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May 21, 2022
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How to install Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena MOD APK v1.6.33 + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena MOD APK v1.6.33 + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena MOD APK v1.6.33 + Data Game for Android

The game is very good and I’ve been playing it for quite some time and was kind enough to purchase an account on the battlepass. It’s a great game, but if you accidentally hit”home” accidentally, it restarts the game. I’ve noticed that recently I’m stuck in the loading screen, even though I’m connected. Also, the sound goes away at the beginning of the game! It’s really frustrating since sound makes the game more enjoyable therefore, please fix the game. It’s got problems, but that doesn’t mean that i don’t enjoy the game.

It’s enjoyable, and the controls are easy to master. With the exception of the gun balance I believe it’s a deliberate decision to market skins, then repeat and rinse. There are a lot of guns that aren’t being used, it’s unpleasant to watch the identical gun kill you for the duration of a season, before a new gun is used for a new season. And don’t get too caught up with the optimization and poor matchmaking and performance issues. Every new update causes the game to go the worst and worst.

Rank games have become less fun when you’re in a group with feeders, and your opponents have more ability than you. The game is lagging and glitching, making it difficult to play. It’s also taking up plenty of space for storage. I have noticed that the game is prone to provide bots and you can lose as many as 5 matches every time. Focus on fixing your bugs rather than adding new maps or games.

The game is enjoyable however I wouldn’t recommend this to those with low-end devices and a small amount of storage. Pls rectify this issue and make it available to those who want to play but doesn’t have enough storage or lower-end devices. Also make sure that you fix glitches and bugs most players encounter. Also, the download resources must not be downloaded more than once(what I meant by that is when you download it during this season or series, it doesn’t have to download again)the items that need to be downloaded are the latest items that have been added to the game.

I’ve had issues with audio for quite a while. When playing, the sound disappears suddenly and then appears for a few minutes and disappear after. The first time I experienced this was following a significant update and is an issue until today. The issue impacts my gameplay greatly as sound effects like gunshots, footsteps or callouts. are extremely important in the game. However, because of this the player is in a disadvantage due to the audio being cut off.

This game is fantastic. There are some issues in this game such as: when I am close to the opponent and a melee weapon appears out, instead of shooting them . This is extremely annoying because you are 99% sure to miss the target all the times. Additionally, as of the S3 update it’s a bit choppy and sometimes you can’t hear any sound. This is also frustrating because the game’s volume is the most important thing to determine where your enemy is, what’s happening and shots. Please fix this (I’m sure you’re looking to solve it ) so best of luck 😉

One of the top (if not the greatest) FPS games i’ve ever played. It’s extremely competitive, comes with numerous game modes and guns, as well as player and gun skins as well as many other features. Its downside is that its controls are difficult to master, and it’s a kind of a pay-to-win game. It also takes up about 10GB of space on your smartphone, so if your phone is weak, it might be difficult to play the game. However, if you listen to me this game is still really great.

The game is addictive and there are plenty of games I don’t like. The audio quality is low as a default, the guns are located in the center on the display (I would like the option of making it so which moves the gun to the left) and hinders my view. Automatic downloading was not requested, however I enabled “ask for confirmation” in the settings for downloading, it takes up too much space because after downloading sound and texture replacements it doesn’t delete the original ones.

I’ve been playing for two years and there has been a lot of changes and I am a huge fan of codm, but even after all the updates, there’s still bugs that haven’t yet been resolved. First is the characters. I’ve downloaded the files needed , however they’re still bots, which is frustrating because I don’t know locations where they’re in return. I’ll be dead . The second issue is with the audio. it’s the most crucial element in the game, without its chance of winning the game could be zero. Fix this bug.

The game I’ve enjoyed the most so far. However, i’m experiencing constant dropping frames per second regardless of the fact that my device has 4g ram. It’s not happening on my friend’s phone , and there’s the same RAM and there’s a sound in br that isn’t able to hear any footsteps. However, it’s a great game, it needs a minor fix regarding the sound, it does not matter if i continue experiencing drops in fps. I’m going to rate the game 4 stars and come back if it improves: )

Great game. It’s fun and very competitive. But I’m thinking there’s a glitch in the settings for download. Even if I turn on”ask before download “ask before download” it continues to download whenever I connect to WiFi. Even if I switch off downloading. When I close the settings. it downloads all files once more. This is extremely annoying, especially that I’m able to save space. Like I don’t have to know the operator’s name because my phone’s graphics can only manage low, and I’m unable to even tell which operator others are using.

The most fun game I’ve played to date! However, there is issues with the audio. Sometimes I can’t hear sounds of footsteps, gunshots and even operators. This is why I get annoyed when I get killed by something i cannot hear. We hope developers will read this post, they must be fixed asap.

The game is amazing! It’s an impressive gameplay and stunning combat against players. players.Great graphics and high-quality controls. There were times when, during between games it would stop for some minutes before it was able to resume the game. Fix some bugs to let me play with ease. Overall, I absolutely love this game. LOVELY.

It is a great game, this is the only game online I’m still playing. Unfortunately, there are numerous problems with this game. The most significant issue is the delay in the game and abrupt frame drops. The second issue is that when joining an online game. It will say “loading timeout” and “cannot connect to the game,the game is over” I’m hoping they get this fixed because if this happens , I’ll be awarded a match penalty , and all the points I’ve earned over the days will vanish in one second. I also receive a ban.



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