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Apr 27, 2023
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How to install YouTube Music MOD APK v5.54.52 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded YouTube Music MOD APK v5.54.52 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] YouTube Music MOD APK v5.54.52 (Premium) App for Android


All is well The main thing that is appreciated is the use in smart downloading. But there’s one thing that’s a bit frustrating: 1. A lot of YouTube videos aren’t accessible for listening as audio. 2. Algorithm of “Shuffle All”. Each time I get the first song on the list that I’ve heard the most frequently, and very rarely are songs I have had a chance to hear. It’s always that way.

I don’t have any problems that other people seem to suffer from, which is great for me as I work from home and enjoy music often. I do wish that I could organize my “Likes” playlist into ABC sorting by title of the song instead of the order in which songs were added, or simply move them around. I prefer order and neatness. Another issue I have, and am with, is being able to eliminate songs from the album. However, for the most part I’m satisfied. Quality and sound are excellent. Music selection is fantastic.

Great service. Absolutely recommend it to everyone and would recommend. It’s not clear the reason, but podcasts do are better in comparison to other platforms. This could be a figment of imagination. The reason that is the only one for the star not to be there is that there’s no obvious method to connect my Garmin watch as I exercise, which is why I have to keep playlists for my running in Amazon Music. It’s a huge deal for me.

This is a horrible application. Its interface is awkward and the organization is terrible! I’m talking about the homepage is a mess of random content in my collection, brand new releases, suggested videos (I’m here to listen to music not videos) The interface is clunky and cluttered, with nothing that is actually useful to the user’s needs when they start the app. Google Play Music was fine. It did have some issues however, it performed 10 times more efficiently than the other. I would not recommend it. Also how come when I look through the list of “recents” do I see every single song I’ve listened over the last week? !

I LOVE YouTube Music!!! It has everything and everything you can imagine in the world of music. I’ve tried to save some money, and by letting my subscription expire out…but did not complete the complete 24 hours, and found myself back at having my music library as well as a subscription. It’s a great streaming service. I do wish that YouTube music allowed an unlimited amount of space to download songs to be played offline. They restrict it due to some reason. Going through the whole library of books to download every one, one one one ….would take a lot of time.

It’s not a replacement for Google Play Music (yes, I’m still sad) however it has slowly transformed into a top music app due to its reliable streaming and a huge selection of tunes. Shuffle autoplay, shuffle or “radio” play (what’s the difference?) Could use some help, but. The album doesn’t offer any kind of variety to listen to over the long term. There’s some bad information including songs from the wrong genres, inaccurate information about the artist/song etc. that can ruin a great experience.

At first, the YouTube music isn’t always easy to navigate. It’s not as easy as I’d like observe, however it’s improving. The biggest benefit of YouTube music, is the fact that it has everything. There are tracks from video games films, TV shows as well as obscure tracks from single-hit wonders. If you’re interested in hearing it, it’s here, and a lot of times not elsewhere. The other music apps like Amazon and Spotify can’t compare to YouTube in this way. I’ve tried at most ten other music apps and YouTube music has the most. all others.

I am impressed by the user interface, the variety of songs available as well as the quality of streaming in general. However, occasionally, the music may stop abruptly and when I decide to listen to songs that I love on shuffle, it’s not so random as I’d like. I often hear the same songs often even though I know there are tracks present in my playlist but I haven’t heard in several months. Additionally, I would like it if that there was a way to play all of the recommended new releases simultaneously without having to listen to each.

“File cannot be found” …””The app is working fine with streaming music. The UI is user-friendly and organized. A great playlist created by the app for you to enjoy. The issue I am having is that the downloaded music will be distorted with explanation points(!) over the album cover. They will also become not playable, with an error message “file not found.” …”. I’ll need to clear my downloads and begin again. It defeats the purpose of downloading music when I have to constantly re-download the songs.

I’m able find every song I look for. I love the suggestions it offers me. My only issue is when you try to use it through Bluetooth while driving. It is prone to stop and not resume after the GPS stops. It’s difficult to play my music in the same way, and often requires my restarting the app. Safety concerns while driving.

I had a lot of trouble with this app which would randomly stop during songs. I decided to uninstall it and installing it again and it’s totally solved the issue. My history, playlists, etc. were intact, and my mini-player widget has been restored on my screen of lock. I am much happier now! I am a huge fan of this feature of continuous playback when I get to the final song in a playlist, songs by similar artists or genres play automatically. great for discovering the latest (or outdated!) stuff

Recently updated, the app is now much more refined and stable. 2021:Patchy performance. It’s among the apps I use the most and yet it’s in addition the app that brings the most grief. It is quite often that when I use it with Android auto it plays the song without audio output. I must then switch to a solid app such as Audible and Spotify to play the track then switch back to YT for listening to music. This is extremely distracting while driving. I’m experiencing the same issue on my phone since the most recent Android update.

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