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Pioneer of war strategy games "Clash of Kings",, Annual offering - 7th Anniversary Celebration begins today!
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Jun 22, 2022
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How to install Clash of Kings MOD APK v7.44.0 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Clash of Kings MOD APK v7.44.0 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Clash of Kings MOD APK v7.44.0 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

It’s my favorite game. It’s an entirely distinct experience from other games. You truly feel like royalty and everything you see feels real. The game is enjoyable and easy. Congratulations on the game. ** Edit: Hello. I’ve had a problem recently with the game. When I begin the game, it shows the game’s name and after that it shows a black screen. After a few minutes, it starts playing the loading-screen but the loading screen does not appear. The game does not start and it continues to be the same. Fix this issue quickly as fast as you can.

I am in love with the game. The graphics are stunning. The game’s music is amazing. It’s not long before you get better. The game is great all-around. It’s a game that will keep players hooked for hours

I’ve played this game since its beginnings, it has become too demanding to be a game for me. It it takes me a long time every day that I am unable to afford to. It used to be easy to play, however I’ve realized I’ll never be able to max the game without spending hundreds of dollars each time I’ve come close, they have added additional items that people do not buy and I’m the size of a fish and the frustration of that alone has forced me to stop playing.

It’s still an enjoyable game to play, and you meet new people from all over the world while playing. Every update signifies making the game more expensive and not fair for little players like me. yet, they still favor Chinese players to buy products at a lower cost…

Dashing game I am playing since the year 2015 and enjoying much, however from a few months, I have been experiencing some issues when the game pops up warning that your connection isn’t stable. I looked up my internet and it’s running flawlessly, however the game has issues, each week I uninstall and then install it again, and it works fine and then the problem appears repeatedly. Fix it

It’s only 3 stars since I’ve played for six years and it was an enjoyable game at the beginning. It is now imperative to invest money to keep up with the rest of the players. If you don’t, the major spenders will always be complaining about those who don’t and why they don’t play regularly and that’s why it’s not as much enjoyable for them anymore. Try to make this an even playing field rather than giving the high-spenders the advantage.

It’s a great game however, it has the potential to be amazing, IIIIFFFFFF the gaming experience was designed to be more equal. Also , I would like to see more rewards for daily games, like speedups, for instance. It’s a great game however.

I love the game, but the installing is difficult. The game requires players to play until level 6 or else it becomes stuck when trying to click anything other than the tutorial. Sickening.

It’s a fantastic game but the creators need to include more events for those who don’t want to spend money. It will make the game more enjoyable if they could offer the people who do not spend money decent activities.

The game is great however my issue is that whenever I earn 100 gold in certain quests such as most powerful kingdom or alliance salary. The system states that I’ve collected them, however when I go to check my inventory, it’s not there. I’d love to have it resolved .

Hello, can you alter the form of the castles from every civilization. I’ve played this game for 5 years and the shape of the castles hasn’t changed.

Please fix my issue … The latest update contains a mistake in play. …. While playing the game, my three control buttons (back minimize, back, and pager) are appers and do not disappear the buttons on my bag, map or mail, and bag. …. It’s happening right in the present … Prior to that, it used to be awesome. …..

Fantastic game but my game isn’t working any more. The events to kill monsters to earn gold no longer work. They do not appear and I can’t contact us , it doesn’t do anything . The game is glitching, chat doesn’t always refresh.

I began playing the game the moment it was released, and I have seen a variety of changes, the most recent is (no one is talking!) and the recruitment process (real challenging!) As I mentioned, a lot is changing, good and not so great in general, it’s a great game to pass the time when bored. However, it’s now dull and obnoxious. Of course, I’m not willing to invest money for this game.

This game is a excellent battle strategy video game. It requires at minimum one year in real time . To get your castle up to the level of combat readiness. I’ve played the castle I own for seven months, and it’s currently at 1400 % cavalry attacks along with 500 heath . It doesn’t require money to build. Simply take part in activities. Do it every day. Every single thing can be clicked . There is a reason in the midst of every single thing.

Challenging game. There are bugs that aren’t being resolved by the players with the authority to take action on the problem. It’s just other players trying to calm the upset, disgruntled player. …..

I enjoy this game since there is no need to spend money for this game It’s free! If you want to become fast and strong, you have to invest money! Personally, I’m not able to spend money on playtime for a while! You will be strong in the near future.

I love the speed at the way that the avatar develops as well as the graphics that are used to play the game. However, I give the game a 3 star because of the faulty parts of the game(though it could be due to the limitations of my phone and I wouldn’t be too surprised) There’s tasks I’ve completed however the system will refuse to acknowledge my accomplishment(this is an overall statement which covers the various issues that I’ve faced).

It’s not bad, but you’ll require some money to be in any chance of competing. Also, if I’m assaulted and I’m given only ten seconds to load my game and put the shield up no, I do not wish to purchase anything. I WANT TO SHIELD! In the past, I’ve suffered through months of loss because I didn’t get a shield in time because of the game’s requirement to buy things while I’m targeted. It’s a matter of minutes that make the difference.

It’s an excellent game to play, and there is a lot of money involved but there are plenty of affordable options that will make you competitive as long as you are able to play. HOWEVER! Certain nations (china) are unfairly advantaged by offering package purchases with higher rewards for lower costs and cheater bots which help them increase their growth at a rapid rate. Make these inequalities disappear ELEX (instead from adding heroes or other items that trigger more glitches) and you’ll get more satisfied players.

I love this game. It’s definitely fun and addictive, but the best! The only issue I’ve had for the past few days is that whenever there’s an unresponsive or dead dragon, it doesn’t show that to me. I’ve deleted the game, and reinstalled it, but the issue persists. I’m hoping it gets fixed. I’m willing to pay for this game due to the fact that I love the game, but it’s a bit isn’t quite right that it’s glitching at the moment. Apart from that, it’s great! Thank you COK for an amazing game!

What's new

7.44 Update
1. Song of Legends Card Pool Optimization
2. Proof of Anniversary Recruitment Carnival
3. Hero official position adjustment
4. Dawn Tavern Optimization
5. Equipment Reforging Optimization
Event Preview
Eod Arrives



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