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Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.
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Jul 4, 2022
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[Free Download] Brawl Stars MOD APK v44.242 (Unlimited Money/Crystals) Game for Android

Great game but I believe the updates are making it less and less interesting. Too many characters (brawlers) are being added because of the in-game seasonal pass (brawl pass) and they are just an ineffective attempt to create new unique material. The reality is they are boring and they sorta repeat the distinctive talents of the previous brawlers. Except for that, I adore the game: it’s fun, you can play with others, the game styles are intriguing and fascinating.

I love Brawl Stars. It is my fave game. It contains so many adventures, updates, fun brawlers, skins and so many more. The special events are so much fun to play with friends! It contains shooting while competing. I adore shooting games! The most intriguing part is when you get brawlers. That way the game will become more exciting and you will love it more. But there is a drawback, and that is that you cannot earn gems for a bonus from boxes like before. We all truly miss that portion!

The game is fun, has good graphics, and they attempt to repair issues as much as possible, which I like not because bugs are irritating, but they truly care about the game. However there is one thing I do hate: you can’t check replays unless your brawler has above 400 trophies. Why? What if you did a very significant game winning clutch but can not replay it due of the trophies? Overall, yeah. You should play this game. It is incredibly enjoyable, super addicting, and I strongly recommend this if you like fighting games.

Brawl Stars is probably one of the best mobile games of all time. The graphics are great, there are many various game types and brawlers to select from each with its own unique playstyle, it’s easy to progress without ever having to buy anything, and the gameplay itself is incredibly enjoyable. Would suggest everyone to give it a try, you wouldn’t regret it!

I. love. this. game. Easy to get new stuff every time you play, interesting graphics, a map maker, numerous gamemodes, buddies, a variety of battle types and brawlers that range from charming to ‘what on earth did I just fight?’ it’s awesome! Only thing I have to say is the absence of chance in boxes. I opened 12 the other day, got 2 gadgets and a terribly thought out epic. But overall, fantastic game

Brawl Stars is a top-down shooter game that looks like titles like League of Legends or Bomberman. Before starting a match, the player must choose any character that you own (in this game called Brawler) (in this game called Brawler). Each Brawler has distinct weapons and special skills, so you need to make sure you match your comrades to create the greatest squad. Cooperate with your pals and win the hard conflict.
Not to stop there, Brawl Stars is a real-time game that allows you to shoot guns with anyone around the world. Good players make the game more exciting when they create a lot of innovative techniques. MOBA is a relatively hard-to-play PC game that originates from a PC because it has a lot of complexity that takes players to train and understand thoroughly, but this game has reduced many features to make a comical MOBA game for mobile, easy to play and help you do not take much time to get familiar.

Unlike other MOBA games, which are limited to three major lanes, Brawl Stars’ maps offer a huge arena that allows players to fight continually throughout the duration of the game. However, do not be too passionate to fight and forget the major aims of the team, destroy the towers and steal the loot, don’t allow opponents a chance to win.
I truly adore this game. It doesn’t get repetitive to me because of the large collection of brawlers that you may collect. I also like the fight modes. Some can be highly interesting while others could not be, but it depends on your viewpoint. There’s bound to be one you enjoy anyways. I genuinely do suggest the game and rate it 5/5.
It has good visuals and they try to fix all the flaws. They also add new items a lot. They add new brawlers with every season and add more for the season also. The game modes are incredibly fun and they feature fun restricted game modes. They sometimes have this challenge where if you finish all the rounds you receive a prize and you can earn gems to acquire things in the shop like skins.
Look, Brawl stars is a really good game. Imo the programmers need to focus more on the important additions that are gonna have a significant influence on the rather than a tiny stuff that we (at least I) appreciate but don’t really care about. Don’t get me wrong, the new brawlers, skins, etc are fantastic, however, we need a “genuine” update to want to play (again) (again). Overall, a good game.
I love this game. There are various problems though. There are a lot of people who exploit, team, and the game is overall kind of rigged. For instance, people will never run out of gadgets. I realize that teaming is something that can’t be easily rectified without some very huge modifications but in higher trophy servers the teaming is insane. As for the part about being rigged, all I have to say is adversaries always will almost always have the upper hand. I adore this game, just wish things could be addressed.
The range of game modes is also a highlight that immerses players in any activity or amusement with other players in real-time. In the future, the developer’s inexhaustible ideas and ingenuity will provide the most thrilling and original game modes or events for every brawler. The content of the game modes will also change frequently based on the popular rules of the game and consistently open up new options in the reward system and more.
The Brawler system and its qualities make Brawl Stars distinctive and attractive as players will have various opportunities to battle in many styles. Each Brawler’s talents, range, and fighting tempo are varied, yet everything is balanced and requires the precise cooperation of teammates for maximum performance. Not only that, but the extra game types will affect all the aspects of Brawlers dramatically.
Ranking mode provides extra content if players want to be serious and obtain more awards or experience. That place is full with serious Brawlers but still enables team combat, although the difficulty is more complicated, and there are more tight laws. The player’s ranking progress is also divided into many distinct levels, and they will obtain additional rewards as they rise higher in their profession.

Besides the wonderful material and features in the gameplay, Brawl Stars also boasts lovely 3D graphics, bringing fun to the overall game. The visual effects and talents are likewise unique, and they alter dependent on each player’s costume or skill implementation. Also, because of its excellent graphic element, the player’s experience is absolute and refreshing whether they go through endless intense battles or fantastic material.
great game overall, quick updates, lots of fun characters, game modes, and challenges, the only problem I really have is the unfair match making system, sometimes you get matched against a team with all 50+ trophies while you’re trying to level up a new brawler and it just makes it difficult to get trophies on a newer brawler, also characters & In game item that you can buy with USD/AUD/Ect. tends to be more expensive than it should be.
If you are considering about downloading this game,I completely recommend it! It includes fast paced combat and dozens of characters to pick from. They are consistently resolving bugs and new mechanics are constantly being added to the game, all at the same time as being easy to use! If an intense battle royals is your thing,this game is excellent! It also has a friend system where you can add individuals you know,even join them and invite them or maybe even have your own secret game with them! Great game, play it!
This is a pretty good game, everything in it is extremely simple however when it comes to brawlers, it depends on device because on one device even if you have only 4 thousand trophies or so you may have 30 brawlers and on other device it may be 20 for the same number of trophies. If the difference was 5 or 6 brawlers it would have been considerable but the difference is quite greater than that. But generally this game is hell good.
Level design will give up new opportunities for players to develop and deliver more fun to everyone in the community. Fortunately, the map design system is quick and uncomplicated to understand. The game features a separate category for everyone to refer to or download new levels to play with others. However, modified maps can only be legitimate in practice matches, whereas official matches are altogether different.

Brawl Stars is one of the most engaging and exciting MOBA games since its content is friendly and straightforward. It also focuses on cooperative play, therefore practically every game mode or its content allows players to explore with friends and more.
Best game on mobile, definitely… was what I used to say till they effectively quadrupled the required time to max out characters. What was the point of adding 2 more levels to every character which costs double the resources needed for the previous max. So now the expectation is that if a bunch of us ever get near to account completion you will merely extend the goalpost again. And quit with the filler, nobody cares about SPRAYS and EMOJIs. All you had to do is give us the extra passives at lower levels.
I really like this game, because it is quite hard to find such a fantastic and competitive game on mobile. The only negative is, that the screen resolution during a battle is always 16:9 so there is some space left and right, which is black, and that is really unpleasant.
This game is extremely good overall. HOWEVER, the slowness is always an issue since the 3D graphic update. The game become highly delayed when a match had a specific brawler such as amber. This gets me very frustrated. The game should have an option so we can lower the graphics in game. UPDATE: It is considerably worse now. Everytime I cast my super my game froze for 1 second. It is unplayable

What's new

June/July 2022

∙ New Chromatic Brawler: Otis (Damage Dealer) creepin' in the deep!
∙ New Seasonal Game Mode: Hunters (FFA)
∙ Introducing Club Games: Club League plus new Club Quests!
∙ Suggest Brawler picks to your teammates in Power Matches!
∙ Map refresher, Balance Changes and Quality of Life Improvements



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