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October 19, 2022
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How to install FaceLab MOD APK 2.12.5 (Pro Features Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded FaceLab MOD APK 2.12.5 (Pro Features Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


FaceLab is a comprehensive and industry-leading toolbox for portrait retouching that enables anyone to find new beauty by using a choice of presets or cosmetics. It employs numerous new-generation AI to manage every activity, providing consumers the outcomes they want—even altering gender with a few simple procedures. This program, which is primarily concerned with portrait retouching, has a lot of possibilities for users to discover.

Gender swapping, retrofitting, and tooning are all features of the FaceLab photo editor.
Users can start learning about new beauties with the help of the sophisticated and contemporary tools integrated into FaceLab’s system. While they can be used as beauty tools, they also offer flexible interaction and comprehensive customization to meet the needs of any user. The AIs’ ability to instantly adapt to every user’s movement and make each modification more intricate and nuanced is what I find most fascinating.

Face filters allow any photo to be changed with built-in attributes and are automatic tools that have been included alongside manual tools. Users will also have additional options thanks to the diversity of filters, providing them more inspiration to alter their appearance into other styles. Of course, they can alter the face filter’s content to produce their own special looks and then use them extensively.

Gender swapping, retrofitting, and tooning are all features of the FaceLab photo editor.
FaceLab will assist customers with the AI-powered gender transition feature if they always want to know their attractiveness as a transgender person. Thanks to several quick and sophisticated modifications occurring in real-time, changing gender is now straightforward. Even their bone structure, lip thickness, and other features are changeable for users. This feature enables the program to surprise users with fresh looks when they are transgender, even switching the dominant hairstyles for each gender.

Change your appearance and age.
Because of the age-changing feature, people may see how their appearance has changed over the years. What’s remarkable is that the AIs would automatically update every frame in real-time based on the set age, adding wrinkles, drooping skin, and other characteristics more frequently observed in older people. They can also age themselves to see the distinct beauty that comes with each stage of life.

Gender swapping, retrofitting, and tooning are all features of the FaceLab photo editor.
FaceLab is proud of its great makeup content, which always provides customers with all the tools they need to create or accessorize themselves. Additionally dynamically improved, makeup tools will alter various details in response to the user’s motions or influence. When they use cosmetics, they can also alter the kinds of instruments and their variations to create new makeup and see how they change.

Photo filters will alter the user’s appearance to standard cartoon or animated character styles. Every single one of the application’s many available filters is exceptional, vivid, and oozes unique beauty using simple brushstrokes or color combinations. Additionally, they can access their preferred filter cartoons via the search engine.

Users of FaceLab will learn new things and get suggestions for improving their photo or appearance. It is also acceptable if they want to practice applying cosmetics, studying and using the best products to make yourself more stunning and unique than before.

Download the FaceLab Photo Editor v2.12.5 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked).


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