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Enter the Arena! Build your Battle Deck and outsmart the enemy in fast real-time battles. From the creators of CLASH OF CLANS comes a real-time multiplayer battle game starring your favourite Clash characters and more. Start battling against players from around the world!
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Jun 21, 2022
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How to install Clash Royale MOD APK v3.2872.2 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Clash Royale MOD APK v3.2872.2 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Clash Royale MOD APK 3.2872.2 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

A great game to play once you’ve mastered how you can play. I played it on and off for two years but I never had any enjoyment. Recently, I began playing with a strategy instead of a random deck. It takes time to master the deck but once you’ve got it down you’ll have a blast. I personally use the splashyard, and really enjoy it. The biggest issue is the time required to upgrade games… reaching to level 14 could take an entire month even with pass royale. It’s a good and enjoyable game.

I wanted to provide them with feedback, but I’m not able to since it keeps crash so I’ll post it here. I’ve lost a lot of matches due to my opponents being level higher than mine, their decks were stronger in terms of their level than my. Each time I use the hog, it is stuck between fights and keeps moving in a circle instead of heading to tower. As far as I can tell, they care about the money, it doesn’t matter that some players are experiencing unfair rounds without cause. This is 2 points for this game.

I enjoy the game. I give it 3 stars since in the arenas it is possible to raise your trophies in order to get certain cards. But, if you lose repeatedly it’s unfair to lower level players since certain cards cannot be easily defeated which is what really frustrates me. Instead the game should look at the cards you’ve got and then match them with players you’re competing against. Apart from that interruption I love the design of the game as well as the unique and cool capabilities each card can offer. Thank you

Clash Royale is a great game. There’s never a dull thing to do. I am awed by how polished everything appears on the screen, even its art. The gameplay is easy and yet enjoyable. The one thing I do not like about it is losing in a fight. I’m angry however that’s not the fault of the game. However, please fix it so that you can cancel your game. Anyway, fantastic work from Supercell Keep the good work up.

It’s good. Supercell always has the latest game features, games, update, etc to keep the players entertained. However, I’m facing three issues. Cache. Because of the sheer amount of animations used in Cache, the game uses around 700 megabytes of storage when playing for about 40 minutes and sometimes it fails during an event, which causes me to lose my trophies. Clearing cache causes it to slow in the beginning of the game, therefore if they start to spam cards you will lose 100 percent. 3. Overlevelled opponents. No regardless of how.

That’s the long and short of it is that is very uneven. I enjoy playing 2v2 and lost an entire tower to one troop (elite barbarian) and it wasn’t two of them, but one. The game is played as one of two players: the steamroll driver, or road. It’s a pay-to-win game. And it’s just annoying. I was a fan of this game in the year 2018 but it’s now an endless stream of “line our pockets”. The Elite Barbarians and Electro Giant as well as mega knights are the three most imbalanced. Supercell, please. I’m missing this game.

It’s a great way to kill time Really. It’s among the top available. It’s worthy of a 5-star rating because it’s so enjoyable and unique. I’ve been playing it since 2017 and I’m really impressed with how it has evolved through the years. My personal favorite games are Touchdown, Heist, and the 7x Elixir. I would like to see these games were introduced to Party! Mode in order to have more enjoyment from the game. When the season first launched, I was awestruck but recently I’ve noticed it a little boring. I still enjoy playing it but. Try it! !

The initial 4 years were excellent. Now, the game is purely pay-to-win… The sheer number of cards available that are in the collection with King Level 14 and the champion cards, which are rarer than legendaries make it almost impossible to maximize cards without purchasing passes or gems. It’s a shame what this game has become when you consider what it began in… An unjust cash grab over the past two years. It’s a real shame.

I began playing in 2017, but have since been in and out of the game. I like the strategy of the game, but I have a hard time playing in the present, as it is easier for players who pay. I work hard and grind to increase my card levels however, I end up challenging players who, even though they are on the lower level of king or have higher card levels in comparison to my own. It’s very difficult to play. Could something be done to fix this in order to provide an even playing field?

Enjoy the game and the constant attention it’s given. Masteries are an awesome feature but after each game, it blocks player input to display the mastery you’ve earned. SCRAP THAT FEATURE NOW. It’s annoying. I would like to get my chests open and other stuff before I be concerned about masteries. Idc If it’s playing on screen, simply stop the inputs. This is the sole reason why it’s 4 stars.

It’s a great and entertaining game however, holy god is the matchmaking flawed. I usually play people one or two levels above my level in the clan wars and I’ve been on long lengthy ladder games where I’ve played Mega Knight decks TWELVE fights in one row. This needs to be addressed and sorted out. Additionally, there’s an problem with the fact that level 13 has become the purgatory level. It’s the only level you can play however you aren’t able to use champions until level 13, so it’s an attempt to reach 14 the fastest speed you can in all levels in between you want to play as slow as you can.

The latest update is not great. A great feature that gives the option to mastery, however it is a waste of time. It is impossible to use another button until that popup closes. There’s no need to display the progress update at the end of every battle. when you are leveling up, it should be perfect. Please improve your matchmaking the higher level opponents show up as champions, which is not even unlocked for me.

I’m quite skeptic regarding mobile games. I’m against monetization plans that target people they are able to hook. However, that being said…I’ve spent a lot of effort into this because it’s pure enjoyment! I’m not compelled to play and I don’t feel like I’ve reached a stumbling block. This does reduce rewards and incentives to play, however playing the game itself is a lot of enjoyable. Certain characters aren’t balanced however, it’s not the majority of the time. It has a clear user interface that is easy to read and fast matchmaking.

The game is enjoyable and it is all the way through the beginning, you can get to the level of arena 7 or 8. But after that, you keep losing and winning until you end up with the same trophy awards for the rest of your life. Once, I was in arena 12, and I had to win a game in order to advance to the arena number 13. However, I lost one game, and then was able to win a game, and it happened the same way time and time. You continue to win and lose and then you are in the same arena for a very long duration

What's new

• Introducing BATTLE BANNERS!
• Show off your custom Battle Banner in each battle!
• Unlock epic new Decorations, Frames, and Badges for your profile!
• New Achievement Badges and Mastery Tasks to complete!
• Quality of Life changes, bug fixes & more!



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