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Dec 8, 2022
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How to install CapCut Video Editor MOD APK v7.3.0-73016 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded CapCut Video Editor MOD APK v7.3.0-73016 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] CapCut Video Editor MOD APK v7.3.0-73016 (Premium) App for Android


It’s fantastic, I’ve developed as an editor during the past year that I’ve used this. However, I’ve noticed that, since I’ve bought a new smartphone and I’m unable to adjust the effects I was able to adjust on my old device (black lighting, the chromatic etc.). Fantastic app, however, one suggestion that I’d like to make to you is would you consider introducing an online search tool for effects that would help you find particular effects?

This app is fantastic! I am awestruck by the effects and how many modifications you can do to it. But, I’m using Chromebook, which can affect certain things. Sometimes, it doesn’t allow me to modify or delete a project. It’s very slow (although I’ve become accustomed to this) as well, when I access the templates section, the screen is blank- probably because it’s designed to be used with an iPad or phone. Apart from that, it’s fantastic.

Absolutely love this application It’s awesome! While it’s not the most sophisticated editor, it’s still a excellent application. There are numerous free effects that I was overwhelmed by initially and also auto velocity as well as audio effects, animated text as well as a host of other effects. There are numerous templates for free that you can use, or create your own template that you can share. There is an image watermark, however you can erase it at no cost. The only issue is that it’s not easy to place items in the center, and then and place them where you’d like. In other words I highly recommend! !

Excellent application! But, I have a problem. So, when you insert text, there are three options on the text: delete the text, edit it, copy it or increase the size. This can be very irritating if you wish to keep the text to be smaller, as you cannot move it without having to select one of the choices. There are buttons for every option which is why I’m not sure why this is there. Apart from that, an excellent application for editing videos and edits. But maybe not videos longer than seven minutes. It lags for me.

Excellent app, nothing more to say. Easy to use with lots of options (I still suggest KineMaster for those who are new, or light motion for more advanced functions). However, I would like to be able to use effects for text. For instance the effect of edginess on text would be stunning to look at, particularly for ideas I’ve got. Apart from that, excellent application. Additionally, it should be possible that you can adjust how fast stickers move there are some stickers which I’d love to have are too slow.

I love this application because you can edit all your content. One thing that can be fixed , which has happened to me is that you’re watching your editing before exporting it, which is why I am watching it but then it stops. the video stops. Then I hit the play button once more, so it starts playing and it brings my back to the beginning and the beginning of the movie. I’ve never had any further “bad things” that has occurred to me through this application, and I highly recommend it.

The GREAT editing application I’ve been using it for about an entire year, however I’ll give you my opinion This app comes with everything you need to edit and I mean EVERYTHING! However, I’m facing an issue. Every time I edit video or an image, especially if I have lots of overlays, images, and other text. It can be extremely slow. Laggy until the point that I don’t even know whether my editing is satisfactory. I must export it first. should there be a problem I’ll have to return to where I was to fix the issue. Fix this issue to ensure that the editing is correct. Thanks!

The app is a excellent and efficient application to edit. However, the latest update totally ruined the app and made it hard to edit text. I recommend you alter this to be capable of seeing the text we wrote and the words we have written. Another issue that is annoying is that the application limits the distance I can move text. Text must be arranged according to the length of the text. It would be a better application to be able to move the text around without having to stop the text.

I love this application to death, but when I’m editing which has more than one effect or lots of transitions, it causes the video to lag quite a bit. If I save it to my computer, I notice that the video isn’t the way it appeared. The beat may be off or the effects will not be visible in certain areas. In any case I’d highly recommend.

This app is awesome and I use it to make simple edits and videos. However when I returned to watch a video that I was made the previous day, it said that it could not find the video because it had been deleted or moved. I went to my gallery and the videos were there. I’m not sure the issue, but perhaps I’ll start from scratch. In the end, once you’re used to glitches and bugs, it’s a decent application. 7/10

4 is my number I like the most in general. I’ve been using this application for a while, and I didn’t really care about the delay if I choose to use the text option. However, there is a glitch that needs to be fixed. When I Export the text/overlay, it becomes too small and therefore, please fix this problem however, I still believe it’s an excellent app! Thank you! Please solve that bug I was discussing. It’s also not what you expected.

I absolutely love this app however, I encountered something I’ve never had before. Last week I was editing and the app seemed a little unresponsive. I was thinking it was going to remain that way for some time. However, when I created an entirely new project and it was still lagging while watching the video. It eventually threw me out of the application and says “Exits expectedly”. I filed a complaint, however, I’m also unable to export it. as it exports extremely slowly per number “1, 2 , 3, and on and on.” I deleted cache, cleared projects, deleted storage and upgraded the application. Help

It’s a great editing application! Although it will be a bit heavy when you don’t clean the catched files as well as background work if you do not regularly. If you use the website instead of the app , it could become very, and I’m not talking about extremely unstable, similar to the music. The app itself is fantastic and I would definitely recommend others to download it! It works on laptops, computers or phones! 🙂


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