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Jun 24, 2022
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How to install BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.2.5 (Bitizenship) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.2.5 (Bitizenship) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] BitLife – Life Simulator MOD APK v3.2.5 (Bitizenship) Game for Android

The game is quite enjoyable however, there are some great benefits of the game which used to be free, now need to be purchased. I was free to join a Mafia group or even become an actor with the Bitizen pass, but now I need to buy the pass to perform any of the above. It’s not expensive however I don’t wish to buy it just to get the exciting features. I also keep receiving advertisements without having to ask. When I press the ‘X’ key to remove myself from the ad , I’m taken to an empty screen, and I need to close the Bitlife page.

The game has been great so far. My only concern is having the ability to set the appearance of custom individuals. For instance I’ve got Tony Stark as an NPC who can be seen in my games, but when I decide to set my game to say for instance, the Caribbean, Tony may have the possibility of being dark-skinned. Of course, I’m a player with bitizenship which allows me to change the appearance of Tony, but I’d prefer to have his appearance set in a particular manner all the time.

I’ve played the game at various stages in its history from beginning to middle and finally. In all honesty, I’m very unhappy with some of the changes that I’ve noticed: (1) Ads are all too common, with some being inaccessible. (2) Numerous previous careers that you were able to build in a free manner are now included as “job pack.” This not only limits the fun and savings of the average player, however, it also removes the excitement from the experience. The experience is very similar like The Sims vs Sims Mobile.

It’s a fantastic game, but there are two issues. For one, the moment I try opening an option or open in one particular year, an advertisement is displayed and takes about 2 seconds of my life and, secondly I would like to be professional basketball player however, it costs me around $20 for all of the unique pathways to careers, and I’m a bit annoyed over the price. Bitlife, I AM NOT GOING TO BUY “REMOVE ADS” OR ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS BECAUSE IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY, SO PISS OFF.

The game was previously rated as a 5 five-star review but I think the rating is subject to changing. It’s a decent game with lots of things to accomplish, but there are some problems. It takes forever to load and occasionally when I attempt to navigate to options, it freezes and occasionally crashes. I had to put down the old one to begin with a fresh one due to this. This has been a constant issue for quite a while. In addition, I believe that the game sometimes becomes repetitive and some things require improvement, such as pets.

The game itself is incredible, however there is one particular ad that pops up, and it stops my screen. I always have to restart the game due to the presence of it , and it’s very irritating. It’s a games that are zombie-based. It only shows a photo of the game, and then the screen is turned gray. Then, you cannot press anything, there’s no x, there’s nothing.

The app is wonderful and I confess that I regularly use it. One feature that is ideal to have is the ability to input the names of your friends and you can select the character they will play in your lives. As an example, I added my best friend. It would be nice to be able to achieve becoming their best friends in the game. It’s true that it’s not randomly generated, but it’s an awesome feature to be able to

It was an excellent game at one time. Although it’s still enjoyable, a lot of features that were offered for free and that made it enjoyable are no longer free, which is very disappointing. I’d like to have more to do and didn’t be forced to pay for it. I’m also receiving adds every few minutes which are annoying. This makes it difficult to play for some time. I was ecstatic when I first had the chance to play with some of these features , and this was one of the few with no ads every few minutes. But now it’s as every other game.

Although I absolutely love the game, there has problems after I’ve completed the tasks and it refused to let me choose the chest to receive the reward. Instead it’s gone for ever, and the task was not completed. I checked my inventory of accessories and I didn’t find anything, I did not get any additional item(s). It has happened to me in the past couple of challenges. I would like to know how you can make this right!

It’s been more than 3 decades since I wrote my previous review that was about whether they should include criminality into the gameplay. I’ve loved the game’s style and everything, but I have one problem and one suggestion. I suggest that in the challenges, there ought to be several challenges so that you can pick which you’d like to begin with and then work to get better. My only concern is that for both cat and dog it doesn’t matter if you’re little zen about the game, there’s a reason it’s not possible to be universally successful.

It’s a great way to have fun and, honestly, I can get kind of obsessed with the game, and I find myself mindlessly clicking around, so it could be quite dangerous. I’d like to choose which mini games you can switch off. I love playing black jack, at least according to my experience. I would also like to change to track or play as your great-grandchildren when they are born and are about to expiring. It’s fun!

I’m hooked on this game. I absolutely enjoy it. What I would really love is to have two lives at once (maybe as a feature in premium version) As in the one life I would like to continue for as long as is possible, but be able to connect to another lifeline, where I am able to play as freely as I take on the daily challenges however, I would be able to switch to the previous life anytime I’d like to. Like having saved files can be loaded. Thank you!

Okay, I really am a huge fan of this game! It’s so much fun! However, I have a few suggestions. For starters I don’t believe it’s fair that only Bitizens get the unique careers. This is unfair since everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue the careers particularly if the person is gifted for it. Second: challenges. I like the challenges we face because they are fun to beat. It can be boring to be waiting for a new challenge, so why not include daily challenges? Perhaps small daily tasks to finish? Thanks for your help.

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