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Aug 22, 2022
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How to install Dan The Man MOD APK v1.10.60 (Money / Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dan The Man MOD APK v1.10.60 (Money / Unlocked) APK file.

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[Free Download] Dan The Man MOD APK v1.10.60 (Money / Unlocked) Game for Android

The game is great fun so far. Forced ads are the biggest problem. They’re everywhere: at every checkpoint, at the beginning of each level, and at the end. These ads are so distracting that I find myself spending far more time watching them than I am playing the game. The ads can be annoying to navigate through. They often load up pages on the Internet browser, or open a second window. This is absurd. I expected ads to be in the free version. I would like to play the game before I buy it.

This game is a great favorite of mine! It’s very entertaining and I enjoy it. The thing I dislike most about this game is the Story Mode level. I struggle to knock down the boss every time. The problem is that I can only revive myself twice and can’t knock out the boss. Please fix Halfbrick Studios. It will make me very happy (and I also appreciate your hardwork!)

It’s a great game. The graphics are adorable. The fights are entertaining. There are a lot of advertisements. Although I understand the reward for statues and the checkpoints, it is annoying after each round of survival. While I get that money is important, it’s still frustrating.

This game has been a blast! For those who are upset about the ads, it’s only $3! Support devs! The low price allows for a lot of content. I am 5 hours into the story and still haven’t finished it. There is so much more content. It’s difficult to find action games that I like playing because I can’t use a touch joystick. It is simple to use, and responsive. The only problem is that the right directional button is located too close to the middle of my screen.

Although the game is fantastic, the ads are annoying. I find it frustrating that I have to wait 12 hours to get to the next level. However, I can see ads to speed up the process. Ads give you money, and the game is completely free. However, it does make them less frustrating. Thank you. Advertisements should be less repetitive and more entertaining. Advertisements are too long. +Games are really enjoyable. +I enjoy the combat and other stuff. 8.5/10


Dan the Man will see players take part in an amazing event that will help them achieve incredible skin. You will be confronted with opponents dressed in golden costumes and will have to battle them with everything you have. Participants will feel the need to have a glowing skin and a stunning appearance when they take part in this event. This is an event you should not miss.

The character will be controlled in a 2D environment that resembles a platformer. It will be easy to move if only a few buttons are displayed on the screen. The movement buttons allow you to control the character from left to right. To the right, you will find buttons to jump, attack and shoot. You will be able control your character quickly and can start your exciting journey.


This game is the eighth part of Dan the Man’s 7-part series. Dark forces are destroying Dan’s village at this point. Your mission is to protect Dan’s village and fight the evil guys. He can track down and trace the girlfriend kidnapped.

Story mode features 12 stages and many quests that allow you to learn more about the character Dan the Man. You will find many treasures. You can join the game as Dan or Josie, and you can also see the game through the eyes of Barry Steakfries. Barry Steakfries? Yes. No, you aren’t mistaken. Barry is an extra guest at Jetpack Joyride. He was bored at the labs, so he decided to help Dan defend the village. Interestingly, right? The game also offers two additional modes: Weekly and Survival.


The controller, which consists of five buttons, includes Jump, Left, Right and Attack, allows the player to control the character in classic Arcade games. Combining the Attack button and the moving keys can create stunning combos that inflict lots of damage. The Shoot key can also be used to control ranged weapons such as knives and shuriken or guns of Barry Steakfries.

If I was 7, I would give this game 5 stars. But, I’m not 7. The game is too rewarding and braindead for combat, but it’s still enjoyable otherwise. Although this is a children’s game, it is quite corny. The only speech is babbling that gives no information beyond images. Another point is that the game contains concepts that I don’t believe we are in a childrens game. I mean, guns and weaponry. I’ll admit the story is alright, at least according to my memory.

Great nostalgia game. It feels like an old-school arcade game, but without the quarters. Excellent graphics and great sound. Although the story is quite predictable, the humor is great. The ads are very minimal. The only thing that interrupts your experience are the ads between levels. Consider buying. To see if there are more options. Upgrades have been made so far. Would you like to be able to choose the direction of your upgrade? It’s been pretty cool so far. It’s like being 10 again in the arcade.

Amazing game. Love the characters and the sheer amount of action. However, I wish there was a way to play story mode with friends. Also, it would be great to have the option of combining skill moves to create powerful combinations.

Fun simple. This is for anyone who grew-up with NES and the sege megadrive. Although annoying, ads can be manageable. Tutorials on new skills may need a bit more information. It’s fun and easy to forget.


Dan the Man will have many enemies and players will be moving through many lands. Certain terrains will be available to you that can help you travel. You will also find many enemies. They can attack you with their naked hands or weapons. To avoid getting injured, you must choose the best attack method.


Contrary to modern games, Dan the Man uses 8-bit 2D graphics. These graphics are often found in classic scene games. It reminds me of the Mario game. It is cute how the characters are made. There are many enemies to choose from, including robots and ninjas… Each stage offers a different landscape.

Power up to overcome challenges

You will be able not to ignore the coins you see when you defeat an enemy or take down some objects in Dan the Man. These coins will help you to increase your power. You will also find a shop you can go into at any time. There you will find weapons that you can purchase or healing features. You should also not overlook the skins and upgrades available in this game.

You can call one of these mobile games a “game” (ik surprising). It’s challenging, offers a lot of content and is a great game. I would recommend it to anyone. I found the ads at each checkpoint to be a bit disappointing, but you can still play with no internet. Oops! Never, ever try to complete the last level on hard no hit. It’s harder than fighting without it.

Ads are not a problem for me. Overall, a solid game. The only reason it doesn’t get 3 stars is the inability to complete adventure mode. To upgrade Barry you must buy him. It’s annoying to play the game with him at level 1. You don’t have to watch 100 ads to play Barry.

I love the pixelated art and the smooth animations. This is an addictive game that I find very addicting. After just 5 minutes, I found myself extremely focused. (haha!) Kudos to the developer and creator for creating this fun and time-consuming game! We are grateful! !

What's new

This update contains:
- SPECIAL EVENT: Help the Geezers fight the Midas touch... Before everything turns to gold...
- NEW LEVELS AND MISSIONS: Discover new special levels and defeat the golden fighters!
- NEW SKINS: The Geezers, Dan's best friends, and the golden skin!
- NEW REWARDS: Don't miss the new emotes and event icons!



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