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The pigs have stolen the eggs! It’s up to you and your flock to get them back. Level up your birds, choose the perfect hat for the occasion, and send them flying at the pigs’ towers to bring them down once and for all!
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Jul 20, 2022
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How to install Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.2.0 (Gems/Energy) + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.2.0 (Gems/Energy) + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.2.0 (Gems/Energy) + Data Game for Android

It is amazing. It brings back so many fond memories. It was annoying that when I tried to view an ad to continue the tower of fortune (find level 9), I saw the ad but it took me to Play Store. My phone began to lag. I had to hit the home button and close only the Play Store tab. It said that I had to wait 16 hours before I could go back on the game. My rewards were gone. This must be rectified

This is one of my favorite games! It’s insanely fun. The challenges are well balanced, and the physics are top-notch. This is one of the rare free-to-play games that you don’t need to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars to progress. It’s a joy to play. Many thanks to the developers. Thank you for making this game so fun! Continue reading

The classic game of Game is fun. However, once you reach the 200th level, it becomes nearly impossible to beat without purchasing an upgrade or gems. The tower of fortune is the same. It’s not possible to reach the top. I got to 35 without having to use a lot of gems.

Overall, the game is great, a nice spin off to the OG game (yes I bought it), but there’s one problem. The AIs. The AIs. I discovered this when I played the arena. It generates a random number using an algorithm that makes it realistic. However, it can sometimes generate numbers that are impossible to use for the level. Please put a cap on it, rather than hoping that no one will notice. I was unable to attend the arena because of that. I also know that your algorithm considers me a novice so I am now able to work with AIs.

This game is the closest to classic angry birds gameplay that we have, and it’s also free. After playing the game for 8-10 hours, I realized how strategic the developers made it. This is especially true for multiplayer modes, where you have to get the highest score and not just beat the level. It has some aspects that all mobile games have, but it is still playable without spending a lot.

The game was a favorite of mine and my partner. It is no longer fun. The arena is not better in any way than it was before the update. The daily challenges and the steps were more enjoyable when you could progress from the easy to the hard levels. It’s not worth it anymore…

Dude, this is my favorite game I have played since 2017. Badass game. But there are too many pigs inside the tower. What’s the deal with the fake ad demo, where you view the tower from the sideview/platform view but from the first person behind the slingshot? That was a lot of fun. This must be added to the actual game. Also, they must also lose the million hat sets. I own all 6 lower set categories. It’s just too many pearls, and too many sets for each category.

While it’s fun to play and waste your time, the older games are far more enjoyable. Most reviews complain about glitches and other issues, but the thing that I am most concerned about is the card system. Because you use the same cards, each level becomes repetitive. Older games had birds that were specific to each level. The stories, like Star Wars and Rio, blended well. You can now use Terence and bomb to clear entire levels.

Angry Birds 2 is an incredible game that has so many details. It’s amazing! You’ll be able to see the amazing changes in angry birds 2 if you have played angry birds 1. The arena is my only issue. The arena is amazing. However, it can sometimes be very difficult when you have very many users who are not in your league. This makes your chances of winning very slim. It’s a great game with great design. It is a great game!

It’s a fun game. It is fun to play. It would be nice if they had a FAQ page and a tip page that could answer questions. I still haven’t figured out why someone is kicked out of a clan. It would be great if the game let you change your hats by tapping on the card of the bird from your flock, instead of having to go through the hat shop.

Although this would have been a 5-star review, the most recent update, which was supposed to fix bugs that I want to experience, has made it impossible for me not only to pay the elevator mini-game, but also so I cannot take part in the latest Hats game. It was very annoying. Although the problems were resolved, I would have been able to get more hats if it hadn’t happened.

Although I didn’t think I’d like this game, I have been hooked ever since. You have to spend all your gems in order to reach the top floors. Is that fair? It’s so much fun, despite the fact that you may not be able to open rewards chests every day.

I love the game, but please, move the bird cards to the right of the pause button. It is too close to your shot and can sometimes pop up after you have finished your shot. This means that your thumb taps on cards instead of performing the bird special move. It also covers the pigs on a few levels unless you zoom in.

What's new

Play the Tower of Fortune from July 28 to August 7 and collect the new Fan-Tasy hat set designed by the Angry Birds 2 community!
-Collect the new Fan-Tasy Hat Set for Red, Blues, Matilda, Silver, Terrence, Hal and Leonard!
-Don’t forget to upgrade the new hats from the event shop.
-Join the Festive Adventure to win a special hat.



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