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Farm Heroes Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga & Bubble Witch 3 Saga!
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Sep 6, 2022
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How to install Farm Heroes Saga MOD APK v5.87.3 (Unlimited Lives) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Farm Heroes Saga MOD APK v5.87.3 (Unlimited Lives) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Farm Heroes Saga MOD APK v5.87.3 (Unlimited Lives) Game for Android


It’s addictive, but challenging , I enjoy this game. I have to go through various stages, and I play for hours, particularly when there are difficulties. It’s getting harder. As you progress through the levels, it becomes much more difficult, and some levels are impossible if you didn’t have spades, tractors, etc. Game getting better. Game getting more difficult?

I’m a huge fan, but unless you’re willing to buy support, it is often too difficult. I’m not able to afford this. There are times when you have to spend days trying to master certain games due to the difficulty level , and insufficient moves to reach the desired goal. The new format makes it much easier and, when Bonnie is in the game, you are able to get some help.

Always a pleasure to play, and find it difficult. One of my most favorite game that I the game. Recently, I’ve had some issues with Harvest rush. It keeps telling me that I’m not connected, even although I am, can’t figure out a solution for this problem.I love this game , but you have to correct the issue if there’s double play with flowers or fireworks, etc. that both work. Additionally, there should be a different way to collect the bull poppies and, the triples. If a triple occurs or without me doing the move, the spider must move even if they’ve never spraying with a web.

It’s simple and relaxing. It’s also very addicting, you’ll be unable to resist It’s a must to give it a try. More than a month of enjoyment and still having fun. I am still having fun playing this game that can be very demanding at times. However, I am enjoying every second of it. You have to test it all. Every stage that brings new problems. You’ll need to spend an amount to be ahead. Fyi

Different brain exercises to assist to.keep one’s mind sharp.. I am.bedridden from an accident and a broken bone, and this is a great method to.keep me entertained and make to pass the time quickly. Thanks for making improvements to keep the game fresh and fun !

Fun and addictive. Love the sound of eggs and fruit, however the background music is really irritating. Perfect for relaxing on tubes, trains and buses. My nieces are in love with it and consider that their Natalie isn’t as well-organized as they would like to be. The show is relaxing, but sometimes it can be challenging.

Relaxing and time-consuming enjoyable, I am more active with my mind and not sitting to playing the game for me. There are many levels to play which aren’t exactly similar, and the goal is is to utilize your brain along with the capability to monitor what you’re taking out. There are many different versions and the objects are different within each other. I continue to sit for hours just to relax and clear my mind of tension Thanks for the new features! !

It was fun and challenging. It’s a bit demanding. Very enjoyable in these times. I like the challenging aspect. It keeps my mind engaged. Increditable.having fun. Amazing can’t be enough.yep great, I love playing.getting more difficult and difficult, having fun and fun A lot of fun.i enjoy the challenges. I enjoy to enjoyable and more thrilling. I enjoy the challenges that are new to me.

It’s fun to enjoy. I love that you can earn more points through watching ads in those instances when you’re close to completing. It’s not difficult (so far) however it is difficult enough for me. The number of ads that are displayed for this game is quite reasonable.

I had to stop playing for a few minutes because it appeared that at some point, you were required to pay for power boosts to continue progressing. It must have been an update in the past that resolved the problem. Some levels remain difficult. However, I’ve never felt the should buy any power boosts to conquer them.

I played this game back when it first was released a few years ago! I stopped playing for a while. I returned to playing 2 months ago and can’t ever stop. It would be fantastic to have you all provide some gold bars free of charge instead of needing to purchase these! You’ll be able to see that I’ve certainly bought a lot of these bars!

This game was amazing and also a timer however, it is not only the timer, but it also helps enhance our minds as it was an exercise in puzzles, I enjoy the game due to the fact that it features a team or guide and you will be able to find people to play with (real people) You can also get pets to assist you with the puzzle. You may also log in to your account on facebook, twitter, etc. You can then recover all the hard work as well as your account, and it is possible to play the game with your Facebook friends. I am sure you will enjoy this game. Highly recommended

It can be a bit challenging at times, but enjoyable, however you’re not able to keep the gold bars that you have that you received without needing to buy something. That’s a fact that is unfair. If you are winning every time you win in a game, then you could use them to purchase other power-ups. After playing the game for all the time and getting to the higher levels, I’m beginning to believe that there has to be more methods to gain boosters . There aren’t many friends who play this game ( they were fed up ) it is a challenge for me to play.


Farm Heroes Saga is one of the most ardent games created by the renowned game publisher, King. There’s really no need to go into detail about this publisher any more. Look at the cult games such as Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch 3 Saga … you are able to see the aesthetics the publisher. The puzzles of King are cleverly motivating players by drawing inspiration from everyday objects, and stories that are close to sweet candy, pets , or balloons … While the majority are built around the match-3 platform, King’s games provide the players with distinctive designs on basic and memorable stories.


When faced with this situation the player is prepared to fight as a part of the heroic army protecting the farm. The task is put on the shoulders of the player. take advantage of the same system of plants to accumulate points in order to save time throughout the daytime. If you are able to conquer each level in Farm Heroes Saga or not is dependent on your level of intelligence.


Many puzzles equivalent to hundreds of difficulties are waiting to be yours to tackle. They’re lined up with the smallest targets pushing you forward. Now you can strategically utilize you hands changes to gather identical crops on the special map for simulation of farms.

The player implements the plan and completes the task by completing the task by matching at least three plants. They will vanish automatically when you have placed them together horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This means you’ll harvest crops from the farm. You can now prepare to play more large matches to get the desired outcomes. What you see in front of you are vibrant blossoms and trees full of life. Then there’s the arrival of the gorgeous pink strawberry. Also, there is a the collection of tiny mushrooms that are adorable.


The game Farm Heroes Saga, players are able to go through a variety of levels, and each one requires an entirely unique number of matches , and often quite a bit. Thus, it one game demands knowledge of the player’s game plan. The players also unlock a variety of new features, like Farm Club and Farm Club, which means that you will be able to get their help when you need it. These include the creatures that frequently are found on farms and are unlocked based on the amount of stars. The reason for unlocking them is that certain animals can eliminate negative effects on crops, which affect the gameplay of the game. Another feature that you’ll appreciate and create an explosion impact will be Hero Mode, and when it is activated you have to be able to match the most elements you can. In particular, the surroundings will be sprayed with lights, and occasionally there will be rays or light hitting the fruit and raising their coefficients. Therefore, this is a type of experience which anyone can experience.

Old but still gold” gameplay

Like previous games such as Candy Crush Saga or Bubble Witch 3 Saga Farm Heroes Saga still retains its classic gameplay. It lets you conquer thrilling match-3 puzzles by locating three or more identical symbols. The game’s screen is the field that is full of fruit and you must arrange them in horizontal and vertical rows to collect their fruits within the time and energy limitations. Additionally that, in higher levels, your moves are at a limited and you will face more challenging tasks. This can be quite challenging for the players, however, take your time as every challenge is hilarious and charming.

Overall Assessments

As with the majority of King’s games the team created Farm Heroes Saga with the objective of being as simple as is possible. The game Farm Heroes Saga is a game that you play on your own. For those who are avid fans of Candy Crush Soda Saga or Bejeweled you’ll be comfortable with the gameplay of Farm Heroes. Players simply swap vegetables and fruits for one another to create columns (or columns) that contain three or more similar things. If you arrange them like this, they will disintegrate and disappear, leaving an area for the fruits above to fall further.

Each level are given a unique mission which is mostly comprised of collecting various kinds of items and the amount of fruits or vegetables you are given within a specific amount of turns. The best part is the possibility of combining elements of the game to make an intriguing animal and earn more points. For instance, players could mix three eggs to create one duck.

Connecting players

In every game the ability to connect and play with your friends are options that are favored by all to have fun with each other. In fact, Farm Heroes Saga can connect to your Facebook account making it possible to connect with your Facebook friends and challenge them to a series of difficult levels.

In the case of difficult gameplay, you may not be able to conquer these challenges in one or two attempts to play. Furthermore, you’re only allowed five times to replay and have to wait for many more games to enjoy. It is best to go to your friends’ houses to observe their games and to discover how to beat the difficult levels.


It’s not just that, but Farm Heroes Saga also gives players a special hero mode. You can play when you have succeeded in getting the minimum score the game had set earlier. This is an amazing opportunity to accumulate more plants. To help you, will be the mysterious rockets that increase the strength of animals that are raised in the club . This will help you earn points fast.

What's new

Hey farmers!

We have made some Croptastic improvements to Farm Heroes that will make your gaming experience even better! Cool, right?

Remember to update to the latest version and get playing!



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