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Aug 22, 2022
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How to install METAL SLUG ATTACK Apk Mod v7.10.0 (Unlimited Energy/No CD) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded METAL SLUG ATTACK Apk Mod v7.10.0 (Unlimited Energy/No CD) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] METAL SLUG ATTACK Apk Mod v7.10.0 (Unlimited Energy/No CD) Game for Android

Although this game is fantastic, it could use some improvement. For example, my units are so powerful that it counts hell mode as very easy mode. It makes me really bored. Also, it would be great if there were more difficulty levels in the game. The search and destroy system is very rigged. You could also add new levels to attack mode. Everything seems to be fine overall. Thank you for Memories SNK. I am glad to be a part of this community.

It’s fun, but it’s not something I would use.

This game was a lot of fun. It was great fun to grow slowly and get some good units. You can win many games if you have the right strategy and units. My phone fell to the ground while i was working in task force. Then, when it turned on again, it said “Unfortunately, the app had been stopped.” I didn’t have any other options except to reinstall my progress, so I lost it. Take care.


It is possible to say that METAL Slug Attack is the remake with the most game modes. You can choose to play in the main mode Attack, Combat School or Special Ops, or Team Battle.

Each regime has its own context and rules. When you sign up, the system will give you instructions. For example, Team Battle allows you to team up with other players. To win, you must defeat at least 2/3 of the towers from the opposing team. Medals are a form of premium currency that can be used to purchase items in Team Battle Shop.

There are many VA missions available!

“METAL SUG ATTACK” offers different missions for different players. Its “ATTACK!” game mode allows players to take over military bases held by Morden’s Armies. RESCUE, “COMBAT SCHOOL”, or “TREASURE HAUNT” game modes.

Get better units!

You can collect items during your missions and use them for customization of your favorite units. You can equip your units with items to make them better, more leveled up, or activate their abilities. Let’s make the most powerful and beautiful units possible!

VWorldwide battles!

You can play up to six decks simultaneously in “Real Time Battle”, which is available to 4 players at a time. You can defeat all your opponents and improve your skills to be the best player in the world!

VPlay in coop with your brother-in-arms

You can battle with your brother-in-arms on co-op missions in “Guild Raid”, and “SPECIAL OPS” game mode. You can also communicate with them via chat or mail. Enjoy “METAL Slug Attack” with your best friends!

United Army

METAL SLUG ATACK is a defense strategy video game in which you control the army units.

There are many units in this game. Each unit has its own unique characteristics such as the ability to attack close or far. A special skill is also available that activates automatically when the user has enough energy.

Similar to other goalkeeper games units will move towards their opponent and attack any obstacles they come across on the road. You don’t need to interact with or control anything. You just need to choose the right units to help the pioneers reach their tower.

It’s fun so far. But, the game crashed. Images, backgrounds, and characters became black. This happened after I upgraded the game. I would like to uninstall the program and reinstall it to see if things improve, but I don’t know how you can save your data. It would be great if someone could help me.

It’s addictive. Amazing customization and collection. There is so much content, and more. If you enjoy games with a strategy core, it’s worth checking out. The game has some “pay to win” but it isn’t mandatory and cheap unless you are looking to be very competitive with the community. F2P was definitely a fun experience. The P2W element didn’t interfere with or diminish my F2P experience. It was not unfair to spend a little.

Metal slug was always my favorite game. I remember playing it in an arcade and being able to tell the parts I loved were also in the game. I don’t know why it’s so addictive, but it is a great game with many unique characters you’ll enjoy, especially the stories.

This game brings back memories of metal slug, which I loved growing up. These tactical games are also great, so it’s the perfect combination of both!

This is a very different approach from what I saw in the early 2000s. However, still rocks!!! Eri, Fio Tarmo Marko, Marko, and all the other characters are identical. Let’s save our universe from aliens once again. 😉

I actually like this game. It’s very entertaining and nostalgic. This game is a bit unfair, with P2W and a frustrating gacha system. You should spend a lot of money to buy an item/medal. This game can be fixed to make it fair again, similar to msd.

It’s a great game. I have been playing it for several years, but am slowly losing interest due to the steep learning curve. I missed a week and it was enough to give everyone op units, leaving me defenseless. I now lose every game, whereas I used to win 90%. SNK should offer support to members and returning players.

Action packed with metal slugs. There’s plenty of fan service and solid gameplay for fans of the series. It looks beautiful and plays well. It can be quite difficult, as with many f2p game, but there is still plenty to do.

What's new

Updates in Ver 7.10.0:
Added Extra Ops
Added new units
Updated Mystery Crank
Added contents to the Dress Up
Updated Shops



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