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How to install METAL SLUG ATTACK v7.4.0 Apk Mod Infinite AP APK?

1. Tap the downloaded METAL SLUG ATTACK v7.4.0 Apk Mod Infinite AP APK file.

2. Touch install.

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[Free Download] METAL SLUG ATTACK v7.4.0 Apk Mod Infinite AP Game for Android

The Metal Slug series plot is easy to comprehend and simple and allows players to participate in endless battles against various kinds of foes. But, with Metal Slug Attack, the missions will be more complex and diverse, and will give players the chance to explore the world from a different view. The content of each mission will vary players will get various loot items, and these quests will increase your development speed, or making use of your base’s resource.


Metal Slug Attack wants to reach a larger audience with its game and content that include a variety of online activities like special occasions and challenges. They are also the game’s theme and the highlights, since they offer players rare and valuable rewards. This includes having a tiny chance of receiving uncommon combat weapons that are a likes. Additionally, with these games players will be given the chance to talk to their fellow players and work with them in group activities to earn more rewards. In comparison to other games in this series Metal Slug Attack is considered a spin-off, but is more entertaining and rich over other gaming. The game, however, is easy to use and easy to learn and easily expands to an extensive market and offers players new ways to keep playing for long hours.

I was first introduced to this game by one of my friends… I thoroughly enjoyed the game and believe that the game is worthy of five stars *…but being an unexperienced player (well it’s not as popular now but back in the day) I find it overloaded with the numerous notifications and items. I’m aware that when you start on your first attempt, a lot of things are locked . However, the number of choices available at the beginning is extremely overwhelming like many different gachas… there are way too many buttons in the menu for home and it makes me turn off from the game.

For those who love Metal Slug this is a very enjoyable game. The integration of tower defense gameplay is a great fit for the Metal Slug series. I enjoy this game to relax and relax. It’s not worth a rating because the gacha element is dependent on you purchasing medals to the game, unless you plan to work for weeks to collect tens of thousands of medals for gachas that need hundreds or even thousands of medals. Additionally, the English translations aren’t the most accurate. Overall, a great game. I really enjoy playing it.

In the majority of game types, the element of building has become crucial and well-known to everybody. However, the base building element in Metal Slug Attack, it is different. The player can use the base as a replenishment point, a base to start new quests as well as other components. The game will also introduce ways that players can study to improve their combat units or even create new units. While the game does not contain any elements of aggression from opposing forces the game lets players build their bases in different styles while still displaying specific tactics.


Metal Slug Attack Metal Slug Attack becomes more accessible due to its ability to recruit combat troops and independent statistics for every unit. While fighting in battle, the players have the ability to use a variety of units, however the differences in their performance on the battlefield and stats give the player a wide range of options to choose the best grouping. All of the Metal Slug series’s iconic characters are included in this game, but they will be reanimated in a more striking design as opposed to the original design. If the player wishes to recruit new units of combat in the game, it will include an additional system for recruiting which will require specific keys to open or start the process of recruiting.

The game is a nightmare to play and is a mess of everything scattered and flashy. Additionally, the game offers on-app purchases from time to time and offers poor translations. The game gets mind-numbing quick when you realize it’s a game where you have to wait for grinding or in-app buying to improve your unit. Overall, it’s not what METAL SLUG is about in any way… or If you’re me, it’s just a boring money game aimed at children and brand-loyalist.

Wow. Wow, if The Battle cats had multiplayer(I’d rate it an 2.7) due to the huge quantity of micro mechanics this game offers.. I was playing for hours setting up an appropriate deck for PVP. Fantastic, keep up the good work. 4.46 ( ” (‘- ‘)b P.S I need to sleep( QWQ) Don’t pay to win

It’s a different style to the way I was seeing at the beginning of 2000s. However, still rocks!!! Eri, Fio, Tarmo, Marko and other characters are just like us and we should strive to save our world from aliens once more. 😉

I’ve always enjoyed metal slug as a youngster. I played it in an arcade game and I’m able to claim that the parts I adored are included in the game. I’m not sure how to describe the reasons why this game is enjoyable, but extremely enjoyable with characters you can’t help but love particularly the stories.

There are too many things happening… It’s stressful! Let me play! There’s no need to be complex… Oh my god. Unistalled

I enjoyed my experience with the Metal Slug Series because of this game as well as Metal Slug Defense. I gave it 4 stars, because there are two major issues I’ve encountered with this. 1. The game won’t allow me to play if there’s a change beyond the game. 2: The game’s “recovery system” isn’t dialed down to your email address or social media accounts. This is a huge problem because people who have spent money, time blood, sweat and tears into this game may be wasting their time in the absence of the correct password and code. doesn’t hint at.


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