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Apr 30, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Math Tricks APK v2.80 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Math Tricks APK v2.80 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Math Tricks APK v2.80 (Premium) App for Android


What is the reason it says “unable to begin the ComponentInfo activity” …” after I launch the app? I’ve noticed that some users are experiencing the same issue. It would be nice to see some improvements or fixes. Thank you for this great exercise for mathematicians, particularly those looking to know more about counting and math. There are a variety of beginner to advanced exercises and routines sufficient to rewire the brain. Don’t forget to check out his IG for more math-related tricks and puzzles. Thanks Dev!

Hello….. I’ve had a lot of problems in mathematic calculation. They take lots of time ….but when I used this app I have improved my ability to calculate. Each day I spend about 15 minutes on this app which is why with the aid of this mathe trick app I am proud of my ability to calculate ……….and in accordance.. according to my experiences, this mathe-tricks ….app can be very beneficial for students of other schools .. Students who are facing ..a number of difficulties in regular calculation. Therefore, this app can be very effective.

Maths can be fun and easy. The interface for users is simple and suitable for children of all ages and anyone who is truly curious about learning basic math.

Update: Thanks to Dev for resolving this problem quickly. [Old: Says, Unable to start activity Componentinfo{example. Matharithmetics/exam… when I try to open the app. Tried clearing cache, app storage & restarted phone but still same errror. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.]

This app is truly excellent . I was searching for an authentic app that would help me speed up and to help me think about maths. this app is not just enjoyable to use, but also extremely simple and has fewer advertisements than other . Also, it’s completely cost-free . There is no need to sign up for advanced levels . At first, I thought it difficult to understand why I can’t skip the question and play with my friend, but I realized, if the the skip button was available, I wouldn’t even attempted to find the answer and simply left it out.

It was extremely detailed. I like that, unlike many websites or apps that provide math shortcuts, it does not just gives you the trick but it explains the reason behind it and provides several exercises afterward to ensure that you are able to comprehend. The math tricks work and help save time written out the whole issue and doing it the conventional method. My only complaint is the presence of too many advertisements. With that said the app is an extremely top-quality app and one I’d recommend to anyone who struggle with math, who are taking a test that is timed or simply would like to cut down on time with math.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me: In math, you shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s a good thing to be tricky (also an minus multiplication, division, and so on.) When you’ve mastered these shortcuts that are clever and tricks, you’ll be able to see a myriad of different methods to make math simpler. In the end, everything will become clear as the secrets that lie within the Universe will be revealed to the student, and you’ll soon be free from the rules of physics. This makes everything simpler. But you need to begin somewhere. This app can be a great starting point.

The best way to improve your calculations…nd It’s not like I’m a boy. I’m a real human being who was struggling ….with basic algebra, LCM and the basics of maths while in the class of 10th grade I’m in class 11th and I have overcame the issues I had with…my weak areas were algebra, geometry, and all maths..this app helps me in increasing my math skills

Would you be able to add reductions and approximation levels so that we can increase our mantle and speed of calculation, this is just a suggestion. your app really helps us. Thank you!

Excellent app One of the most important choices I’ve made this year was to download this app. It’s letting me see my math get better every day.

A great platform to increase your speed of calculation. I downloaded this program last month and am pleased to say that I had significantly improved and will take it to an elite level!

It is the most efficient way to accelerate the calculations… But earlier I m able use this app, now I’m getting error while opening the app – unable to start activity Componentinfo{example.m… I’m experiencing this issue only with this app. Please ensure that you have full

It’s a pretty good app. It provides you with a test when you’re not right, and demonstrate how to fix it. There aren’t many maths that you can study.

Simply app simply amazing app . It assists in calculating a wide mathematical concepts in just a minutes . The tricks are described in an a simple way and includes lots of practice questions. …. Many thanks to the people who created the app..

Bro im addicted to this app which is so useful. I was discouraged about my math skills, but I realized that any skill are achievable through continuous practice and a well-planned training program or coach, all put in the time and effort consistently. That’s the secet .

It’s not a bad training app however the solution provides a solution the issue at hand and does not provide any details on how this method is appropriate. This doesn’t assist in learning how to apply it in real-world situations. Ads can be disruptive and interfere with your goals. Finally, pressing the back button on your phone may cause you to lose your game. Frustrating.

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