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CapCut is the official free Video Editor and Video Maker with Music for TikTok that is versatile and easy-to-use.
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Aug 27, 2022
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How to install CapCut Video Editor MOD APK v6.6.0-66007 (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded CapCut Video Editor MOD APK v6.6.0-66007 (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] CapCut Video Editor MOD APK v6.6.0-66007 (Premium Unlocked) App for Android

This app is amazing it allows you to edit everything in a variety of styles. It is a great application, and have always used it. However, there is a problem that is surfacing recently. When I make a text, the fonts/colors/animations etc just wont show up, no matter how much I click it, its not opening. Like it’s stuck. I tried everything do, including re-installing, re-opening as well as a few other things. But it isn’t opening. Please let me know how fix this issue. Apart from that, this app is a 5 star application.

It’s also the most effective starter editing application you can get. When we first launched the capcut it didn’t offer smooth slow motion however now we do. After a minor upgrade however, it has it. Smooth slow motion feature which comes with two choices. One option is “better quality” while the other is “faster procedure”. “Better quality” is better than “faster process” “better quality” is superior to “faster process” therefore I clicked “better quality” but the slow-motion was exactly the same as the clip with the smooth, slow movement. I don’t get it. I’d like to know how to fix it.

This is an amazing application! Simple to use, many music and sound effects as well as a variety of filters and even the ability to change voices! The reason I only gave it four stars is that sometimes I’m not able see the entire video, even though it’s only a few minutes long. The program plays just 2 minutes of the video it returns to the beginning of my video without having finished the video. I really want to create a new effect that works with”comic” in “comic” of “video effects” for rain. The effect already includes lightning and fire and thunder, so why not add water and ice?

What are the implications?

With CapCut, Android users can effortlessly improve their videos thanks to the easy-to-use and simple functions within the application. You can work on your favorite videos that you have on your device and make a variety of amazing pieces of editing on your device. In addition you will also be able to access the highly efficient program that makes the most of the power of your system. In the end, you’ll discover it to be fantastic for both editing jobs for professionals and casual users.

Have fun using the user-friendly and easy mobile application that has a variety of useful features that users can instantly access. Discover a wealth of options that will quickly enable high-quality videos on your device with stunning filtering and effect. Additionally, you can access the amazing music library, which has lots of editing tools to use. While you’re at it take advantage of picking some amazing images and text alternatives to better explain your videos.

I love this app extremely deeply. It’s the only one I would choose among all editing applications, simple to use and straightforward. Excellent effects filters, animations, and transitions, but I’d want to hear more about these however. Additionally, there are minor lags, freezes, or glitches. As an example my video was approximately six minutes long, and when I tried to open it again I couldn’t click any button or perform any action, it just froze.

I am awestruck by the app, but If I had to point out the negatives, it’s the slider to change the size of the text. If you use it, you don’t be able to see the size of the font under your fingers when you slide it, and it can also remain in place, which makes it extremely precise. It would be best by having a dropdown menu similar to what Word utilizes, but with the option of entering the size in your own hand. Apart from that, it’s working perfectly so far

Best video editing app ive ever used. It’s flawless and includes everything I need. I’ve been using it for quite a long time, and I haven’t experienced any issues until the recent update. When I try to edit an audio file to be in sync with the music however, the audio isn’t in sync . Also, in the first part of the movie, the audio slows slightly and then speeds up with no reason. I’m hoping that it will be resolved soon.

Unique, diverse effects that allow editing your videos.

In addition to the collage and editing instruments, CapCut also has a extremely unique collection of filters. In just a single click and a few clicks, you can “transform” your boring video with no color into something more fashionable like never before. The filters available in the app come with a wide range of themes that are scaled according to making a classic retro look, or colors that represent the seasons, such as spring summer, autumn, and spring. Of of course, there are additional effects that accompany them, such as glittering dots, sand grains and photo frames, as well as effects that incorporate moving objects (leaves or stars). …).

There are also several other styles to consider. You may also refer to others’ work to get more ideas in the “templates for you” section.

CapCut offers a suite of editing tools designed for professionals

CapCut provides a workspace as well as an advanced editing suite. You can edit your video with great the finest detail. The application is useful for speedy processing speed, which is supported by previews and a recovery of manipulation. It is easy to crop images and insert sounds, text layers, filters, or change the brightness, lighting …

The toolbar can be found in the lower right corner part of your screen. The tools are neatly organized within the appropriate applications. All you need is to tap to open and then take advantage of.

I am a fan of capcut. It’s extremely user-friendly and feels like one of the most effective free editing applications. My biggest complaint is that it can glitch frequently, for instance, while playing the movie, it appears as if some clips are glitching, particularly in the transitions. However, if you download the clip and then play it again, it’s not a problem, and everything works fine.

This app is amazing I’ve created a lot of videos using it. Why I couldn’t give it five stars is that recently I’ve experienced a glitch in which my video begins before the actual video begins. For instance, when I press play to play my video, it goes to the beginning of the first video and then it’s in right in the middle! I’m not sure if it is happening to others but I think that Capcut should make this right!

Very nice video editor, however I’ve run into. many bugs that are annoying and frustrating. 1. If I choose one of the texts that has the border (white text with black borders) type, it does not appear immediately, so I must exit the project and then return to view it. Additionally when I select an option with this style and then reenter the project in the future the text changes into normal white with no border of black. 2. The ability to extract music directly out of a clip won’t always work. Often, it does not show up.

I’ve been using capcut for many years and it’s a breeze to use! However, I’m having issues with the rotation of the overlay and text, whenever I need to reset it to zero degrees, it’s difficult to get it back particularly when rezising the overlay and text, as well. There’s something like a blue thing. You ought to be able to do by to turn off the blue grid that the editor is looking to create the image center, and after all it’s all good. I am loving the latest update BTW! That’s all 🙂

I am a huge fan of CapCut it’s extremely easy to use once you’ve become accustomed to it. It doesn’t cost to use it, plus being linked to TikTok is a lot simpler than other editing applications. One issue I have with the application is that you need open the edit in order to download it. I suggest adding the ability to click on the three dots to save your edited file without having to open the app. Apart from that, it’s an excellent app for novice editors as well as more advanced editors.

I’ve been using this editing application for five months. It’s simple to use and great for those who are new to editing. However, there are a few bugs that bother me a lot: 1. every time I reverse a video and it tells me that it’s gone! Even though i have the clip in my gallery! 2. Whenever I try to edit it, it will freeze and crash! I tried restarting the app many times, it doesn’t seem to work! Therefore, I decided to not use the app for about a week to ensure it worked. I’m not able delete projects following the update of the application… Please Fix.

Easy-to-use keyframe editor

In CapCut, Android users also can access the simple keyframe editor that splits the entire clip into multiple frames each second. You are free to make simple but effective edits on one of these frames to make whole video more engaging. This can make your life simpler if plan to edit your videos with amazing details.

Use high-quality filters to enhance your appearance

With stunning video clips, Android users can attempt to make their videos better with simple and efficient editing. Choose your sophisticated filters, or try the amazing beautify effects and make substantial modifications to your videos with the simplest adjustment.

A variety of music and sound effects available to use

In addition, to make user experience better, CapCut will offer its copiesright-free collection of songs and sound effects that is easy to add to your videos. Get the latest songs and intriguing audio effects using stunning works of art. Choose one of these files and start editing your videos according to your preferences.

Have fun working with amazing stickers and text

With the stunning stickers and text now made available via CapCut, Android users can take advantage of their amazing images and emoticons. Choose any sticker to put on your videos to enhance them with a more natural look. Additionally, you will be able to access a wide range of traditional or advanced texts that let you fully express your video. Test out a variety of amazing options within the app to take advantage of CapCut to the max.

I love the application! One thing I would suggest is that it begins to slow down after I enable “camera focus 2”. It can take up a lot of space on your phone, if you erase the edits after you download the files. Additionally, there is an limit to the number of overlays that you can apply to a clip, that I find annoying sometimes. Three of these are the only reason that led me to rate it with 4/5 stars, however overall the application is quite simple to use.But that’s all I’ve got to add (follow my twitter account @.emzcc to view the changes I’ve made using the capcut)

I am a huge fan of this app, however lately, it’s been slow quite a bit. I love putting my pictures to music and watching them move very quickly but lately, it’s impossible to watch without having to export it. Naturally, this makes editing difficult since it’s hard to determine which clip to rearrange. However, it was a fantastic application! Do something with Captcut!! Edit: It’s much better than before! Deffinetly recommend!

CapCut is a mini social network

Capcut is a brand new part of the ByteDance family. This means that it is connected to TikTok. In particular it is in the catalog of videos, you will discover popular effects templates that are used on TikTok as well as beat tracks, popular lyrics and trending songs.

This feature is accessible to those who are fans. If you’re a huge of Anime one of K-pop’s fans You would not want to miss out on the moment of merging your image with the idol!

Additionally, CapCut also features direct messaging that allows you to communicate with your friends as well as share videos and even chat with them.

What's new

"We’ve introduced and upgraded some features to help you make even more amazing videos
1. Performance and user experience optimizations
2. New Motion blur feature, blurring between frames to make your videos more smooth!"


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