Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.3.0 (Gems/Energy) + Data


The pigs have stolen the eggs! It’s up to you and your flock to get them back. Level up your birds, choose the perfect hat for the occasion, and send them flying at the pigs’ towers to bring them down once and for all!
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Aug 22, 2022
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How to install Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.3.0 (Gems/Energy) + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.3.0 (Gems/Energy) + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.3.0 (Gems/Energy) + Data Game for Android

Excellent (see? There is so much to do in this game that you will never get bored. The game is also supported constantly. It’s satisfying and addictive to pop pigs and demolish buildings. Even better than the first, AG2 addresses more of the issues. Red, for example, finally has an ability. Even though it isn’t great, it’s better than nothing. One thing I do not like about the story mode is that you have only 5 lives. If you lose these, you will need to wait for more. Bravo Rovio! 🙂

It is amazing. It brings back so many fond memories. It was annoying that when I tried to view an ad to continue the tower of fortune (find level 9), I saw the ad but it took me to Play Store. My phone began to lag. So I had to hit the home button and close only the Play Store tab. It said that I had to wait 16 hours before I could go back on the game. My rewards were gone. This must be rectified

Although the game is quite good, it can sometimes not give you rare chests when you reach certain levels. You can also play the tower to fortune, but once you have the pig, it will reload the game and give you nothing. I would love to see those issues fixed.

Below is a revised version of my previous review. This is a great game, which I love, but some ads won’t let me play. I also lost a lot of Rewards at the Tower of Fortune after purchasing a ticket to it. I had to close the game and start again. It was not cool! Please drop 1 star. Please developers, fix the bugs with ads. First review: 5 stars – Very user-friendly and great fun! It’s great! Bravo to the developers.

My favorite addictive game! However, I would like to see incentives after completing each level. You could offer a skip at a level that you are having difficulty passing. I was stuck at the boss level, so I couldn’t use any spells for the past two months. I was finally able to advance. I would have appreciated some assistance without having to fork out my own money.

About Angry Birds 2

You’ve probably played the classic game Angry Birds. If so, you’ll be interested in Angry Birds 2 – The serial version. This game is continually being updated with new events and updates, including hatchling, new stages, guilds and countless ways to attack evil pig boys.

Enjoy the fun of the classic Angry Birds gameplay with this new adventure

For the first time, Angry Birds’ loyal fans will be able to enjoy another adventure with their beloved birdy friends and piglets. As you play the game, you will discover many new features and refreshing stories. As you complete the levels, unlock your special rewards and take part in the amazing in-game challenges. Select your favorite birds to get into the slingshot battles at the new levels.

You can also enjoy the classic Angry Birds game on your mobile device with its simple but addictive features. Use the intuitive touch controls for precise shots at the enemies. You will have a blast as you battle the defenseless piglets.

You can play the game on multiple levels or challenge you.

Angry Birds 2 has a whole storyline and many levels, so if you’re interested in it, you can find it here. Explore the world of Angry Birds 2 and take on the many challenges. Enjoy many levels in the game and encounter increasing difficulties.

You will also find different levels and different enemies in each arc. You can make the most of your environment to defeat your enemies. As you progress through the game, be prepared to face the evil bosses. You will also be rewarded with amazing rewards.


The easiest levels will be the first. You can then move on to the more difficult levels by acquiring more blue pigs or strengthening their prison construction. The difficulty level will gradually increase as you conquer more levels. To satisfy all players’ sniper needs, the game will continually update with new levels.

You can use the money you earn to purchase magic, or to add lives to your fighting abilities when you face difficult levels. You can use spells to freeze all green pigs using the cold wind or dismember them with chili peppers. Advanced guns can be unlocked to take out the green pigs. When you fight the Boss Pig, you will feel excited at the conclusion of each level. You must always take out the boss with more wild birds. To overcome daily challenges, aim accurately and correctly calculate the bird’s flight path. You will also be rewarded with many fancy rewards.

This is one of my favorite games! It’s insanely fun. The challenges are well balanced, and the physics are top-notch. This is one of the rare free-to-play games that you don’t need to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars to progress. It’s a joy to play. Many thanks to the developers. Thank you for making this game so fun! Continue reading

Since I was young, this is one of my favorite games. It doesn’t cause me too much stress when I lose items or in-game. The music is amazing! It was amazing! I love the Piggie-Dilly-Circus theme! The main theme is worth listening to in its entirety. I feel euphoric when the first part starts at 0,35.

While this game is fun, I have to admit that it can sometimes be a bit frustrating. It is possible for the pigs to reach impossible positions without popping. The daily levels are simple until you reach the legendary chest that grants access to the streak. It’s almost as if the levels were created by an embodiment of a particular finger. Although it doesn’t need to be changed, I find it annoying that the hatchling requires a lot of apples but only takes two bites out of each apple. It makes it almost pointless.

This game is a favorite of mine and I have been playing it for over a decade. The game designers deserve a special thank you for the beautiful graphics and original music.

The game is great, but the music and sounds are just too muted when I try to enter or exit levels. It’s muted. It will only work if you close the game and then restart it. It will mute once or twice more. It really is getting anyoing.


By upgrading your bird’s feathers, you can increase their destructive power. You will be able to score high scores by equipping your bird with new outfits. This will increase its fighting abilities. You can create bird warriors who can destroy all enemy positions.

You don’t have to play alone; you can join a team of other players to beat the blue pig quicker. You can also take your birds to the arena if you don’t like playing with others but still want to compete against other players. To compete against other players, you must demonstrate your accuracy in aiming. Attracting attention in Bootcamp is the best way to make money in Angry Birds 2.

You want to enhance the beauty of your bird. To do this, you will need to collect feather caps or other funny shapes. Angry Birds 2 features a completely new design and content. The characters are more complexly designed and feature beautiful colors that allow players to feel as if they are watching a cartoon. Begin your rescue mission to save caged birds today and return precious eggs to their nests.

Are there missing birds? Sometimes birds disappear. After your first shot, you have three yellow, two red, and three blue. It is not normal and it is almost impossible to pass this level. All those birdies that let you rain over? Once you win them, they are yours for a “training” session. After that, there is no way to find them again.

This is what I downloaded right now, to relive my childhood. It was just as good as the last time. Everything was great, I loved everything. Only problem is that I cannot open the hat shop because it requires wifi. However, when I turn on my WiFi and open the game it would feel like 1 fps per annum. Please fix this. Overall, I enjoyed it. I’m grateful to you, angry birds guy


Android gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy immersive audio, which would enhance the experience. Angry Birds 2 provides amazing mobile gaming experiences with soothing soundtracks, quality audio and responsive sound effects.

Final thoughts

This new game of Angry Birds 2 will be a hit with the many fans who love the original Angry Birds game. It offers great gameplay and refreshing experiences. You don’t have to pay anything extra for the unlocked, free gameplay you get from our mod. It is a fantastic mobile gaming experience that will make your Android device a joy to use.

What's new

Play the Tower of Fortune from July 28 to August 7 and collect the new Fan-Tasy hat set designed by the Angry Birds 2 community!
-Collect the new Fan-Tasy Hat Set for Red, Blues, Matilda, Silver, Terrence, Hal and Leonard!
-Don’t forget to upgrade the new hats from the event shop.
-Join the Festive Adventure to win a special hat.



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