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Jul 5, 2022
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How to install Oxford Dictionary of English Premium MOD APK v14.0.834 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Oxford Dictionary of English Premium MOD APK v14.0.834 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Oxford Dictionary of English Premium MOD APK v14.0.834 App for Android

I am having trouble downloading the dictionary to use offline. I bought the app a long time ago (it cost about $15 AUS) so I don’t know if I have the premium version. I used to be able to use the app offline on a previous phone. Are you able to help? I love the dictionary by the way, it has everything word I ask ! Thank you. Lee. 4th May. Thank you for fixing my download problem! Sorry I took so long to reply, I was waiting for an email from you to alert me but you fixed it & I didn’t realize.

The app doesn’t allow syncing of favorites over multiple devices. If this feature is available, I wouldn’t mind taking up a yearly subscription.

I really love your oxford Russian-English dictionary, and I’d have no problem buying this app, but it looks like there’s only a subscribe button. I know that subscriptions mean more consistent income, but I hate ads, and I hate “poking holes” in the bottom of my already thin wallet. I’d much prefer to pay once up-front for a version now and pay for an updated edition in the future. Please let me know if I’m missing a non-subscription option!

Great app. Though I wish the search box could ignore some punctuation marks, it should be present on top of the definition section so that the user can adjust the word without having to retype it, the back key sends the user back to a blank search this makes it laborious if one wants to search a related word since you got to do the whole typing again. How about retaining the word in the search box? Thank you.

Even though I paid for the premium version before the monthly subscription was introduced, every time I open it without internet connection, your app still asks me regularly to subscribe monthly in order to enjoy it ad-free. I followed your instruction but the problem persists. This is such a major inconvenience that I am seriously considering a refund. Pls fix your app ASAP. Edit: Pretty good dictionary if you get it to work properly. Though I prefer the old one-time purchase premium version.

In terms of content, this is the best dictionary app I have tried as it includes an extensive list of words and phrases that I sometimes can’t find in the other apps. However, IMHO the layout of content could be improved. For example, more breaks could be included between the meanings of a word, or between the phrasal verbs that could be formed . It would make it easier for the eyes to skim through the whole extensive content to find just the one(s) I need. Thank you!

Great app but the quality of audio-feature leaves a lot to be desired. It seems to lack accuracy in the pronunciation of the first syllable of some words – ( too sharp, omission of syllable ). Why are there no audio feature available for some words? And sometimes it seem the ones that need it most. The size and position of the share circle sometimes obscured word or words in the definition on the page; this can be quite annoying. The size of the share circle could be reduced or even positioned.

To begin with, please fix the optional review below, thank you. Oxford Dictionary is considered as one of the best in my country. Unfortunately this app doesn’t keep up with its other competitors. Most of the essential features were limited unless you go online & be a premium user. But in terms of information & definitions, it has better content in comparison with the rest. Overall, I recommend it for the capable ones with technical needs.

Overall the app is great but there are a couple caveats. For starters, the search function is sometimes slow. Sometimes it will take 3-4 seconds to load. The other thing is, when you tap on a word within a definition to look it up quickly, it will include apostrophes or other irregularities and return no results. Other than that the app is very useful and well designed.

Good app|| Recently my purchased version was working as a free version one. But they told me how to solve the problem and it’s fine again. If this is your case. Just reinstall the app and the Premium version should be restored. Follow the link shown in their reply below. But it’s really annoying that this keeps happening since the first time and never stops.

Well it’s a renowned English dictionary. Not a bad thing at all. But I give it heavy marks off on account of the app refusing basic functionality without permissions for access to storage and camera. Furthermore, the app has a prominent feature to rate it directly from the app. But it only gives you the choice of either not raining at all or giving it five stars. Boo.

I have always loved words & their origins. I own a dog-eared hardcopy of the Oxford English Dictionary (also the Thesaurus) but I only use both of them as needed. Each time I open them, I get lost in them for hours. This app is a recent download (July, therefore not needed academically). Each morning there is a ‘word of the day’. This makes me loose myself in the world of words, yet again! Uncannily accurate, even on colloquialisms. I can’t wait to test it out properly in September.

This is an awesome dictionary!! Being a teacher I find the Oxford Dictionary absolutely essential and fantastic to use!! For a very small amount of money, I paid for the Pro version and I truly don’t regret doing so!! I love the authentic sounding audio, as well ! For those complaining about the ads, you can’t always get something for free!! We are not talking about hundreds of pounds here, just a few pounds….the price of a coffee and a slice of cake at a coffee shop!! Terrific indeed!

What's new

What's new:

• The latest 2022 Oxford Languages database
• Bug fixes and performance improvements


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