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VivaVideo is a Easy-to-use Video Editor and Pro Video Maker that helps you easily record and show your life.
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QuVideo Inc. Video Editor & Video Maker App
Jun 7, 2022
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How to install VivaVideo Pro Mod APK v9.3.6 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded VivaVideo Pro Mod APK v9.3.6 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] VivaVideo Pro Mod APK v9.3.6 (Premium) App for Android

It’s great thanks you for the viva video. When I voice-over, my voice is crystal precise and flawless . Voice changer is great too .I am a fan of the theme and “fv” as well. The Viva video is great.I like the music already available. And it’s one of the most popular.

It was among my most favorite applications. It was mostly free , but due to the addition of premium features, many of the older features need to be purchased instead of including new features which made it worthwhile to purchase. You are unable to save your video at HD 720p without purchasing. It’s a pity.

A great app, both free as well as paid version. However, there is a minor issue. I have paid for a year’s subscription, and sometimes the app will not recognize that I paid and runs on a free version. It also won’t let me access the paid version features. I must close the app and then reopen it via the PlayStore in order to let it know that I am using the paid version. This is a hassle for me to have to do this every single time. Are you able to solve this issue. Any Oher is a fantastic app.

This is among the best video editor apps that you will ever have. You can trust me on this. Certain features are not available to you due to the requirement an upgrade process to get premium which I am fine with this. It allows them to improve the app and make it more effective.

(new Review updated) Viva video is great! But I’m facing two issues The text and the stickers aren’t in the right place when the video is exported. This is horrible! The video has been destroyed. However! If there is no transition that means the text and stickers stay exactly where they need to be. * Sometimes, the dark shutter/transition is a double blink after the video has been exported! We recommend you look into this. Thank you. (Below the tech response is old)

I’ve been using the app for about two years now and it’s so simple it’s quick and simple to use. It’s now a way of making videos. Do you know if there’s a desktop version of the application that is available to download for Windows? The moment I edit my files on my phone and it would be easy to edit on a PC, especially when dealing with massive files.

5 stars can help increase ratings. I’ve been a VIP member for over a year. I’ve read many of the reviews that are negative and have also found other people who don’t even give it a second thought. I would like to see the year subscription was more affordable. It’s costly. But I’m able to say I’ve got the most value for my money. VivaVideo doesn’t deserve the low score. It is impossible to master the functions in a short period of time. You must work to master it. Once you’ve got it down, the interface is extremely simple to use and enjoyable.

Excellent application… Even though I had to figure out my way to it in a snap. I love the possibility to include copyright-free texts and music in my video. There are many other options for experienced users. I’m extremely pleased with this application and my only issue is that I couldn’t find it long ago. It’s a must-have on the Play Store’s wish list of apps.

I used to like you edit your YouTube videos. It’s so fast, even for long videos. And now slow especially for longer videos are uploaded. I have already paid for 12 months starting in the year 2020 and have been irritating because I am always asked to whether I can re-pay the amount. Why do you think that is? Then the music is mostly when I upload it is with a copyright, and I have to erase the music each time. I would like you to download music that has not copyrighted. it is a huge wasted time. I hope you’ll take a look

Thank you for the feedback, however, we would like to see some high-quality voice changers. Since some of the latest models, you are able to easily return the voice of the individual.. Like by using”man”. For example, using the “man” one by just increasing the speed of the video and bringing back the person voice.. Except if you do not prefer to make use of a chipmunk speech changer that is ineffective and unprofessional. even if you slow its speed up or slowing down once the video has been saved, you could sort of create the voice of the person.. With the voice changer you already have.

“All problem have been solve.” The app Viva Video Last year it’s an excellent application. However, this year I registered as a VIP as a member on another account. The issue occurs when I export the video (all resolution) however, the video doesn’t look smooth (last year, we didn’t have this issue). It is a problem that needs to be fixed and extend the VIP membership until it is fixed. Thank you.

Great! Fun, easy to use video editor. Filters and FX for no cost. There are some paywall features should not be resisted if you would like to have a VIP experience. Highly recommended.

A video editor that won’t destroy the quality of your audio into absolute rubbish when exporting! Five stars for this! It’s also an extremely good application too!

It’s a fantastic application for downloading videos as well as creating videos, but when I attempted to download Instagram videos, it didn’t respond . I’ve tried it on Facebook it did respond, but only on Instagram it has several problems. I would like you to resolve this glitch or bug.

I love this app and I have the VIP Package but and the issues are that the app is no longer be available. I was excited about using my new S22 ultra along with the S pen. I would like to know if there is an update to the software that includes the drivers required? Thank you for the response but please make this update accessible to everyone as even though you claim to have achieved it, we are unable to obtain it from anywhere! The update is finally online and everything seems to be working as it should. Thank for your efforts.

The work I did was saved numerous times over the course of 5 hours. I’m stating that all styles of fonts and text styles were restored to their default styles. The work I’ve done on my latest video for five hours and then the application crashed. When I tried to open it again the app didn’t know the fact that I was a VIP member as well as all fonts, and styles of text I created today were changed to standard style. The rest of the files were saved, but there was texts… lots of it… I’m exhausted and don’t have the time left to repair all that.. Oh my God… What’s the reason… is it just because? ….

I am awestruck by this application. It is getting better and better. Beautiful features and effects! It is very easy to use. I only have one question.. The new feature you have added for keyframes. Once you have added it in your video, how do you move it where you want and then how do you transform and move it into your video?

I love this app, it is simple to use, and I love the music you can upload, however there is one problem to be aware of once you’ve uploaded music then go to the vlog and choose to add it to copy the music to avoid copyright claims on YouTube We’d like to include the copy in order to avoid being found on YouTube We appreciate your changing and including the copy on your video, I’m so happy that with the 5*+ rating

Note: I stopped the app from updating and I am using a slightly older version. I’ve been a VIP member for more than a year, and is still logged out instantaneously and never. VV still watermarks my videos even if they “restore” my VIP status. I still must manually remove the watermark every time I make a new project. This issue should have been solved many years ago. Yes, I’m authentically logged in to my Google account. Based on the negative reviews about the most recent version, I’m not going to upgrade. 3 stars as the videos are good.

I use it to upload my YouTube content, overall excellent, but i would not rate it five stars because there is a lot to work on, like the traditional Chinese fonts, I constantly had to switch to a simplified version, which I don’t really like. Editing functions can be improved the ability to combine a few videos on the screen instead of using overlay. The overlay function itself is able to cut precisely, rather than simply cutting it. Recent updates were fantastic and thank you for taking note of user feedback however there is a lot more to improve.

What's new

Updates! Version 9.3.0
1. [Smart Cropping] and [Teleprompter] have been added to [Toolbox]!
2. Solve some small bugs and continue to optimize the product experience~


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