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ibis Paint X is a popular and versatile drawing app downloaded more than 200 million times in total as a series, which provides over 15000 brushes, over 7600 materials, over 1000 fonts, 80 filters, 46 screentones, 27 blending modes, recording drawing processes, stroke stabilization feature, various ruler features such as radial line rulers or symmetry rulers, and clipping mask features.
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Aug 7, 2022
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How to install ibis Paint X MOD APK v9.4.6 (Prime Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded ibis Paint X MOD APK v9.4.6 (Prime Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] ibis Paint X MOD APK v9.4.6 (Prime Unlocked) App for Android


Amazing drawing app! It’s great that you can still use brushes even though they cost money. It’s easy to use once the tool is used. The tutorial is great and you can use backgrounds and bases. They really help! Sometimes, blur tools at their largest size can be a little slow. This app is worth the effort if you are serious about getting it. It is fun and easy once you get the hang of it.

The app is amazing for both beginners and advanced artists. Although it can be difficult to use at first, it will become second nature very quickly. The only problem is that the app crashes when I am working on a long piece (more than 30 minutes). The same happens when I use a lot of tools or layers. The problem with this is that the ‘x” to exit an ad may not be on the screen. This causes me to close the app completely. So, 7/10

Overall, it’s a great app. It might be difficult for beginners at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. However, I did experience a problem. The app crashes almost every time I try to use it. This is likely my phone, but another review has the same problem. It lags when I draw lines, crashes, and then it crashes. It’s probably the latest update, I believe. The ads? This is all there is to it.

Hello! Hello! This app is great for drawing, creating art, and editing photos. It works perfectly. But there is one problem. The stabilizer tool won’t work when I try it. It won’t work even a little bit. It doesn’t matter if I crank it up to 10.. The same applies for my force fader tool. I tried all the settings for each tool, but nothing worked. This has been negatively impacting my experience thus far.

This is my favorite ‘free’ painting app. After 30 minutes of use, it’s very intuitive and doesn’t bombard you with ads.

It’s a wonderful app that works well. There is one problem. When I tried to draw, it began to lag. I closed the app and then reopened it. A pop-up appeared asking me if I would like to restore the file. It all goes smoothly until I reach the end. The app finishes loading, and then I click OK. Instead of returning me to my gallery, the app crashes immediately! This keeps happening! This needs to be fixed.

This app is amazing! You can draw all of my digital art right here. It’s easy to use and overall it’s amazing. It was a little confusing at first. I have this app for a long time and am still learning new things every day. It’s otherwise great. One problem is however. It keeps glitching my reply videos’ time, saying that a simple 5–10 minute sketch took 10+hours (I’m certain it’s not minutes). This is frustrating because I love seeing the real-time.

Ibispaintx is a great app! One of the best digital art apps available for free! There are tons of brushes, and you can even access the premium ones by just watching an add. There are many tools available, including the liquefy pen. One thing I would like them to do is add the option to change the theme into dark mode. Some of us love dark mode.

This is the best Android paint application I have ever used. Highly recommended. One small issue, but not enough to give it 5 stars. Premium customers will be able to access the color replacement. This will allow you to erase a specific color, rather than all.

Although this app is great, I am having major issues with the latest update. This app caused my phone to freeze while I was painting or using it. Even though my phone was in perfect condition, the update made my phone even more laggy. The new online features made it more slow. It was sometimes difficult to use and it did not allow you to paint correctly. We hope you can fix it soon to make your customers happy.

This app is incredible. You can download more starter brushes! You can modify brushes and get drawing bases. For 18 hours of use, you will only need to view an advertisement for each brush. This usually takes between 30 and 25 seconds. You can then look through the gallery to read comics or look at other art. One thing is missing though. It would be nice if you could sign up with a Google account. Other than that, this site is incredible! :]

Ibis Paint X has ignited a passion for art

Although animators are not commonly known, they make up a large part of the world. From the golden hands animators, Doraemon and Totoro, Conan and Lucky Luke have taken care of your childhood. You can now download the Ibis Paint X app to get started if you share their passion or are interested in learning more about this vibrant art field.

We are the generation that was born in luck. With the help of our predecessors, we can inherit a passion that has been evoked for a long time. Fortunately, there are many tools available to support learning and working from A-Z. A great animation drawing app, like ibis Paint X, is a surprise to me.

Ibis Paint X, a specialized app for drawing Anime and Manga characters in different styles, is Ibis Paint X. You don’t need all the tools you used to draw in the past: paper, pencils, brushes, erasers, rulers, shelves, scanners, reference colors palettes, etc. Now you can have everything you need in one app. It takes only a few days to switch from offline to online tools.

Premium Features

The application also comes with a premium “Pro” version. You will have access to even more features. You can also look at what additional features you can get by paying premium.

You can customize the size of the photo you draw

When you access the application, you will be able choose the size of your drawing paper. There will be a range of sizes and options for quality. You will also see a variety of sizes and quality options. This is especially important for people who draw to post on social media. The aspect ratio is often the most important factor. You can zoom in and out to your heart’s content, and you can draw at any angle you want.


One thing we can’t overlook when using ibis Paint X, is the many pens it offers. To help you draw comfortably and accurately, it can be used with stylus pen. You can adjust the size, opacity and start stroke to customize your pen. You will receive a different type pen depending on your case.

All features require purchase

While the app is free and most features can be accessed without any cost, you will need to purchase it in order to unlock all its features. You might consider purchasing in-app items for hardcore artists who want the best mobile work possible.

It can be a little tricky on small screens

Drawing on smartphones is a challenge due to their small screen size. To get the best experience, you should invest in a pen, and make sure your app is installed on a tablet.

Professional layer division tool

Layering is a crucial aspect of animation. Layering is crucial for determining the quality, depth, vitality, and vitality both of the characters and the scene. To do this on paper you will need to calculate the front and back color arrays. You’ll also need to allocate the color appropriately to the shadows. Ibis Paint X already provides an app for layer division. Only draw the first line. Animation will look deep and sparkly if it is done correctly.


ibis Paint X also offers many other exciting features. You will find a variety of colors and the ability to customize them. Filters allow you to combine different colors into one product. You will also find a wide variety of fonts and filters. Take the time to explore what they can do.

What's new

[Fixed bugs and Problems]
- Fixed a bug that repeated 2/3 finger tap gestures may result in loss of operation.

[New Features in ver.9.4.5]
- Added the ability to be notified of app updates and other notifications.
- Added the ability to move, zoom in/out, and rotate by keyboard and single point touch or pen operation.

For more details of ver.9.4.5, please see the News in our website.



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