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Ready to try your destiny in a gangland?
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Avega Games
Jun 2, 2022
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How to install Gangs Town Story MOD APK v0.18 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Gangs Town Story MOD APK v0.18 (Money) APK file.

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[Free Download] Gangs Town Story MOD APK v0.18 (Money) Game for Android

A pretty good story and gameplay to date. My only complaint in the game is that the automatic dialogue skipping. It’s too quickly for me. I’d like to be able to change between manual and auto moving, or at the very least in the voice acting.

Everything is great and I’m only looking for some requests. I believe that developers will take my voice. The npc rate should be increased as well as the vehicle speed should be able to travel faster and the option to customize your character is needed to be increased since we only get a small selection of clothes for weapons, etc. The map we receive the map excellent and I would love we had access to more interiors of the game. Here is my suggestion I’m hoping the developers consider it and I would recommend everyone strongly endorse

The game will keep closing down, especially when ads are playing . A good game, however . It is recommended to fix the quitting problem and cut down on ads to at the very least reload on supplies , not an advertisement on the start-up screen

I thought that this game had the latest map? It’s still using the old map. I hope your game is updated with a new map. Please update the game to a fresh map. I’m hoping your map is bigger. I’m worried that players will be bored if they play with the old map. So make sure to update this problem

The game is fantastic and I am very grateful for the efforts of the game’s creators but the only thing I’d like to see is for the team to include an option to enter a the building. They should also include a luxurious home that we can buy with lots of money. The visuals of the car could be improved. overall, it’s a fantastic game.

Excellent graphics. Can help improve handling for automobiles? It’s stiff and doesn’t turn left. It would be great when the map was huge. If you can let it be free once you pass away, you no longer need to view an ad in order to continue. Update: Great Map! I haven’t played the game for a while and discovered that the style of your home is similar to the one that of GTA V! It’s amazing what you could do, and for a game on mobile the graphics are crisp. Also, can it be made to swim?

It’s a fantastic game, but there are two issues. One is that we need to be able to cover ourselves by buildings and obstacles. Moreover, it is also necessary to walk. The second is that if I play game, it automatically eliminates me. Fix this problem and make crouching and take cover option in an update of minor importance. Once that’s done I’ll give it five stars and forward it to all of my acquaintances. It also gives the option to alter the character in case I don’t love it.

I am in love with this game, however I don’t play it, but i’m going to try it and it appears to be an extremely enjoyable game. should pelople say that the game isn’t fun, which is very sad because pelople really work hard at the game, but i have no idea how to play. give it a rating and you will find that it is a enjoyable game.(-)

It has the highest graphic quality than oder games that are similar it has the highest graphics than other games like this It is the most important aspect that should be included in games similar to this. Thank you for this amazing game.

I don’t have anything to say about this sport… IT’S A BLAST. However.. 1. playing multiplayer, games, free roam, i would love to play alongside my friends and family. 2. Add more cars such as Lamborghini bugatti McLaren and all that. You understand me guys? 3Editing button might be useful for creating ramps, spawning cars or modifications… 4create a more realistic walking and running and climbing up and down. Five more skins of vehicles and player skins. I wrote too much mutch and by the way, it’s the best game ever.

Fantastic game! I’ve played many of these GTA game clones and this one is closest to what you would find in the real game. It also has the same street cul-de-sac and safe-house that has the same features to GTA San Andreas. There are also items you can gather throughout gameplay (such like floating blue discs). The mission is mapped out and marked with locations. A full map will show every location that is unlocked. The only issue is that there appears to be no Save Game marker or location anywhere and not even in the safe-house.

Avega and the district! Get rid of them! Bring in new weapons, and add the full story! In the initial updates begin in the Part One of the entire story! I guarantee that your entire community will be happy! Also, please address the sound issue when you enter the car with the Ultra and High graphics! Also, add an armory, a barber shop and clothing shop! I love where your game is headed and I suggest you improve on it, and I guarantee you will not regret it! <3

I love this game but can you make the physic better?the running,walking,punch and the car pyshic kinda weird….i hope the next update will have a better pyshic

The game is great But, please you need to add more guns as well as vehicles, clothing, and weapons. It is necessary to fix bugs along with improved animations and include a an option to manually select. Also, you can save your progress to cloud storage to avoid losing progress, and increase the accuracy of any weapons. The graphics are fantastic.

Really, 2021 and there is no support for controllers? Now, tapping controls are a nightmare for games like this. Your fingers get in the way of screen. I’m not sure why people like playing games in this way. I’d like to go over the game, but I was unable to get past the first game. Why would I play this game instead of playing gta 3 , and S.a with support for control.

The game is very realistic and awesome! Missions but the issue is ultra graphic and high graphic are slow, please fix ultra and high graphic are slowing me down and I can’t play in water . Please fix these bugs with the next update. Also, don’t introduce bugs in the next update.

The game is fantastic, great graphics and the locations are fantastic, however it’s not enough. I’d like to see more parkour techniques like watch dogs 2 pls and the huge city of freeroam and brand new characters such as GTA 5 , bikes. I’m looking for a new style of fighting to combat my enemies. enjoy fighting much.Add clothes to wear. Could you make this game in the same way as Watch Dogs 2

The developer claimed that it’s offline, but missions require internet. The audio of all the cars is the same, and it’s isn’t good.improve it. Thank you for your reply.but I have played the first mission, but it’s not starting after I switch on the internet, the game must check it.

When I first downloaded this, I had low expectations of it.. But I was amazed that the developer actually invested their time and effort in the program, even if it’s not perfect but is superior to the big developers. Keep up the great work! !

This game is so good. !!!! Similar to GTA. However, the controls for shooting can be a bit challenging and the game has been slow when it comes to collecting money from the person who was killed by me. I hope that you will be able to resolve this problem. Also, I hope that the police remove weapons after being killed.

So far, I’m really enjoying the game. However, is there a method to store vehicles at a garage? Perhaps I’m too still in the beginning of the game but the map reads “Coming soon” and could we get additional story missions that feature voice acting. I’m really enjoying the game however.

What's new

-Fixed mission balance
-New daily rewards



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