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Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars!
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Jul 27, 2022
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[Free Download] Clash of Clans MOD APK v14.635.7 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

Fantastic game! I’ve played it for the last five years! One thing I’d like to suggest, include a button that clears any obstacles, trees and such and if I had one builder, I’d be able to assign it the task of clearing all obstacles and then add all the 10s-30s to provide an estimation of time and the amount required for the elixir. I think this will make it much easier to get rid of the ground. It’s very frustrating waiting for the builder’s builder to finish one, then the next and repeating the process with clicking every time to complete it. It’s time to think about this!

I absolutely love this game. Even after the last time I played I was able quickly re-learn the game. One thing I do not like is how difficult it is to maintain your collection because there are only two builders, and you have to grind your way through 500 gems to earn one more. Additionally, upgrades can be lengthy after the first couple of levels, so coupled with the challenge to obtain more builders without spending money It can get annoying sometimes. Apart from that I am a huge fan of the game.

I’ve just started playing the game, and I’m enjoying it. However, the issue isn’t the time required to construct and improve buildings, it’s the challenge feature. why is it taking so many hours just because I changed my base? I believe that the challenge mode is a great way to learn and improve your base’s defenses and to know how to defend, or simply enjoy playing with your buddies. I believe that removing the time duration or reducing the time duration is a great idea.

Clash of Clans has become an essential mobile game. I’ve played it infrequently for the past 8 seasons (since 2014) I still thoroughly enjoy playing it. The game’s progress slows over time however the battle passes made up for this with their final season rewards (which are totally free). The game is about strategically planning your base to secure your resources and build army units to destroy the enemy’s villages. You can also join an Supercell ID to save your progress across multiple devices.

It’s wonderful that you continue to improve this game, as it’s an excellent game. But I’m afraid you ignore the base game of the builder. It’s not much changed in the builder since it was released. I would like to see something like daily challenges or something similar to that. You could even incorporate weekly challenges that are more difficult as well as monthly challenges that aren’t easy to accomplish.

An excellent idle application to monitor your day-to-day activities. I’ve played for around an entire year now and it’s not a problem. bugs or issues that could hinder the game. For my particular device (Android, Cloud Mobile) the game would restart and force me to wait for the loading process again every time I stop the game and then switch to another screen. It doesn’t happen on other devices. If you’re having a slow internet connection, this game will be difficult to enjoy.

Reloaded it, and was captivated to it. I absolutely enjoy the game to this day! The only thing I dislike is the look of the characters. I’d like to see that the appearance of the heroes alters as levels progress as they did in the past. I’m also experiencing this issue with clan war. I lost my connection after I attacked in war, and when I lost connection, I was unable to launch an attack. I did not deploy troops but I haven’t deployed any troops. Pls include a feature that you don’t lose an attack if this occurs

Relatively fun game. It’s easy to play. It is also easy to sink in when you’re not careful. Absolutely capable of spending a minimal amount of time on. Overall, very adaptable. Building base is definitely my favourite part. It gives an almost tower defense-like feel in the game. It’s also good when you want to flip the rules a bit. I’ve played this game for several years currently and updates haven’t slowed down yet. The game seems to release frequent updates to their content. It’s always fresh.

Have been playing for almost 8 years and, throughout that time, it’s been an ongoing game and is a constant element of my everyday routine. It’s definitely my favorite game to chill out in. I’ve been forced have to redo my progression several times due to issues with Google Play (nothing to have to do with CoC in any way) however I’ve not lost enthusiasm for the game. It was also refreshing and restarting. I believe it’s among SuperCell’s greatest games, and certainly a favorite of my. We’re looking forward to the next eight years!

Have been playing on and off over the past few years. Nothing has changed. The same characters, the same things to do, but a nice game to burn off time. One downside could be that it’d be awesome to have templates you can make a base design from instead of making your own. It becomes difficult once you reach the level 8.

It’s a blast to play and the activities are infinite! It is possible to upgrade your base and take on an opponent, speak to clan members, etc. It’s easy to progress as other building games. There are enough resources to allow you to upgrade very quickly, but at times, you’ll have wait until you can get them and you’re constantly moving but not quite speeding across the board. It’s perfect!

I am a huge fan of the game. It’s only a problem with the amount of time required to upgrade certain items. Also, I’m not sure why they keep the builder base dry. I would suggest they create some challenges. In addition, I enjoy the game and have been a fan for quite several years. However, I would suggest reducing the time to upgrade and also add more town halls and troops.

It’s a fantastic game. Addictive. Then I decided to to stop the game for a few minutes and then remove it from my computer because it was constantly crashing, and it was impossible to play the game or even play the game. The game kept crash-crashing, and there were a couple of occasions it crashed in between my war battles. I would like to see this fixed. I truly enjoy this game , and I’m making progress through the game.

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