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Use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your admin. With Microsoft Remote Desktop, you can be productive no matter where you are.
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JUNE 12, 2022
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How to install Microsoft Remote Desktop APK v10.0.14.1181 (Full) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Microsoft Remote Desktop APK v10.0.14.1181 (Full) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Microsoft Remote Desktop APK v10.0.14.1181 (Full) App for Android

Logs in flawlessly effortlessly to My Windows 10 server box. It was necessary to alter the resolution of the screen to match the resolution my phone can handle However, once that’s done, it’s as if I’m being in front of my primary PC screen. It is possible to view the entire desktop or zoom in and scroll to view individual windows and icons, if the requirement arises. Be aware that you need allow port forwarding on your router to only one port if would like to connect remotely over the internet, and not to connect via your local internet.

I’m going to explain some things. The people who say it can’t connect to the cellular network are completely incorrect. Most likely, they didn’t set up the server and system correctly. It works very well. The only issue I have is that the screen won’t extend to make the screen smaller so that I can move things around my desktop as it should. This was the same issue with the previous version. It’s possible that I’m lacking something. Haven’t dove to deep into it yet. Just wanted to ensure that the right information was provided to others when connecting to the Cell network.

It’s great, it’s free safe and secured, and integrated into Windows 10. I just turned off the remote desktop option in Windows and could use it to access everything I required. A single star less for a tiny glitch when using scrollbars to the left when trying to use the keyboard in-app. The screen appears to be cutting off the edges while the keyboard’s opened.

It’s better over TeamViewer and doesn’t need you to believe in TeamViewer. All you require to do is Windows 10 Pro and a port forward and you’re already on your way to. It’s as effective as you can get since it’s a phone application however the desktop-to-desktop connection is the way to go. RDP is the best when you’re using an laptop that connects to the desktop computer to perform high-end processing. It’s relatively simple to set up, I commend to Microsoft.

The device worked well for the last couple of years, until I recently… I’m not sure if it’s because I bought the S10 recently, but once you connect to the session the bottom bar appears to disappear and I am unable to navigate to the Settings or the keyboard. I must navigate into the Android home screen and then go back to the application a few times to get it to appear again.

I was awed by the feature it supports a higher resolution. RD client allows for greater resolution than the native resolution of my computer. When I’m connected to a LAN network, there’s lower latency than other applications (even it’s audio is crisp and there was no stabbing whatsoever). However, I’m unable to use it outside the LAN network. I do not have a modem, nor do I have any that is provided by my ISP. This means that I cannot move my ports (I tried to give my IP address, as suggested by RD Client Advisor, but it didn’t work, other than the wasting on my part) . Another thing that never work for me was the multi-touch gesture, or whatever Microsoft refers to it, that feature also failed for me. Absolutely not since I tried on three different devices. Two of which are Android and the third is an laptop. Only one thing that worked was scrolling and zooming. The rest of the features work just as you would expect. I’ll revise the review in the future should I discover additional issues.

It’s great, but there’s an issue with the mouse. I can access my work devices through my galaxy tab. I have a bluetooth keyboard as well as a mouse to use it. All works perfectly except when you use the mouse open the taskbar. the cursor is stopped right above the taskbar. I’ve tried changing app’s settings, and switching between touch and mouse mode, but nothing seems solve the issue.

It is able to complete the task without any issues, however I would like to see two additional features. 1. It will wake my PC from its sleep (using separate apps for this) 2. Possibility to use my smartphone as a remote control for my computer instead of casting it (again by using a separate application to do this). This is the reason I give it I gave it 4 stars…will change to 5 when these features are added also.

When it’s working it’s amazing but I’ve spent hours trying to make it be compatible using Remote Desktop gateways at times and it’s not always consistent with iOS or Android versions when problems arise and it’s hard to figure out whether it’s the application rather than the internet (support is a challenge). It would be great to have the ability to use force to move RPC to connect via https to ensure greater performance with reverse proxy and firewalls for web protection as an instance. Keep up the great work. I would like to see an older reliable version which is simple to use and trust

Samsung Dex Support is currently running flawlessly for my S9+ with Android Pie. The full screen and Windows button and the right mouse click work without issue. The scaling of the phone isn’t the greatest (S9+ comes that has round screen along with 18.5:9 ratio). Remote session (to 16:9) the screen isn’t aligned, so it cuts the corner to the left, and there’s a massive black area that’s not being used on the right. Add an option to center the work area to ensure that the corners are not cut to make the remote screen appear larger.

The previous versions worked well and connect with full RDP desktops works. But the latest build totally broken the ability to connect new remote feeds of resources. We’re hoping for a fix as soon as possible as this can be a huge issue for people working in business remotely using Android tablets as well as Chromebooks. Update: the issue has been resolved, and it does work on all of my Android or Chrome operating systems. It’s a must-have application for me.

Love the simple and practicality of this application. It is feature-rich, easy to use, and useful. One issue I’m experiencing with it which is incredibly frustrating. Like many others It is that the Shift key can lock the following letters, which means that everything after it will be in capital letters or symbols. You can typically switch off this feature by pressing Shift again , but it causes major problems with prompts that are secure because you don’t know if it triggered. This is distinct of Caps Lock and isn’t directly affected by the actual issue.

Very close to almost..! The only thing missing (feature suggestion) is to preserve the sound on (implemented in a straightforward Y/N? user-interface input or the setting/check-box) as the app is in the background (out of the focus). My typical use is to connect to Windows 10 or PC via the Android device, play an audio-based game, and before switching to another Android app on my phone. If focus is lost, the sound also goes away. If I switch it back the sound will resume. It’s not exactly what the user would like.

I love the ease and functionality of this application. It is feature-rich, easy to use and useful. One issue I’m experiencing with it which is incredibly frustrating. Like many others The Shift key can lock and everything that follows is a capital letter or symbols. It is possible to switch off this feature by pressing Shift again , but it causes major problems with prompts that are secure because you don’t know if it was triggered. This is different of Caps Lock and isn’t in any way affected by the real thing.

Works great, with just the slightest amount of delay. I use it mostly for the Samsung S9 with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. If anyone says you shouldn’t take it with you on the move, they’re either lying or ignorant for the sake of getting it working while on the move, it’s first necessary to establish and connect to your VPN first, and then make use of RDP for connecting to your computer. If you’re not using your VPN it’s likely not to function. The only thing I dislike about the app is that I can’t connect the Xbox One controller on the phone while running steam.

It’s a great tool for controlling my computer’s desktop. Recently, I’ve noticed that a black bar beneath the keyboard (AOSP A11 Gestural Navigation, GBoard) disappears during an entire session. I’m not able to hit return or space unless I press the top of the keys…and it is slowing me down. It’s a lot better (more flexible, more responsive, and more fluid) over TeamViewer and Splashtop. And it’s an integral part of my W10 Pro deployment. This means that no additional work is required to utilize it. It can be used using my current Live ID. Kudos!

What's new

- Fixed issue where images appear as characters
- Added pop-up to inform users that this application is no longer supported by Microsoft


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