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VivaVideo is a Easy-to-use Video Editor and Pro Video Maker that helps you easily record and show your life.
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QuVideo Inc. Video Editor & Video Maker App
Jun 30, 2022
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How to install VivaVideo Pro Mod APK v9.4.3 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded VivaVideo Pro Mod APK v9.4.3 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] VivaVideo Pro Mod APK v9.4.3 (Premium) App for Android

(new Review updated) Viva video is great! But I’m facing two issues (new review): * Text and stickers don’t fit when the video is exported. This is a huge problem! The video has been destroyed. However! If there is no transition the stickers and text remain at the place they are supposed to be. * Sometimes the dark transition will double blink when the video has been exported! We recommend you look into this. Thank you. (Below the tech response is outdated)

I appreciate that your application does not downsample audio when exporting or importing. A lot of other applications have this issue. On the downside, I’m unable to manage fades in the audio. The built-in “switch” is no good is unable to control length and volume. How do you get a 15 second fade-out of volume 80 into 20? Basic. Can’t do. The length of the transitions can’t be controlled also. Merging back split videos? Dunno. Basic knobs that your app isn’t equipped with. The subscription system is still in its infancy, if I am to be believed.

I’ve been using this application for more than two years, and it’s so user-friendly, simple and fast to use. It’s now a way of making videos. Do you know if there’s an alternative desktop version of this app that could be downloaded for Windows? The moment I edit my files on my smartphone and it would be much simple to edit it on a computer , particularly when dealing with massive files.

I’ve been a subscriber to the Premium application for a few years. It’s a very good app, and I’ve made numerous important videos. I would have awarded five stars when it had two crucial features. 1.) is it outputs 4K video 2.) since it does not have Line spacing and letter spacing …. Ask the developer to include these options…

5 stars can help increase ratings. I’ve had the VIP membership for a long time. I’ve read many of negative reviews and found other people who don’t give this the chance. I would like to see the annual subscription was cheaper. It’s costly. But I’m able to say I’ve got the most value for my money. VivaVideo doesn’t deserve the low score. It’s not possible to learn how to use the features in a brief time . You have to spend time on it. Once you’ve mastered it, the interface is extremely simple to use and enjoyable.

I found the app to be very user-friendly and when compared to other apps, it offers plenty of features for free. My only complaint was not being able to make videos that lasted longer than 5 minutes with the paid version. That’s very short.

This is among the best video editor apps that you could ever make use of. I guarantee it. Certain features aren’t available to you due to the requirement the option of upgrading to premium which I have no issue with this. It allows them to improve the application and improve it.

It’s really good thanks to you for the viva video. When I voice-over, my voice is crystal precise and flawless . The voice changer is also excellent .I am a fan of the theme and the ‘fv’ too. The Viva video is great.I am also a fan of the music already in the game. It’s also among the most loved ones

It was among my top applications. It was mostly free , but due to the addition of premium features, many of the older features need to be purchased instead of making new features that make it worth the purchase. you can’t even save your video to HD 720p without purchasing. It’s a pity.

“All problem have been solve.” The app Viva Video Last year it’s an excellent application. This year, however, I signed up as a VIP as a member on another account. I discovered a glitch when exporting videos (all resolution) and the video does not appear smooth (last year didn’t experience this issue). Fix it and then extend the VIP member until it is fixed. Thank you.

Finally , a video editor that doesn’t ruin the quality of your audio into absolute rubbish when exporting! Five stars for this! Also, it’s an extremely good application too!

After I edited my video, I save the video to my mobile. However, the music hasn’t in sync with the video. It’s on time with the app, but it doesn’t look exactly the same when you save it. This makes the application unusable. If I’m making music videos and it does not save the music at the time as it does within the program, what’s the purpose? They also say that you can avail an opportunity to try the service for free for three days, but they will charge you for the whole one year subscription within just 48 hours. Be honest with your customers.

I’ve probably used this application for a while at this point and it’s amazing. It’s simple to use and the options continue to get more and more amazing! I’m not sure why 17+, but it’s actually more like than 12+ for me. I edit some really cool videos using it, which are of high good quality. It can also be used to make tiktok video . I like the fact that there are many options available to those who don’t have to have to pay for it. The only issue is I’d like to have ALL the choices. Overall, great application!

Excellent application… Even after I figured out how to get around it very quickly. I am thrilled to be able to use copyright-free texts and music in my video. There are many other options for experienced users. I’m very happy with this application and my one complaint is that I did not discover it until several months ago. It’s definitely on the top of the Play Store’s priority list.

What's new

Version 9.3.5 is online!
1. [Graffiti Screen Recording] has been added to [Toolbox], realizing shooting while drawing!
2. [Voice to text] has been optimized which greatly improved the export speed.



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