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Ready to master this dragon game and collect and breed tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons?
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Aug 12, 2022
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How to install Dragon City MOD APK v22.6.1 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dragon City MOD APK v22.6.1 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

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[Free Download] Dragon City MOD APK v22.6.1 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

It’s pretty entertaining, however there are a few things you might improve, such as removing the ads and fixing the loading bug where it sometimes gets stuck at 69%. I still advise against it. Collecting good dragons is possible, and getting gold is not at all difficult. All I want is that you update the loading screen and get rid of a few ads so we can enjoy the game more. I enjoy the concept of the game and the idea of hatching dragons, but you just need to make a small adjustment and I’ll modify this. That’s it.
I think it’s a really great game. There are numerous objectives to do as well as a variety of dragons to uncover. I would like the game to have or modify a few things, though. One of them is that I have to go back to the shop and scroll again in order to install the tiles, which is really annoying. Please include a duplicate option that enables us to immediately add another. Overall, the game is a lot of fun.
This game is great. It’s excellent, however I only had it till my Kindle broke after having it for around two or three years. So I acquired a new one and downloaded the game again yesterday. It was all nice because I have Facebook and was connected. My issue is that the loading screen is constantly frozen at position 69! It loads everything eventually if I wait a few minutes, but twice it got stuck on the number 69 and wouldn’t move no matter how long I waited. (Of all numbers, why that one? It wouldn’t work, so I had to restart.
This game is great. At initially, it moves slowly, but as I’ve gathered more dragons, I’ve discovered I can savor it for a little while longer. The fact that there are so many dragon designs is wonderful to me. It’s also fantastic to breed. If I could, I would give five stars. I’ve been willingly watching adverts, but now they’ve started to appear at random times while I’m playing games. This is annoying. I also wish there were more PvE activities because PvP can be rather uneven and impede development. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with it:)
Despite being a great game, there are times when idle play becomes monotonous. I awarded the game a 4 out of 5 stars since it shouldn’t constantly pop up with gems and event offers. The requirement to terminate all offers is quite aggravating. The fact that we can tap on the options in the selection bar on the right side is quite evident. It is ideal to remove the “in your face offer” upon logging in. The game is enjoyable except from that.
To acquire various dragons, you can join an alliance and trade orbs with other players. It would be convenient to be able to swap other items. like the upgradeable habitat tokens. Not always do you obtain the tokens you need or want. The league battles are also highly challenging. quite easy at first, then quickly gets more challenging. Nearly impossible to win in higher levels. Can’t win and can’t increase dragon strength because you constantly lose. defeats the goal Let up.
fantastic game Awesome graphics that are a lot of fun. The only two issues I have are these: First, the pop-up offers at the beginning, about which I’ve previously heard complaints from others, and second, the time. I can see why hatching times of many days could be excessive for legendary, heroic, and mythical dragons and large quantities of food. The pop-up offers, though, are a considerably bigger pain. Other than that, this is an amazing game! I’d suggest it to anyone who appreciates both animals and dragons.
I adore this game; it looks great, has fascinating dragon types, and never leaves you bored thanks to the weekly challenges, breeding, and other activities. Sincerily, I didn’t anticipate it to be this outstanding:) Although there are a few pop-up ads and in-game purchases, the game is still entertaining and I don’t have anything else to do.
Dragon City is a fantastic game with lots of exciting events, but you might improve it by removing some of the advertising. It also annoys me that everyone can utilize the rainbow island in their dragon city but I can’t, and it’s not level because I have a higher level than my cousin, though he can see it, so I’m not sure. But I usually triumph in the heroic races because it’s my favorite game. It is a fantastic game, thus in the end I rated it five stars.
I adore the game and find breeding and purchasing dragons to be really enjoyable, but I would adore it if cooldown times were shortened—perhaps by an hour or two? as opposed to making everyone wait for a dragon to hatch for a day. In any case, I had a great time playing it and would suggest downloading it because it is quite addictive.
There are numerous things to do in this enjoyable game, but they all take a long time. It could take up to 12 hours to only engage in a quest combat as you advance. Some of the needs for the dragons also push you to pay because you can’t always breed them successfully or you run out of food and the game forces you to buy more. Additionally, base players on their dragon levels rather than their league level.
adore it I’ve had this game for three to four years. The only game I’ve played for that long without becoming bored is this one. Fun is had. The mazes, races, and other event islands are fun to me. It enhances the attraction of the game. I adore it overall. I’ve also engaged several of my friends in it.
The game is quite addictive, and it’s always exciting to add a new dragon to your island. I absolutely love it and have been playing it since I was a young child. On the other hand, the method for growing dragons up to 70% stronger by playing with them a lot is my major gripe with it. I absolutely detest this method since it forces me to stick with one team and avoid trying different dragons. Sincerely, I would appreciate for this to be taken down.
The only issue I have with this game—which is not a drawback—is that it takes way too long to place the tiles. I also like it because, for the past two weeks that I’ve been playing, there haven’t been any ads for me, and it’s not frustrating like some other games. This is the best game I’ve ever played, in all honesty, and there are just so many enjoyable events and things to do.
I used to enjoy this game when it was solely available through Facebook, but I can no longer access that save game, so I had to start over. however despite being about 50 levels behind and having lost all of my legendary and limited edition dragons, I still adore the game.

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