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How will you live your BitLife?
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Jul 29, 2022
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How to install BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.2.9 (Bitizenship) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.2.9 (Bitizenship) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.2.9 (Bitizenship) Game for Android

It’s still a great game, but everything is by a paywall. Even the options were once free. In addition, there are so many advertisements that I’m unable to go to a website without the ad playing. I know that advertising are how you earn money without needing players however, everything is subject to prices at a point that you’re already making money.

It’s a lot of enjoyable to play. It has the god mode as well as Bitizen purchases the game is pretty simple but I’m not happy with the amount of advertisements that it displayed prior to buying bitizen. There’s too many in-app purchases, as well as the feature of time travel option in this game is a total absurdity. You’ll need to pay at least 79p if you would like to go back one year. It’s ridiculous. However, the game is enjoyable, however due to the amount of in-app purchases cannot give it more than three stars.

(EDIT I’ve taken the review by two points due to the fact that I’ve had the need to uninstall and then reinstall, and my purchase of the job pack did not go into my game. This has happened to me twice. The first time, it just resolved itself after a couple of weeks. The second time, it’s in the process of being resolved and I’ve emailed numerous times to support but received no response. The customer service is not great.) I’ve played life simulation games since the first time they started being released and this is by far the best one I’ve played to date. It’s well worth becoming Bitzen. Bitzen

The possibilities are infinite. Many badges to accumulate, so many houses and cars to purchase as well as a myriad of activities to take part in the list goes on and on. If there’s something you can do in this game, chances are that there are at the very least 35 variants of it. A few advertisements, not too numerous in-game purchase options, but a generally pleasant experience. When I first downloaded this game, I was expecting it to be the most typical free-to-play game existence however I was proved to be wrong. Incredible game! (Edit Recently it has become more and more locked behind a paywall which means it’s not as great.)

I’m back in the game after a few years. I’m a bit disappointed with how the game has evolved. There was some really exciting and interesting stuff which was added but most of the content is tied to a price. Not to mention the incessant ads I see when playing. I’m unable to enjoy this game due to constantly popping up advertisements! However, it’s a 3 star because it’s a fun game. It’s a shame that the ads destroyed it.

It’s a decent game, but I’m not sure if becoming an Bitizen is sort of redundant. It seems that increasing numbers of things are hidden behind an invisible wall… It would be great to create my own group (mainly during high school) instead of auditioning for a band that isn’t yours (mainly because the dynamics and relationships are already there). Also, I think it would be cool to include a feature that allows musicians to choose the kind of music they want to join.

Update: Challenge completed and game isn’t back to normal, and I’ve ended up losing the whole thing. Very addictive and enjoyable but since the challenge began this week, it’s caused my game to break, so I’m unable do anything other than to begin a new one (which is actually only progressing into the next year). I hope this gets resolved when the challenge is over, or else I’ll lose over 500 years of my legacy.

Excellent game, but excessive ads. It’s possibly the best life simulation game I’ve ever played, however every time you make a move, you’re required to view an advert. There are also a lot of costly in-game purchases. You must pay to get rid of ads or modify yourself and others, get a pet, communicate with your bosses, and even get a job. I am a fan of this game, but I’m only able to give it three stars.

The game is enjoyable to play however, due to the constant interruptions of ads that appear on screen I’ll just give it three stars. The advertisements make it extremely difficult playing the game and I am forced to spend for a fee to remove advertisements. However advertising isn’t the only problem; The majority of the ads are not appropriate!

A great app that I like greatly! It runs smoothly and provides lots of fun gameplay. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is due to the inclusion of “boss mode” and “god mode” which appear to me like they should not be needed or different, especially when you’ve already paid to become a bitizen. Apart from that I’d like to say keep up the good work and have fun with the challenges!

It’s amazing and it’s improving and getting better! My only complaint is that it’s an issue with payment. In my case, it does. I’ve paid for Bitizen and god mode, but it doesn’t allow me to allow me to use the application. Since the last update, the store states that I have the Bitizen membership, but the app is slowing down and not granting an access point to one of these benefits. I’m quite confused. However, I really love the game. (UPDATE) The only thing I needed to do was to restore previous purchases. Haha. I’m a fool.

A fun game that I love the concept. It’s not the most exciting game, but it’s fun however, I do enjoy the weekly challenges. They give players a reason to keep playing. This is my second reviewof the program, as my opinions have improved since the my last review. It’s actually running pretty well right now, and my bitizenship also functioning, so I am satisfied. The menus and scrolling is annoying but i still love the game. We would highly I recommend. Additionally, you can play offline, which is great to have fun or take a break for longer.

I downloaded it to pass the time. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much enjoy this. It’s also addictive. Easy enough to learn the controls and other things however, there’s a lot to do. Customer Service is difficult to reach however. Changed between 1* and 3* in the improvement made in the last year.

It was a fantastic game that offered the possibility of a variety of options. However, it appears that’s no longer the case and you can’t even use many options that were so good have been removed unless you purchase it. In free mode, the game was already a bit boring and I bought it because I thought it was a good idea to not. But even with God mode, I’ve become very bored with the general gameplay. Instead of worrying about ways to get monopolies, the most basic aspects of the game, you must begin by making improvements to the BASICS

I absolutely love this game. It’s extremely addictive and the fun is a riot! I can play it for hours on long journeys and I have fun every time. The only thing I can say is that my younger age group ought to be more exciting and offer more choices, and also have more straightforward methods of murder, or at minimum if you’re part of the Mafia for example, shooting something, and the report states that you had a clever disposal of the body instead of extravagant stuff that happens all the time.

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