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Relax Melodies is now BetterSleep. New name, same great app.
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Jun 3, 2022
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How to install BetterSleep: Sleep tracker (Premium) Apk v20.11 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded BetterSleep: Sleep tracker (Premium) Apk v20.11 APK file.

2. Touch install.

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[Free Download] BetterSleep: Sleep tracker (Premium) Apk v20.11 App for Android

The most effective sleep app I’ve used. The cat’s purr is real this is crucial for me since it’s my top guarantee to help me sleep. In other apps, the sound is very synthetic sounding. Additionally, it is sensitive to sounds. It is sensitive to sound the sound every time I sleep. It even picks up trains we can barely hear due to the windows we put in. I would highly recommend.

I like it for its noise effects that occur during the night and it has a sleep diary. It doesn’t keep track of patterns, and the app can be difficult to navigate at times. It was difficult to find my favorite songs, but I’m sure it changed by itself. Another issue I’m facing is that the timer for sound effects isn’t functioning correctly. It worked before but it is now off. I really like the sleep effects however sometimes I require it throughout the through the night. It’s a bit disappointing to see the results of an app that you pay $70 to use.

I’ve been enjoying this app for years. Customer service was very accommodating when I had to lose my lifetime subscription after I changed my email. But lately, with each update, the app isn’t working as well. I’ve been listening to the same mix for a long time now but since the latest update, the sound is cutting in and out once my screen is locked. It only is played continuously when my phone’s screen is on or my screen is not locked, which is the reason I’m giving it 3 out of 5 stars. I truly hope that this issue gets solved in the near future!

I used this to record myself in the middle of my sleep talking. It’s simple and easy to use, however it only did it record the first night I tried it. It was timed for when I fell asleep and it did not record any data. It’s not reliable and I’m disappointed. Update: I’ve only experienced the issue once. One thing I do not like is that often it record long, long videos of me snoring however, it cuts out certain things I’m saying when I talk while talking. Other times, it skips some things completely.

Great App. It’s my preferred choice whenever I’m having trouble sleeping and I’ve recommended it to my friends. But, I don’t like the sudden change of the picture to what look like stock images that are boring. I was awestruck by the style of art in the prior pictures and thought they were an the perfect addition to a peaceful environment. I’m hoping that they’ll go to the drawing style to convey these stories as well as meditations. Thank you for this wonderful and extremely useful app!

A great app that is 100% worth the cost. There are so many options for you if you are struggling to sleep! It truly helped me to sleep better. However, the latest (generic) images used as meditation covers appear to be a far cry from the gorgeous, vibrant digital images that were previously used. Not only did the digital ones appear more cohesive and appealing aesthetic as well, but they were simpler to remember and identify. Please return the illustrations! Excellent photography, but not in the right spot.

I attempted to play my usual playlist last night, only to discover that all sound effects on the water were blocked. I required me to pay for a subscription and then this morning, I discovered they were now unlocked and are free. What’s the issue? ?!?! If the cost of subscription was not excessively high I might think about it but for the moment I’ve used this application for years and have never encountered any issues until they changed over names or company.

It was a pleasure listening to the relaxing tunes. I’ve been using this application for a long time, and my usual sleep mix I created is now locked. I’ve been using the exact audio for the past two years. It was exactly what I wanted. But now, all this bells and whistles that are hidden to a paywall. As someone who suffers from anxiety and sleep issues, and who can’t sleep without any noise, I’m very dissatisfied. I’m going to use my trial offer to go to get to sleep tonight. I don’t want to spend $5 per month for the four sounds I choose to use. Update: They immediately fixed the issue!

I had this app in the past when it was referred to as “Relax Melodies”. I had a particular combination of sounds which I would use to sleep for nearly two years. At one point, those sounds were blocked behind an expensive paywall. It was the next night that I had to pay for it after the free trial, it was gone without any notice. The cost of the subscription isn’t too high and I’m able to utilize the sleep tracking feature now but it was very disappointing for me. I’ll still make use of the app with the subscription however.

I’ve used the app for over a year, and the only aspect that could be enhanced is an option to search to allow me to search for specific stories or meditations , without having to scroll throughout the library trying to locate the story I’m looking for. Also, I’d like the option of having stories read by different users as I do enjoy the stories, but not always the narration voice. There are alternatives however the voice that I dislike the most is the one with the most narrations which doesn’t leave me with much selection.

It used to be rated as 5 and would not be without it. However, it has been crashing more frequently lately. When I attempt to start it again, it fails to locate the lifetime membership for around 5 minutes . This means that all my saved mixes will work until it locates my subscription. When it does, I am totally awake and angry. Additionally, every time I open the app, it’s no longer playing the last mix I played, instead it’s just a random four sound.

Fantastic app, and excellent customer service. It’s a magical experience to meditate because it allows me to take a few naps throughout the day and then awake feeling completely rejuvenated. Concerning customer support, it’s fantastic because I had an issue transferring my subscription to a different device and they were able to assist me out right away. I would highly recommend this application.

I had given this application 5 stars because it had a wide range of sound effects for free (with others that are still available by paying for a subscription). However, the app has made a decision to lock nearly all sounds and make it more difficult to create the same sound mix I used to have before. I understand that they want to attract more users to join however this isn’t a good way to achieve that. Update: after I wrote my review app’s ppl promptly responded and restored my original mix. I updated my rating from 4 stars to five stars. Thank you!

I am a huge fan of this application. I suffer from ADHD and I have a hard time turning off my brain as well as falling asleep particularly when my room isn’t quiet enough. Since I’ve been with this program, I’ve fallen asleep quickly! I like the various options for sound settings so that you can choose what soothes you! I highly recommend this application.

Some time ago, the app appeared to have shut down all of the available content for free behind a paywall. It was a bit of a shock, but this turned out to be an issue rather than an issue. Ipnos promptly responded and the system is now in good working order! Although it did glitch at times, once more Ipnos is an outstanding company with an outstanding application! I highly suggest them for anyone searching for a great sleel app with a mixing function!

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Sleep recording has arrived! Tracking nightly sounds is a key way to find out more about your sleep quality. Try it tonight by tapping the Moon icon in the app and listen back on all the lovely sounds you make while you sleep 🌿


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