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Pioneer of war strategy games Clash of Kings,, Annual offering - 7th Anniversary Celebration begins today!
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Aug 23, 2022
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How to install Clash of Kings MOD APK v8.07.0 (Unlimited Gold) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Clash of Kings MOD APK v8.07.0 (Unlimited Gold) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Clash of Kings MOD APK v8.07.0 (Unlimited Gold) Game for Android

It is my favorite game. It offers a completely different experience than other games. It makes you feel like a king and everything around you feels real. It’s fun and easy to play. Bravo! ** Edit: Hello. Recently, I couldn’t play this game. It displays the game name and then a black screen when I launch the game. It plays the loading screen music for a few minutes, but it doesn’t display the loading screen. It doesn’t launch and it stays that way. This error must be fixed as soon as possible.

It’s a great game, but every time I log in it freezes. It’s now working, thank you tech support! You can rate it from 1 to 4.

If you are comfortable shielding 24 hours a day, the game is fun and enjoyable. One second of shield drops can negate months of hard work. When the game first came out, I enjoyed it immensely. By playing longer hours, players could challenge money players. It is now about who has the most money to spend. This game is intended for spenders, but it was much more enjoyable if you balanced out the game play with spenders. They will hopefully return to balance someday. These days, I play only for my friends.


Clash of Kings offers a vast world for players to explore and battle for treasures and resources. They will also find many kingdoms on every place they travel, which provide the perfect conditions for players to be more inventive in their attack strategies. To diversify their journey, they will also encounter special forces and monsters.


The content and development of the content will vary depending on which trip the player chooses. However, they will all be connected to the kingdom-building element. Each option gives them the ability to approach different fighting styles or tribes and allows players to build or choose a battle squad. New possibilities and potentials open up as they excel in the areas that they are most proud.


Clash of Kings’ kingdom building mechanics are meticulous and detailed. The player must build many structures to provide the foundation for all other structures. They must produce lots of food and resources over time. This is what they use to build all the facilities and prepare for wars. To make the kingdom prosper and fully developed, players can also explore new technologies and content.


No matter if the player has built an empire or a horde mercenaries, they are able to wage war against neighboring kingdoms. Large monsters and dragons are great targets that can be a threat to your kingdom. When the player is trying to increase the effectiveness of a battle by controlling multiple troops simultaneously, the attack process can be complex, exciting, and dynamic.

Multiple items and boosters available to help you

You can also use boosters and items to help you build your kingdom and fight the enemies. They can have a variety of effects. They can be used to increase your building speed, improve your building efficiency, strengthen your defenses and power up your defenses.

The offensive side is where the boosters and items allow armies to gain increased strength and capabilities, which makes them more capable of taking on the enemy in epic raids.

Check out the detailed strategy gameplay

Clash of Kings gamers will have access to addictive strategy gameplay that allows them to battle kingdoms, create armies with a variety different units, build cities, collect resources, and have their dragons help you in epic battles. Let’s be proud of our ancestors by building the ultimate Empire from their foundations.

You can manage your entire kingdom. There are many aspects you can control, including where to build your defenses and how to organize your armies. This game allows you to even interfere with diplomacy, which can be quite impressive.

Even with all the in-depth features, there’s no need to be overwhelmed. You can rely on the intuitive tutorials and instructions that you are provided with whenever you need them.

It’s usually generous with rewards for f2p or minimal players. They also offer a lot more to please the big spenders. This gap is too large and the game needs to be updated frequently.

Although it is a great game, it can be expensive to make your castle strong. You will need to pay if you want your castle’s strength to continue to grow. Although most items are available for free, it can take a while to obtain them, sometimes even years.

It’s still a great game. You make new friends and have fun while playing. Every update makes the game more expensive, which is not fair for people like me who aren’t able to spend a lot of time. They still favor Chinese players to purchase items at a lower price.

It’s addictive and very fun.

The graphics are amazing. It sounds great! You can easily level up. It’s a great game all around. This game is addictive and will keep you playing for hours.

Explore the addictive gameplay of Alliance

Online gamers can also explore the Alliance mode to make Clash of Kings more fun. You can create Clans and join existing ones. You’ll be able to access many exciting Alliance missions and challenges that only this mode allows you to do once you have done so. It’s also a place where allies can discuss and communicate their strategies.

Play for free

Clash of Kings MOD APK gamers can still get the game on their phones for free, despite all its amazing features. To get the game, you just need to download it from Google Play Store.

Our mod allows you to make unlimited money

You will be annoyed by ads and in-app purchase since this is still a freemium game. You might consider our modified version, which allows unlimited money and is ad-free.

The game is great, but developers should add more events for those who don’t have the money. If they offered decent events for non-spenders, it would be a huge improvement to the game.

This game is a good one, I have been playing it for over 5 years. But, paying too much attention to the spenders is too much! While we all know that elex wireless does not operate as a charity, it is unfair to spend everything on this game.

It’s a wonderful game with lots of daily activities. Once you have built your Castle, it becomes addictive. This game has been evolving year after year.

This game only has 3 stars, even though it was a great game at the beginning. If you want to keep up with everyone and grow, you must spend money. Otherwise the big spenders will complain about non-spenders complaining that they don’t spend enough and it becomes boring. Instead of giving the big spenders an advantage, you should make it more equal.


Clash of Kings will continue to add new battle parts to players based on the development of the kingdom. Some combat units are only available during special operations. Collecting them is hard but rewarding. They are expensive, but the great performance they provide on the battlefield is impressive and opens up new possibilities for players.


When players have sophisticated defense systems, it is always thrilling to fight other players. Players can also steal large amounts and other items as spoils in dangerous and complex battles. To steal resources from their kingdoms, players can rematch or raid other players. This creates a vicious cycle of looting.

Clash of Kings is a great strategy game because it incorporates many elements and concepts that players can enjoy. Their mercenaries or kingdoms can be rich or poor depending on their ability to lead and guide them in a thrilling but bloody journey.

Although the game itself is great, there are a lot of bugs and issues now. Today alone, the chat server has stopped working. Friends can’t talk to one another anymore, or even help each other.

Please increase the rewards for non-spending players and decrease the time it takes to build, research,ocult, and also reduce the number of dragon stones available for upgrade.

The game’s speed and graphics are great. It is not perfect and I give it three stars. This could be because of some parts that aren’t working properly on my phone. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were tasks I haven’t completed yet the system would deny that.

What's new

8.07 Update
1. Unstable Store online.
You can enter through the Sky Land - Unstable Store and consume Unstable Intelligent Atoms to redeem the items you need.
2. Added "Prosperity Set" reward to the Lord Trial event.
3. Client Stability Optimization
-Improved the entry speed when re-logging into the game.
-Optimized incorrect icon loading problem after clearing cache or reinstalling client.


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