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The pigs have stolen the eggs! It’s up to you and your flock to get them back. Level up your birds, choose the perfect hat for the occasion, and send them flying at the pigs’ towers to bring them down once and for all!
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Jul 27, 2022
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How to install Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.2.1 (Gems/Energy) + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.2.1 (Gems/Energy) + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.2.1 (Gems/Energy) + Data Game for Android

The game is fun when you play it offline. If you play online, it will start with annoying ads sometimes, it even shows terrible ads such as the ‘bigo’ app. This causes the game to run extremely slow and can affect it’s performance.Just just a few minutes back, the game was forced to re-start because it was hit when it displayed an ad. I’m still playing the game after many years. There are a few characteristics that developers need to keep to ensure that the trust is maintained. Thanks.

My absolute beloved addictive game! However, I’d like have some rewards after level completed. As in, offering an extra skip at an appropriate level, to be used at any stage of the game you happen to have difficulty passing. I had to pass a level in which I had to battle the boss, and I wasn’t able to cast any spells for the past two months. I was finally able to advance. However, some assistance without having to take money out from my own money would have been great.

The game is fantastic. It brings back many memories. It’s a bit annoying when I wanted to view an advertisement to play in the Tower of Fortune (find the 9th level after you have completed it) I watched the advertisement and then when I clicked on the icon, it brought me to the Play Store. This is the kind of person who is annoyed with tabs open however my phone began slowing down. Therefore, I had to go home and then close only one Play Store tab. If I played the game once more it told me I had to wait for 16 hours. But the rewards I earned were not there. Please resolve this matter.

My absolute favorite games! A ton of enjoyment. The games are balanced as are the mechanics that take it to on a whole new level. One of the very few games that don’t require you to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to improve your game. What a delight to play. Many thanks to the game’s creators. Thank you for the fan-fascinating game! Create more

Game is an old classic, and is fun to play, however once you’ve gotten past the first 150-200 levels, it’s almost impossible to surpass the level without spending some kind of upgrades or gemstones. The same is true for The Tower of Luck. It’s not possible to climb to the highest point. The highest I reached was level 35, and that was with an enormous amount of gems.

As an avid angry birds fan, I absolutely love the game and think it’s an incredible sequel to the classic puzzle. The game has been greatly enhanced the features of its predecessor and has kept the spirit of the original, while including new features that enhance the classic gameplay. The new features, the possibility of creating your own bird flock with the option of selecting the bird you want to choose from makes the game superior than ever before. Hats and the arena are fantastic too. Superb, Rovio!

It’s a blast and quite addictive! As you progress up, it’s somewhat of a struggle to gain feathers, but clan wars make it possible. My only issue is the tower of fortune an absolute rip-off. I’ve seen four pigs on one of the initial five levels and was able to reach 30 after spending a lot of gems! If they could fix the tower, at the very least be random, I’d rate five stars. However, with no ads and a fun game it’s a solid 4-star game.

I downloaded the game hoping to play the classic game due to the purge Rovio made, it’s the closest thing that is similar to the original, and it’s free. After playing for around 8 to 10 hours, I’ve realized how clever they’ve designed the game, by introducing new capabilities for all the birds, specifically in multiplayer games that require you to score the highest scores rather than just beating the game’s level. There are elements that all mobile games have however it’s playable without spending a lot of money.

Sometimes I am surprised by my shots I’ve taken and I’ve played games in which it doesn’t matter what small bird I throw towards the target since I can clearly discern from the angle at which I’m tossing my bird it’s virtually impossible to get it to the goal! Particularly if it is placed on the right part of screen. And to make it more challenging is the addition of an invisible mountain on edge of the screen which is a forceful blow to your face! The moves should not be difficult!

I love Angry Birds 2, 2! Sometimes, the challenges are challenging, however it never fails to challenge you to plan your own strategies for these levels. The levels are enjoyable and satisfying! I’m not a fan of the heart health that we get when playing the game. I would rather use the redo button, which we have always had in Angry Birds games. However, the game is enjoyable and features incredible bosses! It’s definitely superior to Angry Birds Journey!

My friend and I loved playing the game during the evenings. After the update, it’s no entertaining at all. In fact, the arena isn’t much better in any way than it was prior to. Additionally, the daily challenges using the steps were more enjoyable, especially when you had to go from easy levels to harder levels. No longer worth the effort…

The game is generally excellent, and a great spin-off from it’s OG game (yes I purchased it) however, I have one complaint. The AIs. As I played in on the field, I noticed that all the AI can do is create a random number using an algorithm that makes it look realistic. However, it can generate numbers that are physically impossible to play at the particular level. Therefore, please put in caps instead of hoping that no one will notice. I’ve lost a lot of arena tickets because of that. And I am aware that your system thinks I’m an idiot and therefore replaces me on AIs.

The game, rovio is by far the best! The birds are more valuable than in previous versions and the hat-making feature is great, and features like clan wars, arena boot camp, clan wars, and daily challenges really enhance the gameplay. The only thing I want to see more of are the hats of additional birds too, as they could boost the game to a higher level. Overall, fantastic game and i am looking forward to looking forward to seeing more.

What's new

Play the Tower of Fortune from July 28 to August 7 and collect the new Fan-Tasy hat set designed by the Angry Birds 2 community!
-Collect the new Fan-Tasy Hat Set for Red, Blues, Matilda, Silver, Terrence, Hal and Leonard!
-Don’t forget to upgrade the new hats from the event shop.
-Join the Festive Adventure to win a special hat.



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