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With updated graphics, fun game modes and a host of friends to help you blast through hundreds of levels!
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Jun 17, 2022
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How to install Candy Crush Friends Saga v1.83.1 Apk + Mod (Live/Moves) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Candy Crush Friends Saga v1.83.1 Apk + Mod (Live/Moves) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Candy Crush Friends Saga v1.83.1 Apk + Mod (Live/Moves) Game for Android

Very good game with some interesting mechanics and other features that make it more interesting than this “match three” formula. The characters who accompany you are distinctive in their own way. But, the life system isn’t ideal. If you encounter an “hard” level then you could go through all five of your life in just 10 minutes, and then wait for 2.5 hours to replenish your life (or pay to play). There’s also an MAJOR problem if you’re playing with sound effects on that cause huge frame drops during times when lots of things are happening on the screen.

Tips: If you run out of battery, you can re-set the date on your phone to the next day. It keeps requesting review. Pls end this and increase the speed. There’s a lot of slow animation in the beginning of the game. Also, when the player adds the special item, it is extremely frustrating and can disrupt the game in a way that isn’t needed. Additionally, if the things were priced reasonably I’d be willing to purchase something, but the cost you are charging for what’s basically nothing is absurd and will definitely put me off purchasing anything.

It’s so much enjoyable! A great opportunity to unwind! Now I’m playing all day and trying to not run out of cash! But there are no advertisements !!!! Too expensive to keep playing. Certain levels are unattainable unless you have unlimited money. You must uninstall the game and then find another one that is easier! I love the game, but cannot afford it. Now I’m back and hoping to be better at playing. I need more rewards! I tried again, but it’s too glitchy that I’ve given up. The animation is slow and jerky.

I am enjoying the little dances that occur when the characters win their games. Love King games, great game, but slow to start from the from the beginning. Still love it! I only wish it wouldn’t take that long to load. I think one shouldn’t be able to lose all the rewards gained through levels simply because they’ve lost one level. The game is getting better by the day! Great!

A decent game that can help you get some entertainment. There has to be some sort of algorithm that stops streaks of winning from continuing. It would be great when prize boxes sometimes offer additional lives.

Okay, I stopped playing for about one week, and then when I went back to play, I could not log in, the only message I’m seeing is a some network issue, try again later. However, the network I’m using is steady, and regardless of the number of times I attempt to login , the same problem occurs, and I’m so annoyed that I’m trying to uninstall it.please developer, please solve this issue

There are too many 30 second commercials which repeat repeatedly in an unbroken sequence prior to that you’d get four lives with no the need to sit through a commercial right now all you have to do is watch commercials and the bonus don’t appear as often.

I am a huge fan of the game. The only problem is that when something is wrong in a game, it’s difficult to reach someone who can help with all the jelly juice. Candy Crush friends. Candy Crush sage . The issue is that you cannot give or receive lives, and you’ll miss out on the additional game pieces. It’s also impossible to find a person to assist. I tried to follow the steps they suggested but it’s not working.

This is by far the most enjoyable King Game yet! I enjoy the helpful assistance throughout the game as well as the awesome rewards at the end. It’s difficult to quit playing. A new and improved version of the game is fantastic. The graphics are more appealing and the cute creatures are more enjoyable than ever! Great job! I’m able to pass one time every once in awhile. Thank you!

Of all the Candy Crush games, this one has been my personal favorite, however over the past month or so, it has been freezing on me…I go to the another level and it freezes, or I watch an ad and instead of granting me my prize, it is back to the start…This occurs every day and is makes it I only give it 3 stars…Please make it right.

It’s fun and challenging! There are some amazing special offers that will help you progress in the tougher levels. Fun and enjoyable. This game recently saw some amazing changes that make it more enjoyable to play. It is extremely addicting

It started off fairly easy. Beginning to become a little more difficult now and will get more difficult “2022” and I’m playing Friends every day and enjoying myself. I am in love with all the costumes I’ve acquired and unlocking my characters. The graphics and colors are fantastic!

After more than a year of taking part in this sport, I’m still completely enjoying it the same way as when I first began. However, it’s frozen up when you decide to spend too much time on it, it’s still fun to play for only a few minutes. However, I’m able to see how they’ve worked on the issue as slowly, it’s getting better. Thank you for the improvement!

This was one of my all-time most loved Candy Crush game. Many issues have arisen in the past update. It is now not connecting to Facebook and is unable to connect. Reinstalled and uninstalled. It’s still not connecting to Facebook and I am now unable to make all in progress. I am very disappointed.

What's new

Crunchy crunch! The delicious Hazelnut Crunch map is full of chocolate-dipped dreams. Play your way through 10 Hazelnut blocker levels to earn tasty boosters!

A STICKY FRIEND... (20 June - 4 July)
A mischievous friend is coming back to Candy Town... Stay tuned!

(To balance the game we may test events. This could mean that you see a different version of the event, or that you don't see it in your game.)



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