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Dec 30, 2022
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How to install AZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk v5.9.27 (Premium/Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded AZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk v5.9.27 (Premium/Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] AZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk v5.9.27 (Premium/Unlocked) App for Android


I love the possibility to record games and share videos quickly. Presently having issues with the video file’s window that is just the spinning wheel. I removed the cache , then restarted the phone, but there was no improvement. App still records videos. We would love to find a solution to this. I am using the latest version. Edit:. I was able to fix the issue by entering the directory of saved file, and remove the two last files I made. The videos were not complete and were not playable. After deleting them, the application worked as expected.

Update: Reinstalling the app resolved the issues. The deletion of cache and data didn’t assist, so a full restart was required as suggested by the developers. Thanks! Reviewing original review here in case other users have the same problem. —————————————– App has worked perfectly for years. However, with the most current version of the application (5.9.23) and also after the most recent update the app no longer functions. It isn’t able to record video and cannot access all saved movies (just spinning). Fix it. S22 Ultra

I’ve experienced this issue on several models of devices, Amazon tablet Google Pixel 4 Pro and a tablet that is not branded as a naked model or smartphone, with no errors by the user and a random crash or three and crashing, which is not common and, often, it was my fault for trying to take on too many tasks simultaneously, I have never experienced problems. Once you understand how the device needs to function, you can enjoy smooth sailing and , most importantly I love how fast I can download videos with strange formats. Performing this on my laptop require me to look for odd codecs, but not with the recorder app of AZ.

I truly love this app! It’s a little difficult to get used to, but once you’ve learning how to use it, it’s greatly beneficial to my YouTube channel! Overall: fairly simple to use, and barely noticeable on the screen (if you are patient for only a few seconds and then remove the timer) The magic button can help tons, fantastic application, there’s it’s not a reason to not download it

Tue Dec 27, 2022. I’ve lowered my rating from 5 stars to 4 stars. There are two small issues..the first…the “Video crop” button that is located at right at the end of the application is too far away from the screen. This is the only function I useafter capturing video footage. I don’t utilize the other buttons. Two, regardless of how much memory your smartphone has you must always remove videos you’ve made, edited or not, in order to keep the memory available. I needed to transfer several hundred videos to my PC to remove the AZ application, then reinstall it.

I am awestruck by the app. it does exactly what it promises to do, and I am satisfied with everything. It was until I used it for my online class, similar to Google Meet and Zoom. It recorded the entire class. I’m dissatisfied that there’s no recording of voice or sound in the online course. I tried again on different platforms and it recorded it’s sound but it’s only the online platforms for meeting that do not record the sound. Fix this, I require it to learn it could be a tremendous aid for a student.

The app is really good,especially no watermarks,simple,and even has the internal recording when i record my games for contents,but for some reason from an old or past update about it,the internal recording ended up out-syncing,like the audio is late,and it’s pretty odd to be honest, I hope this bug would get fixed

Why is it that it records at 20fps , despite having selected 60fps? Rating was changed to 3 stars from 5 stars due to this issue. A very good screen recorder. The recording time limit is very useful and is unique to this application. A problem was discovered that occurs whenever there are pop-ups in the apps that are being recorded, the recordings become blurry.

Well I was having issues after the update.. It would closing in a forceful manner each time I attempted to record. Then, I came up with the genius idea to uninstall it and reinstall the program. It’s working flawlessly now. It is highly recommended application. Thank you developers!

The app is excellent but at times the final video contains blurry text. This can be a bit annoying, particularly since my job is teaching biblical studies that involves reading texts. However, I recommend this app with five stars for its freeness and doing the job.

I use it mostly to create slideshows using my own photos or clips from my own video clips to use in Stories. The screen recording works just as you would expect, however the editor is fantastic and never fails to load. It is extremely reliable.

Hello! I’d like to give a rating to this app for recording that is amazing. It’s fantastic. I have given it 4.5/5 or maybe higher because of a few glitches … such as when the recorder won’t start recording, and that’s a huge problem as it can make your phone lag. (I do not know if the issue lies with me) and that’s it. hope you can fix this bug and have a great time Goodbye.

I’ve always enjoyed the application However, I’ve tried over 10 times now to create an Instagram account of wildlife stories to share with family members who do not have Instagram and it ends before the end each time. I’ve never done this before. I upgraded the app, same issue, over and over again. Disappointing.

If you record in 16:9, make sure that your phone is set to portrait mode before pressing recorde. If you do not, (especially if uploading video to social media) the screen will appear small. So dont forget. The most user-friendly screen recording device I’ve ever used. The play/comtrol control that is moveable will not work with a UMX U696CL

Absolutely incredible! This is the only application I’ve found that lets you record at 1080p60fps at no cost download. For suggestions, I would suggest adding the alternative to recording audio using inputs from games music, media, and so on instead of recording directly to a microphones.

I needed to upload a video online however it was big. I made use of AZ screen recorder reduce the video and then upload it in just a few minutes. Excellent sound quality! Simple to use. No ads. I would definitely use this service again.

A suggestion only: make a quick graphic animation that shows which part of the screen was affected, just as in the recordings you can observe the effects of your screen’s touching but you aren’t able to determine which buttons were tapped. Thanks! Regards, Theo

It’s a good thing. I just wish that the red dot would record/pause/stop button over time helped me see more clearly. 11/1/22 2 days ago, I updated the app , but it’s not working as it cut the record What’s wrong? It’s a problem that needs to be fixed. 11/8/22 I became thin patience with this and keep making this happen and when I recording it and it keeps prompting me to expose sensitive information window. Please stop it. wanted to turn off this.

Hi ! This app is amazing! it’s good from every angle . I had no issues . I would rate it 5 stars . There is a glitch that means that the less than 10 Android version is unable to record voice on the phone the phone. This is the only issue.


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