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Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giant mechanical dragons! Birds that shoot money!
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Halfbrick Studios
Jun 8, 2022
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How to install Jetpack Joyride MOD APK v1.66.1 (Unlimited Coins) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Jetpack Joyride MOD APK v1.66.1 (Unlimited Coins) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Jetpack Joyride MOD APK v1.66.1 (Unlimited Coins) Game for Android

The game is extremely addictive and extremely enjoyable. generally , the gameplay is fantastic, I absolutely love it. But, I’m having problems after an advertisement is playing. Because you cannot move your screen vertically when you’re running the app If the ad is in portrait mode, I cannot view the entire thing, and there’s no exit button for the advertisement. Most of the time, I have to close the app and then reopen it which is a little frustrating. If you can fix this, it’ll be the perfect experience.

Some years ago, I enjoyed this game. I’ve returned to experience the joy again. However, the ads have gotten 10x more annoying. I tried to access gratis SAM towards the conclusion of my campaign only to get the an error message “no sponsored video available” that for some reason meant I was unable to make use of the SAM. When I used spin tokens an advertisement suddenly was available and the ad began playing. It was, of course, somehow larger than my screen which meant I couldn’t view only half of it, and I couldn’t see the button to close.

It’s still an excellent game after more than 10 years. My only issue is that some items remain locked till you purchase they are purchased, for instance, the third item slot, and some vehicles, but it doesn’t hinder the game in any way and advertisements for in-app purchases are uncommon enough to not be an issue. The game is constantly updated and keeps the game updated also. The game is still a classic and I’m eager to see what the team is planning to release next!

I really enjoy the game It’s really enjoyable! However, the reason it’s not five stars is that I’m beginning to wonder what this game is turning into. It was originally an enjoyable game in which you could fly around also buy new jetpacks, jetpacks, and other items. However, now it’s brimming with ads, there are so numerous in-app purchases it’s difficult to keep track of Some of the new events and mechanics are boring, difficult to grasp (for certain players) and, in general just plain dumb. Make this better.

It’s probably the most amazing game on mobile phones ever developed! Excellent art style, fantastic music, simple but addictive gameplay. I’m sure I’ll be playing it for many hours! It’s the only “issue” i have is the fact that there is only one setting I’d love it for there to be diverse maps and different locations to travel around..

The saving of your account is a problem that needs to be addressed. Jetpack stated that my game play was saved. However, when I removed the game and then reinstalled it it lost me 30 level of progression. I also lost 100k in cash and more than 100k in items and upgrades. This isn’t the first time this has occurred. Jetpack explicitly stated that it was “Backup Active’. I love playing the game, but the ineffective events aren’t amusing and give the illusion that the game is maintained and upgraded. Any enhancements would be appreciated! & LESS ADS!

This game is fantastic. I’ve played this since I was a child and it’ll be part of me for a long time. I have absolutely no complaints however. Just here to share positive things. The clothes you can choose to wear in the game are incredible and you are able to make the player look ridiculous adorable, terrifying or whatever you want. It’s not an actual bowling game. This game lets you can pretty generally get high scores and coins in order to earn outfits or record. When they make music video clips, the players produce there is a story to go with the music.

10/5/22 TLDR: Buy premium and enjoy the game that doesn’t have ads. I listened to on the suggestion of Halfbrick, and purchased one of the items from the store in order to try the premium features of the game. I was not satisfied. With ads not separating every game, that made it more exciting and fast-paced. I love the wide range of personalization available within the game, including themed events that allow unlocked items seemingly every month. The only thing I would complain about is the luck in game. I’m not sure how random it can be at times.

Sometimes, ads can be irritating. However, I’d also like to let you know that I’m happy this game is still playing smoothly. Mobile games are now simply dumb stick figures doing horrible things, and displaying advertisements in every 10 seconds. You would believe that with the latest technology, they would be able to create more enjoyable games. But it seems the people who are creating the latest games are brains of an ape. Overall, I am happy the game is still going solidly and I suggest you keep up the great work! Thanks 🙂

So , when I’m around 10 or more runs the game, for some reason, the textures of the game become a mess, as if the character might transform into another texture. The same happens with rockets. that the rockets can cause is just a speck of fire , which is much less noticeable than the normal. If you can fix this issue, that would be fantastic. Also , when i upgraded the game, it said that it needed to be updated, so I upgraded it and it advised me to update it , even when i had already updated it.

It’s still one of the top F2P games, however I’m dissatisfied after returning to it from a few years ago, and seeing that the results of free spins were slashed to encourage advertisements. I can understand the need to make money , but surely both the ad reward system and the original system could have been preserved?

This game is fantastic! It’s amazing! This game is extremely addictive! Heck I’ve played the game on my computer and it’s still addicting. But the one thing that bothers me is ads. Now i know that ads are supposed to be in free games to get money for the developer/developers, But it’s just annoying that most of the time when you press next, most of the time, it gives you an ad. Another thing to consider is bugs. They aren’t that numerous, however this is a very well game, but there could be a few. Thank for your help. 🙂

Hello halfbrick Thank you for playing! This game is awe-inspiring! I played it as a child and I still enjoy it today. There’s one issue that’s little too many advertisements, but you can get rid of it without difficulty, but make it easier to fix it. Thank you =D

A great game that I can’t put it down. However, there are a there are a few issues. One is that almost each time that you get a fail, it displays an add. The second is that after the add, it displays the black screen for time. Other than that, it’s a excellent game

What's new

To boldly go where no Barry has gone before...

Brand new STAR TREK event

● Collect fan favourite characters from through the series
● SHINY new Starfleet Mech
● Reach max warp with the Starship jetpack

● All new Voyager Shuttlecraft Vehicle!
● Phaser Jetpack and Borg Cube jetpacks
● 4 new vehicle skins PLUS new SAM

Available for a limited time, play now!

Added Android only Features:
● Added support for restoring purchases
● Reduced package size


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