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1. New MP Map - Apocalypse
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Jul 23, 2022
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How to install Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena MOD APK v1.6.34 + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena MOD APK v1.6.34 + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

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[Free Download] Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena MOD APK v1.6.34 + Data Game for Android

I’ll review it again, because the classic zombies are back in Season 7. I can’t wait to play it. But, I’m still having glitches, bugs and delays. This is due to having low-end equipment. If you can just fix one or two details about glitches that players experience in BR which I am unable to detect them in a far distance could be helpful. I’d like to shoot, but I must get closer to be able to hit the player. Overall, I’m on the good aspect of an game that listens players’ suggestions for them to continue playing. Thumbs up

It’s a great relaxation tool, and as the guns and graphics maps and modes are all fun as well. However, lately I’ve had the issue that my screen is moving(?) by itself when using a scope, or in ads generally. It affects my game because the only way I could play when this happens is using hip fire, which certain guns aren’t able to do. I’m hoping you can fix this problem.

I am a huge fan of playing cod as a relaxation method, however, nowadays I’m not enjoying playing it like I did in the past since the lags are horrendous. I’m not able to enjoy a decent game. Also, during a game, it always delays and then the screen freezes and then it will return to the screen that was the first. I have no issues with my signal, so I was thinking the issue was with the game. I’m hoping that the bugs and delay get fixed.

It’s time to address this, particularly for devices with low-end specs. Here’s the list of reasons 1. The enemy is invincible at a long distances. You’ve died before they appeared 2. Blackscreen, freezes whenever you’re playing or in lobby. You must restart the game 3 times. I’m unable to change the graphics options. What’s the purpose in downloading HD resources if you are unable to even choose your graphics (I am aware that it’s a problem with compatibility) This is one of the most frustrating issues that I’ve encountered. But , please make the first fix immediately.

I enjoyed the game for two years . However, for the current season, I’ve encountered a lot of bugs that are basically inaccessible. I’ve researched the bugs and found that they’re there from the very beginning of codm. So we’ve been thinking of asking, for help, but could you take action to stop the bugs that break games, otherwise I’ll be unable to play the game due to the bugs.

It’s great I’ve been playing it for about two years. A thought: why not include an offline mode as a training area, however accessible offline? To allow us to be able to practice our shooting even without having a internet connection. It can also help us in completing the task while waiting in lines or waiting for cues.

A fantastic game. the lower base damage of all guns is good. However, it impacted those with the AMAX as well as the AS Val magazine attachment the most, as it weakened their Qmarksman capabilities. Additionally the Jackal is an excellent accessory to this BR game. It has a limited detection capabilities in the case of ground targets. I would suggest a larger distance (targets are displayed in white squares) and possibly include armaments such as six guided missiles, four cluster bombs, cannons and the decoy. Thank you Kudos!

I enjoy how exciting and fast-paced gunfights can be and how amazing rewards can be even if you are an F2P player in the game. However, as a user on a low-end device it can be quite frustrating when playing Battle Royale Mode where enemies aren’t apparent from afar and often end up being killed by an unidentified and unknown adversary. My device is an Infinix Smart 5 and I am hoping that the game will be optimized for devices with lower specs in future updates. I’m hoping you can fix this!

It’s a great game, and is among the top games I played. The reason I gave it a low rating is due to the number of glitches and bugs that I experienced. One of the issues is that my game crashes or freezes in the middle of no reason, even though I have a good storage space or internet connection. my game also stops audio at random times during an event. There’s a bug that causes my screen flickers and turns up without reason. Please make these changes as they’re becoming irritating and impacting my combat. Thank you

I came back to the game after a number of changes and you’ve made it better by giving me a wide variety of options to play through which are each enjoyable to experience. It would be fantastic if there’s a game mode called armies or army mode, wherein 100 players playing on the same map as battle royale maps 50 players from two sides compete to eliminate the players of the opposing side and players can form teams to achieve victory. Thank you for playing the game.

It’s fantastic. There are some problems that this game has like: every time I’m close to my opponent when a melee weapon appears out, which is very irritating because you’re missing the target 99% of the times (remove the feature.) Additionally, every time I play against ranked players, you require us to play top players which is difficult for me to get ranked. Also, please eliminate that bonus “Persistence” from the game since other players are using it to send scorestreaks to their opponents. (I’m certain that u’re trying to correct it, so best of luck )

The game is enjoyable. I love playing modes and events, and so on. But I do have a few issues or problems. The first is that matchmaking is unfair. When I began the game, I was confronted by a professional player immediately 2. There are numerous bugs that plague the game. I can think of a few, like players are able to glitch out the map, and some items do not load on the map, and throwing the granade can cause delay, but all in all it’s a great game. :))

It’s great that it has the helicopter and plane. But the way the helicopter moves isn’t real. Additionally, the jet/plane is not real. It’s like a typical jet simulator game. If I push the joystick the plane will dive rather than climbing. Dogfights are not thrilling because it is impossible to pilot the plane the same way as in real-world controls and maneuvers. The tank can move as a four-wheel vehicle. It isn’t possible to spin the tank in the spot it is. Make it as realistic as possible.

Codm please make the game more stable on devices that aren’t the highest quality. We can only jump once with the snowboard. The render time is so short in br that we are unable to view skins, even if we download it. We are limited to seeing one special operation and an an outrider skin , and we’re unable to record and when we do have an opportunity to play the game, it is lagging or the recorder abruptly ceases and cannot be saved to the phone. Also, please create graphics that are suitable for devices with lower specs better , you’ll remember the previous times when all the graphics were so realistic for devices with low-end specs. I’m hoping you’ll see this

The best game I’ve played. The graphics are fantastic and the majority of skins can be grindable when you’re playing enough. I’m at lvl 131 after some months but every when a season comes to an end, it’s going to bring my ranking down by two ranks. It will take a long time to climb back, so it’s likely to be lower than one. In addition I love the customization options like custom layouts and attachments to the guns that work for your needs. Game definitely deserves a /



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