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Jun 3, 2022
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How to install Adobe Photoshop Express Premium v8.2.969 Apk + Mod Full Unlocked APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Adobe Photoshop Express Premium v8.2.969 Apk + Mod Full Unlocked APK file.

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[Free Download] Adobe Photoshop Express Premium v8.2.969 Apk + Mod Full Unlocked App for Android

Great app, I love all the options and filters. I do wish it had some more advanced tools, especially in the selection, refining and color but and adaptation. It would be awesome to drop color in finite areas instead of applying to the entire selection. Also, needs a more fine control on the selection tools, it’s too broad. That being said, the average user playing around with photos would find it wonderfully encompassing and very easy and fun to use!
I am a bit if a perfectionist when it comes to my photos, especially if I’m going to share them with someone, and always take a few minutes to correct for exposure/contrast/color balance before I send them. Normally I find that Google Photos’ built in editor is sufficient, but occasionally I feel that it falls a little bit short. I have used Photoshop Express for years to fill in the gap, and it usually does what I need it to. My only complaint is that the interface is a bit of a pain.
I use this app almost if not daily. It is easy to use fun to use and intuitive and allows you to achieve artistic photographic effects in a way that may surprise you that you’re able to. HOWEVER, it lacks a critical feature that is making me come to hate it and making it so I can’t stand it. It cannot handle RAW, PNG, DNG or TIFF. I am a professional photographer and artist. Aside from that, it’s a great app, this one is really right up there at the very top if not the top.
Does this have the full PC or Macintosh treatment? No of course not. Although, I still rate five stars for anyone like myself who is curious about photography. This is a great app to see if you got a knack for photo editing. I got a government phone and this can still make photos look like they have a chance to be used to make money. Don’t underestimate that power. All for free and it’s got the basics to get you started
A great editor, but not really what I thought it was. I thoight it was Adobe Photoshop on mobile, where you could use chroma keys, layers, and things of that nature, but it’s more like something you would use to make those Instagram edits.
Great app, lots of good editing options. Obviously not as useful as full blown PS on a computer, but it’s not meant to be and masking wouldn’t really work well on a phone anyway. It’s easy to use and my go to app for editing cell phone pics.
I must mention that my needs for this app are very simple. I mostly do cropping and brighten image. You have a good selection of filters, which is nice to have. I am just grateful that it is free. I have used Photoshop for years and I meep your app in my tablet for editing images that I email for family and friends. Thank you.
Been using PsE for a few years now. Reasonably happy with creativity it allows me to explore, although I’ve started using it less since some filters have been made premium. That said I’ve never really stuck to solely using one photo editor. I always utilise the photo editor I know would give me the effects I was looking for and in some instances use several in combination – for example PsE for selective colour then Snapseed for Dodge & Burn to fine tune the treated areas of that edited image.
Best free app I’ve found for manipulating phone pictures. The ads are unintrusive, and I don’t mind them. P.S. This is not for newbies to photo-editing. It was made for those of us who wish Android could do some of the things that Windows Photoshop can do. Thanks, Adobe!
This is just the best editing app ever. Insane filters ,shape sizes of pictures square , rectangle many more , It can literally make your picture like it was taken by an iphone 13 pro max . Just prefect. I use PS express on all my photos. Is the best. Well done and thanks to the developers
Like it quite a bit. I use it all the time. Does have a tendency to crash some times but I have it on my smart phone. It might be more stable if I was using it on a tablet or something. I use it in conjunction with the Lightroom Mobile.
As an android(FREE) app it does all that I could ask. I, very seldom, will post an image on social media without running it through Photoshop Express first. And yes, I get numerous comments on how great my photos are.
Simplified for mobile, does just enough to see which photo’s you took and warrant a proper look on desktop version or in Lightroom Classic. Very pleased with the progress.
I’ve used Photoshop Express for a few months now, and I find it fun to use. Up until now, I’ve been under the impression it was a free app, but when I tried to use it just now, I’m asked to pay money to continue. You shouldn’t advertise a free app and then charge for it later. That’s bait and switch.
Pretty much the best! If you need a photo editing app, this all the help you’ll need. It’s completely free and helps with lots of editing problems from some other apps!
This app was good at first. All the features work fine but i cannot add text to my images now. This is not very good since most my edits use these texts and i need to to be fixed ASAP.
This app is amazing because it is an easy photo editor for young photographers but my favourite feature is the collage feature because you can combine up to nine photos and edit their border colour and the border.
Hangs every time you try to edit a picture in a collage. Using Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ on Android 12 so it’s not the tablet being underpowered causing the issue. You have to Force Stop the App every time it happens. Very frustrating…
Omg I had tried SO MANY apps just trying to find one to improve the quality of pics I had taken, and none had what I wanted, which was just an easy to use “Here’s my pic, click this and wow now it looks great” app, and none did that for me until this one. Really could not be happier!
I have just been out to take some photo’s – I have downloaded them to my Chromebook – but I am still unable to fathom how to edit them in Photoshop Express – I am unable to put any of these pictures into photoshop – I simply can’t get the stupid app to do anything – what is wrong with Copy and Paste???????
Recently when I try and remove a spot on a picture that’s not meant to be, when I click on remove its replaced with something that’s actually in the picture! It’s very strange. Apart from that I love it.
I’ve used this app for months now, and I’m telling you, you’ll enjoy every moments working with this app. To those that are having second thoughts about this app, don’t be, just try it and you’ll see. Special thanks to the people behind the scene. Peace ✌🏼🙏
If you never tried this app, you are really missing out a lot. This is one of a kind in millions. I love this app it really makes my work easy and professional.
It sounds nice but when I login with Google and pick my account, spinning loading icon freezes and froze saying please wait, and never goes away.
Very professional editing and retains original quality. I wish there was the option to completely buy the premium version instead of a subscription, because the premium features can be found on other photo-editing apps for free so I don’t think it’s worth paying so much monthly or yearly for the premium version.
This app is exceptionally made. It takes every great thing about the modern desktop program, and condenses it into a super user friendly experience that makes editing photos professionally a breeze, without sacrificing quality, settings, features, or ethos. a transparent and easy to use app with a lot to offer beginner, enthusiasts, and pros alike.
Obviously not as widely useful as the desktop version, but still the best app for mobile by a drastic margin. The mobile app is, however, not well optimized for chromebook (Chrome OS). It’s kind of a disaster even on my crazy powerful Samsung Galaxy Chromebook (keyword Galaxy). Lots of jittering, freezing, input lag, and crashing. Thanks for adding the range mask options to mobile, it has been great, (on a smartphone, not so my chromebook).
I don’t know what’s going on but it takes FOREVER to download photos from my camera, it takes FOREVER for my photos in lightroom to show up, and it keeps crashing when I try to edit my photos. This is unacceptable for an app that I pay monthly for. Smh. My question is, why are we being charged for an app that doesn’t work correctly?
The best photo editing app I’ve used so far. Really intuitive and I like how you can use other people’s presets to adjust to your own photo. The app price is more than affordable for the things you get. I’ve been using it to edit my pottery pieces for selling, five stars.
Great app, but they need to add a left handed feature for android tablets. Using a pen isn’t very handy when all editing tools are to the right on the screen and you have to reach across the photo to adjust edits. Otherwise, it’s fantastic

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