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YoWindow is a unique new weather app. The magic of YoWindow is a living landscape that reflects your actual weather. For instance, if it's raining - it rains in YoWindow.
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Apr 15, 2022
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How to install YoWindow Weather v2.34.5 Apk APK?

1. Tap the downloaded YoWindow Weather v2.34.5 Apk APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] YoWindow Weather v2.34.5 Apk App for Android

This app for weather is far superior to the other according to my experience. As with other reviewers I’m also a weather enthusiast and have tried a variety of applications. This one is definitely a winner. There are some minor things that I’d like to modify or change however it’s not a lot (or the developers could make it so). The speed at which the data responds and the user interface to constantly altering conditions that occur in my region is fantastic. (Other applications could not be as responsive.) The widget is on my phone and I regularly check it!

I was unsure about going with this app as there are a lot of popular weather apps on the market however, all these apps failed me. With Weather I loved the interface and widgets right from the moment I downloaded it. It was everything I’ve ever wanted from a weather app that is easy to use and a beautiful interface. I bought it on the very next morning (it’s worthwhile) and love it to this day.

At the moment, it’s 4 stars. The app does almost everything I needed, but it’s missing one feature that I would like to know about lightening strikes. I’ve used the weather bug app since it was a program that could be downloaded on your computer in the early 2000’s. I’ve watched it grow to the point where it’s missing one feature, which is the reason why I haven’t yet switched permanently. I am not a fan of ads therefore I bought ads with this app because it includes everything I’d like in a weather application. But I must hang on to the weather bug app to get Lightning strike.

This app for weather is far superior to that of the Weather Channel on my Samsung 9 phone. It was an excellent weather app however, a month ago it changed and this Weather Channel is all about advertising. It’s better at displaying the weather conditions with a larger display that is packed with ads. Thanks for the app.

It’s fantastic. It gives you quick access to all the important information. It’s smooth and fast and, so far, I’m unable to notice any major train movement on the battery that makes you should be worried about it being running. It’s so great that I’ve got several applications that I’d like to see them take over the maintenance and design of this battery.

I really enjoy the app but it’s not 100% accurate. It says the temperature is 28 deg C however it’s actually 32degC. The forecast says it’s cloudy but it’s raining. I like the features however I would prefer the ability to select the forecast from a different source.

I haven’t found any way to display the historical radar data. It must be more than 30 minutes of time to show the path of the storm and its building pattern and build pattern, etc. This app shows radar’s as well as the future. That’s all. I wasted my money.

This goes to show not always to choose the top app. It was nice to keep looking and I would have missed this amazing weather application. The information is all there when you launch it. You don’t need to wait around for it to load. It’s spot up to par with its competitors. Excellent job, guys.

This has so far been a fantastic appthat is easy to customize my preference for style. A precise lightning tracker during the current storm. I’m excited to see how accurate the tracker is in the future.

A wealth of information and details. An excellent weather application! It would be great for alerts to weather not to disappear after reading them. Notifications of weather alerts on the status bar would be beneficial.

So far, I’ve downloaded this app. So far, super impressed. It’s only early and I’m eager to see the accuracy of it, which I’ll give it a 10 day test of the accuracy. What i really am most impressed with is the way it works seamlessly, particularly the radar. It’s by far the most reliable weather app I’ve come across to the present. I may get rid of other weather apps I have installed if this one does not pan out.

A great weather app for weather. I’m a bit picky when it comes to weather apps. They must be accurate, display complete information including sunrise and sunset times, time of setting along with a lock screen forecast as well as several other features that can be useful. This app certainly is in line with my expectations. It’s a beautiful layout , and the graphics are an excellent benefit. There are advertisements when you switch to the extended forecast. However, they’re not annoying and last only a second to a minute before being able to shut the window. Do you wish the icon for your app was 70 rather than 27 it’s cold!

The best weather app I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. A one-time lifetime subscription is an added benefit. I highly recommend this application in place of competitors that require either a monthly or annual subscription. The app is loaded with a lot of great features and is visually attractive. One drawback is that it’s not suitable for my Samsung tablet, but it runs smoothly with the Sony Xperia 1 iii.

I’ve used a number of weather apps, but this weather app appears to be well-designed and easy to use. Additionally, it’s not too annoying due to its requirement to access location permission, which I love. It also gives users the choice of choosing what the app will be used for, which is an excellent feature and one of the best features. It’s a pretty cool and well-designed weather application. The only thing I’d like to improve is to improve the graphics or transform them into 3D-based. Other than that, I really love and would highly recommend it.

Excellent job on the sleek UI Guys, this is flawless in terms of the color schemes and design. The low cost to get rid of the ads is what makes the app 5/5 visually. I gave it 4 stars primarily because of the radar. While I appreciate the need of using openstreetmap and darksky (cost) however, I feel it’s overbearing in terms of resource consumption as you zoom out. A bigger problem for me personally is the absence of the “future radar”. I can’t think of an even better app without those modifications!

The app is extremely useful and provides a wealth of information. I love how it’s setup! Google weather isn’t working in any way. Google is becoming an underdog. Every time an update is released, they have millions of problems that the device is having. It’s a good idea to do an initial test and troubleshooting before you proceed with the upgrade!

Edit 5 stars to 2 stars. I’m not sure why you have added (terrible) songs to the app. However, it doesn’t stop when I shut down the app. I must restart my phone in order to stop it! The app is now not available to me. app since I’m unable to restart my phone each time I want to check what the weather forecast is. That’s ridiculous. I’m unable to find the way to turn it off. PS that the “real feel” has been frozen at 0deg for a few weeks currently. I purchased the full version, and I’m looking for to get a refund!

I’ve tried a variety of weather apps. They do not always update the either the location or the conditions. They always tell me that it’s my phone’s settings. I’m not the most sharp knife in the kitchen, but I’m able to use my phone with ease and select the right settings. The app is perfect and is updated when it needs to. I am extremely satisfied . Thank you for such a great app that is useful and for being trustworthy and delivering on what you say 🙂

I am very pleased with this app, minus two issues. One, I do not set the bar for notifications set in the app and yet it pops up. The widget that I have on my home screen keeps changing size it self. I’m not certain whether this is a problem with the app or if my phone is just unstable, but I’m not having the same issue with other widgets. I’m likely to uninstall it in the near future if they don’t fix them, as they’re quite irritating.

Excellent so far! It’s accurate in temperature, etc! The other apps I tested were all in error, especially for forecasts of rain, including the Canada and the weather station were the most accurate!

I love the overall look and feel of the widgets and apps. A lot of full screen advertisements; however, the widgets, when configured to their best ability can be configured so that you use them all the time. It’s an issue, as often the city’s neighbourhood however, not the entire city is shown. Sometimes, the residents may not have heard about the location’s name. It is beneficial to provide what the names of the municipality or city. My sister is complaining about the same thing using another app.Cheers!

The widget offers a transparent image of the present conditions, including the predicted low and high temperatures during the day. It’s perfect for those who are planning to travel for a few hours. The app’s interface is appealing easy to read and use. There are two things I don’t like about it. The first is minor, there’s not a windchill widget. If you could have windchill and humidex immediately accessible would be fantastic. Another reason is that Canada as with most nations that use metric measurements, calculates barometric pressure in the kilopascals. The measure isn’t available.

I’ve used a variety of weather apps but this one seems been by far the best. Highly informative and user-friendly. But it continues to open itself whenever I open my screen and is the most irritating when I’m using another app or calling. If this issue is not solved, I’ll be forced to uninstall. Sorry. I really enjoy the app, apart from the fact that it keeps expanding itself.

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