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Varies with device
Jul 20, 2022
Varies with device
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How to install Instagram MOD APK v246. + PLUS + OGInsta APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Instagram MOD APK v246. + PLUS + OGInsta APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Instagram MOD APK v246. + PLUS + OGInsta App for Android

Interactions with people from all walks and geographic locations are a joy for me. It’s great to be able to interact with famous creators and personalities. The interface is my only issue technical-wise. When I scroll or like a blog post, it often opens comment sections or other pages. This has been happening even after I changed my phone’s settings. The app is still highly recommended.

It’s okay. It’s easy to find other items you might be interested. It was difficult to set up and is very frustrating to use. Android users don’t have access to the sweet features Apple users enjoy. This is more than a bit disappointing. It wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t for my business. Facebook with fewer features is no real advantage.

It works great when it does, but there have been many glitches lately. They update with new stuff, but don’t fix all the issues first. Then it crashes or doesn’t load. My biggest problems are sound not playing on my reels and captions not being displayed in my reels. It’s costing me a lot to run my small business. It’s becoming more of a chore that fun.

Hello! Since 3 days, my Instagram has been down. The screen becomes blank and motionless when I open it. It has been reopened several times and reinstalled many times. The problem is still the same. My phone and network are fine with other apps. Please take a look at the problem and offer a solution as soon possible. We are grateful!

Everyone knows that insta is fun. Although it’s a great app, I have had to deal with so many glitches. The background is always in dark mode. However, the text will not function because it’s white. Sometimes, my camera has trouble zooming in on a video. It is difficult to see. Sometimes it sends a post twice. Etc etc etc. I don’t know if it is only Androids, but I have had the same issue with my previous two android phones. I hope Androids don’t get the but of it.

These options to “keep watching” or “watch again” disappeared suddenly. It keeps playing in loop. It just mutes the video and prevents you from viewing it in full-screen mode by tapping. To view the video in full-screen mode, you will need to visit the profile of the person. For long videos (more than 16 seconds), the “keep playing” option disappeared. There was something wrong with Instagram!

Although this app has a lot potential, they are not able to help people. It seems that there is almost no way to contact support. If you are an influencer with lots of followers, it may be prioritized. The app has some issues that they keep trying to fix, but it just keeps returning. Instead of focusing on new features that no one requested, I suggest focusing on the existing problems.

It would be great if the algorithm didn’t put random things in my feed. Instead, let me see the ones I have followed. This is why I don’t see many things anymore. It’s a mess right now. Please stop messing around with the algorithm. It seems that there is still a bug in the algorithm that makes the background and text black if you click on the link to view any off-site material and then return to the app.

Edited version: My earlier point about the ability to hide certain functions is still valid! Also, Instagram is a constant irritant for me. It doesn’t matter how many times I update it, restart my smartphone, delete and reinstall it, it still makes it difficult to use. Examples: – My likes don’t “stick” (they disappear when I move on to the post or interact further with it) – It doesn’t allow me to create a post without it glitching, making it impossible for me to complete it. – And another point: Fix the feed.

I love Instagram. I use it for 99 percent of my communication. I have been using it for about 6 years. Instagram crashes suddenly every time I open it. It’s not crashing for a while, but I can see the problem. I need to delete the app and redownload it. This has happened three times in the last month. I hope it gets fixed soon.

I love the app and use it for all communication and posting. Instagram should be true to its roots. I don’t think the reels look bad, but they’re not good. Video content is a waste of time and ruins the purpose of an ‘picture app. A reel can be shared and liked by thousands, but a photo only gets 1000 likes. Although people have complained about glitches, I haven’t had to experience them. The cropping of posts is a strange phenomenon. I wish I had more space.

Although it’s very useful, there are some inconsistencies. If you want to share something you bought from an Instagram shop, you will need to first share it as story and then the story as post. This is only if it is a post. It’s too much back-and-forth. Some buttons aren’t clearly labeled, and don’t indicate exactly what they do. Other features, which are available on mobile, do not appear on desktop. This makes it difficult to modify settings.

It’s a great app. Could you please fix/modify some things? Since the last update, if I tap on any reel, the volume changes and I need to go to my profile to see the entire reel (screen whise). Before, when I was on feed, clicking on the reel would take me to the reel. By clicking again, the volume would change/continue to increase/decrease. Please return to the previous. Please also remove all images from posts. It’s ineffective and distracting. Ty

Instagram was my first experience with it. It was great. There is a problem. It only mutes the sound when you pause or rewind reels. To start over/rewatch the entire video, I must swipe up again. I accidentally tap “Remove” when I add friends. You can do something about it, like put a “***” in it to give more options. It’s still enjoyable, but it lacks features. If it can be fixed, 5 stars Thank you

It’s good but not great. It is a great tool, but it does have its problems. Editing is a nightmare with the tilt shift. It moves my image to the left and cuts off a portion of the photo. There’s also the problem of uploading multiple images. It will only take one size image (landscape, portrait), and then cut off parts. It can be a bit frustrating. It’s a good program.


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