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Ready to master this dragon game and collect and breed tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons?
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Aug 8, 2022
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How to install Dragon City MOD APK v22.6.0 (Unlimited Money) APK?

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[Free Download] Dragon City MOD APK v22.6.0 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

It is fascinating to see different types of dragons, and build your favorites. The only thing that would change is how much gold you need to upgrade buildings or such. Ex: The dragon nest thing is 800k from lvl 1 through 2. That’s a lot of money for the first level. While it’s understandable for future upgrades, the cost for the first time is prohibitive.

It’s pretty fun, but you have to fix it. For example, it will not load at 69% while loading. I find it annoying. It is still a great game. It’s easy to find gold and there are many good dragons to be collected. The loading screen needs to be fixed and some ads removed so that we have a better gaming experience. Although I love the idea of hatching dragons, I think it’s a great game. I just need to make some minor changes and I will change this. That’s all!

Although it’s a great game, it can be tedious at times because you have nothing to do other than idle it. It is not necessary to display tons of gems/ event offers each time you log in to the game. It is so irritating to have to close all of the offers. You can click on the offers in the right side selection bar. Logging in is easy enough without the “in your face” offer. It’s a great game.

The battles are great for those who get bored. However, there is one problem. The rewards for the divine pass have changed since I purchased it a few days back. However, I have to pay it again if I want it.

This game is amazing. The graphics are great, the dragon types are awesome, and there are so many things to do with the weekly challenges, breeding, etc. It was actually not what I expected.

It is, in my opinion, a great game. It’s easy to find many different dragons and many quests. There are some things I would like to see added or changed. I find it very frustrating to place the tiles. To do this, I have to go back into the shop and scroll once more. Please add a duplicate option that allows us to quickly add another one. It’s a great game.

This game is my favorite. Although it’s slow at first, I have found that I can enjoy the game more as I collect more dragons. I love the variety of dragon designs. It is great to breed. I wish I could rate 5 stars. Although I used to watch ads voluntarily, I find random ads pop up when I play normal games. This frustrates me. It would be nice to have more PvE items. PvP can cause unbalanced progress and can halt it. It’s all good overall.

This game is my favorite. It’s amazing, but it was only around 2 or 3 years before my Kindle died. So I bought a new Kindle and redownloaded it yesterday. It was fine because I use Facebook. The loading screen keeps getting stuck at 69. It will load everything if I wait for it to finish loading. But, twice it stuck at 69. It didn’t work until I restarted.

The new prizes for watching ads is great, but I miss the old game that was so much easier and more enjoyable. The game is now very slow, freezes or shuts down completely, you don’t see the ad, and so on. Before all the changes, I gave this five stars. I wish someone cared a little bit more about customer service. You used to be able tap on a dragon to see its name and information.

After many years, I just returned to this game. It is still amazing and has many new features and improvements. However, I have a problem. A level 6 flame habitat can hold 8 dragons. But, the dragon that I placed 8th will vanish. However, you can still click on the habitat to see the dragon but it won’t be roaming about. I hope this is fixed.

This game is great! I have loved it since childhood. The system that makes dragons stronger by playing with them more often is my biggest problem. This system is not something I like. It forces me to stay with one team and does not allow me to try out new dragons. This system would be a great thing if it was eliminated.

This is my favorite game and I love the variety of events and activities. The only problem is that it takes too long to place the tiles. I also enjoy the fact that there are no ads and it isn’t frustrating like other games.

It is a fun game, but there is one problem. There are tiles that can be used as paths in the game, so you can place many tiles at once. You must go to the shop for each deco object, including tiles. The first location for any deco object is always far from where your last one was. It is tedious and frustrating to place decorations.

Dragon city is an amazing game. It is great to have fun and spend time with. However, it takes forever to load every time I open the app to play. This is not my internet problem. We are grateful.

Although it’s a fun game, there are so many things you can do. It could take you up to 12 hours to complete a quest battle. You will also have to pay for some requirements. If you want to breed a dragon, it has a low chance of success. Or if you don’t have enough food, the game will make you purchase it. Instead of basing people on their league level, consider basing them on their dragons’ levels.

It’s so much fun. I have almost 300 dragons. There are many activities that you can get involved in. It takes a lot of time to wait for the game, so I don’t play as often as I would like. After 30-70 minutes, there is nothing to do. It’s frustrating because I wanted to play the game, but I feel like I’m watching more adds than I’m actually playing. Personally, I don’t mind adding a few extras. You have to make money somewhere. But with the optional ones it’s a lot.

Dragon city is my favorite game. It has many biomes and dragons, and it’s constantly updated. Dragon city received 4 stars out 5 because of a couple of reasons. It would be quicker to hatch dragons and play quests. Second, it would be great to have a way to get gems for free. Gems are required for many things in dragon city, such as freeing other dragons. These things can be fixed, and I’d give 5 stars.

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