Gangs Town Story v0.12.16b (Money) Mod + Data


Ready to try your destiny in a gangland?
[Free Download] Gangs Town Story v0.12.16b (Money) Mod + Data APK for Android Download APK
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Avega Games
April 29, 2021
7.0 and up
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[Free Download] Gangs Town Story v0.12.16b (Money) Mod + Data APK for Android

The game is good but add more things like bikes, bullets, boats, planes, helicopters and also add a military base and we can also buy some houses and add evenings and nights and some new missions but the game is good
The developer said it is offline flight but requires internet for the mission and all cars sound the same and not upgrade. EDIT: OK thanks for the answer.But I played the first mission it doesn’t start when I turn on the internet, it started. You should check it out.
1. Add a swimming facility. 2. Add a storyline. 3. Add the option to buy a mansion. 4. Add multiplayer with NPC. 5. Save the game and drop the option. 6. Add a circle of day and night 7. Please add all this thing to games. Thanks, keep it up.
The game is wonderful, but add more guns, vehicles and wardrobe. Bug fixes, improved animations and manual buttons need to be added. Also add Cloud Save to save progress and improve the target of any weapons. Even so, the graphics are excellent. This is a great game but I wish I could buy a house because my character looks rich and my house is cheap and also I don’t like to waste ડો 100 if I buy and park a car and quit this game Deliver the car and please remove the obstacle so I can play the towing game
Playing in the nut shell, completely ruining my time full time data .. Break into loading! I have a good mobile phone with 6GB RAM, 2GHz Helio G85 with good internet speed, almost all the games I play with zero leg but this .. it doesn’t let me in !!!
Everything about a good game is awesome but there are some problems like it kicks me off the game and its breaking down and if we have the option to swim and hide obstacles it would be nice to make the game anyway
Wow fun game, but there was no reality about driving skills and let us do something like sitting, sleeping and other stuff, please I really like how you can add de graphics how to ride bikes and ships, aircraft
The first time I opened it ……. I tried hard but it doesn’t open ….. let’s see when it opens for me ….. I have a trial and now ’em IT to open Bored but it doesn’t open ………
The game is crumbling and can’t be played very much, even at the beginning of the game it is very damaged so I uninstall it and how can I tell the quality of your game oh, I know it all ******* !! !!!!
I loved the game they did a great job but they need to correct the mistakes and in the game they should add more gun clothes and cars so that we can buy them and build a new and bigger building that they should give us a bike. And the helicopters that we can buy in the game and they should expand the city and add more things to do in the city and at the end point they should give monthly updates or add monthly other wise things that I liked the game very much and they should fix the bugs .
This is a very good game but it has only two problems. The first is that we must be able to cover through obstacles and buildings and we must also be able to crouch. The other is that the game automatically kicks me in when I play after a while. Please fix this issue and enable the option to take the crotch and cover in a minor fix. Once it’s done, I’ll rate it five stars and share it with all my friends too. Also give the character an option to customize because I don’t like it.
Large map capable of sleeping in bed when in poor health, awesome game like military base but plz update il, real car damage, story mode, more cars, car dealers, planes, cops will not follow you everywhere, civilians, when you shoot Reacts. Or a steel car, I can’t think of anything else, so I can add this thing
No. The game is about to go into leggy and goal control is terrible. The graphics aren’t that good. Sorry, but I can’t even walk 1 second without waiting for the delay to stop. I also have a good phone. I should be able to play this if I can play Cyber ​​Hunter and Lifefighter without delay. Awesome.
Its super la la giggig first, a frame drop from this game is coming to my device, but currently I’m playing other games that have unrealistic engine graphics and I haven’t experienced this game. Suppose this game would be good but I never get a chance to play it.
BMW Benz jaguar car add swimming add driver and that nice car sorry sorry, this is a great game that you should add fighting games indu game just fighting game you should keep i keep 5 stars for you thank you

[Free Download] Gangs Town Story v0.12.16b (Money) Mod + Data APK for Android

What's new

- Rebalance of missions
- Improved capture mechanics
- Fixed bugs


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