pleasing and has a wealth of tools even its free versions. But, if you’re willing to invest a few dollars for the premium version, do it. It’s WAYYYY better than the cost.

There are some things it does well while others are completely missed. The problem is that the missed opportunities are so simple. I used the paid version at one point, but now they’re asking for an annual subscription or the ridiculously high cost for it, especially when it’s missing so many features… I’ll pass. If the option you’re looking for is available, it’s likely to work.

I was skeptical at first because it seems like I’ve installed/uninstalled a thousand photo apps but this time I am very, pleasantly surprised. I really like this application. I like that it is easy to use however it requires some learning curve. The result is stunning with Lightx when you take the time to investigate and understand the app. I believe that the developers of this app have done a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend.

Perhaps one of the top photo editing apps. Simply put I was in need of an app which could cut out a photo from an image. This app did the task beyond my expectations. I did not have to use a tiny point to cut the image myself, which would have taken over an hour to make a perfect cut. I strongly recommend this.

It’s an amazing App has been “hands down” the best I’ve ever tried. It is the best choice of procedure I had previously to download four Apps to alter my pictures that this one offers the entire thing. Adds are very small, and they don’t appear until you are finished rendering your photo ……which is amazing because most of them nag you every two minutes.

It’s super cool and easy to use. I am awestruck by it. cost of pro lightX (which lets you take more images) and is available at the lowest price. Even if you don’t purchase the pro version, you won’t be bombarded by ads which is a rarity nowadays with downloading apps. I’m really happy I downloaded the app. I’m going to recommend the app to my contacts.

Amazing this app is. I love the backgrounds you can use to enhance images. This effect has never been seen before using another app. This app is also the best background eraser I have ever seen. The other apps are useless. Simple to remove backgrounds. I’ve just signed up. The backgrounds won’t work for me on the Samsung Galaxy J3 phone. Can you help me resolve this out? They work perfectly for me on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phones!

I find this app enjoyable and helpful while at the same. The developers are creative, active and doing a excellent work in creating new features . I have high hopes and trust that this app will be a an enormous success. The only thing that left bitter aftertaste in my mouth was the customer service. No response via Facebook message even though I had minor problems in the app.

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