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Feb 15
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How to install PicsArt Animator Apk v1.0.1 (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded PicsArt Animator Apk v1.0.1 (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] PicsArt Animator Apk v1.0.1 (Premium Unlocked) App for Android


Overall it’s a excellent app. I’ve been using it for two years and one thing I’ve observed is that when you cut , copy or move the drawing, the quality of the drawing appears to shift. If you are in a position to allow the canvas to move between sides, it will allow drawing and animating to be significantly simpler. The app itself is amazing . I would 100 percent recommends installing this app. Thanks! (if you’re able to make it work or you’d prefer to leave it as it is, then fine. assurances)

I really like this application, it’s a blast to use! However, I would really like the option to upload an audio file from your phone and then animate the audio. There’s also an option to create our own custom stickers (unless I’m not aware of it).) editing videos is an excellent feature however for me it’s a bit difficult to make use of. These are the only issues I encountered, but overall the app is a great one that even novices can enjoy. I’d highly recommend this app to anyone looking to create short animations

The app is really great. It is able to create Sticket animations without difficulty and the ability to create an image for a sticker would be awesome. However, it would be amazing to change the in-out control to make it simpler to draw. Also, it should include stickers that won’t move (food clothes and so on.) Overall, a great application. I would say it’s the most effective app for animation. I’d also wish to be able create background effects.

I believe the setup of the scene is a bit off-base but aside from that id suggest that the application is very user-friendly and certainly one of the top finger creator studios that have ever existed. Although I would love to see a separate copy and paste function that doesn’t require using the selection feature. If you are using the copy/paste option, it only copies the tracer line, forcing you to draw the frame again instead of editing the frame that you pasted. Thanks!! We have not seen one advertisement to date and have been using it for six hours.

Very nice and a well created animation creator app. I’m slow with many new apps but this one I could find it very easy to navigate. It seems to me that I could create simple animations to quite elaborate. The only problem I could find is in the layer management section. When adding new layers to add the same number of frames for each layer. In the event that your frames are not in sync, they could be not in sync one and the next. This isn’t a big issue and will be addressed in the near future.

It’s totally free It’s free! The app itself could use some shine, but it was not bad at all and allowed me to upload it to YouTube when I was finished with it. The ball drop test I created for the app shows that you must make several sequential drawings to make the process smoother , however it didn’t sever any of my frames. Additionally, there’s an option in the middle to increase or decrease the speed of your animation , which can make it a bit smoother.

Does everything you could do in flipaclip , but with additional pen options. Also , it is easier to create loops in the animation, for example, looping an animation background such as animation on a separate layers with different timings. Would be great amazing to be able to import your own animation loops in gif format, for instance for use for “stickers”. Also, zoom! Needs a bigger zoom!

It’s great for storytelling and sketching ideas the board, but if I was to use it to create an entire 24 frame per second animation, I would prefer to offer more options. It could be for instance, placing a photo from your gallery within the frame as an entire object, so that I could draw sketches on paper, which are easier for me, then take it out in order to keep the trace present. It’s ideal for those who are just beginning to learn by splitting actual footage in frames, and then copying to give them an idea of how to move.

I just received this today and it’s absolutely wonderful! I am awestruck by the features and how it all works. One thing that bothers me is how poor the quality of an animation downloaded as an image. The gif is perfectly clear and clear. It would be great for the videos to be clearer or we could select which quality video to watch.

It’s fantastic, animations with this kind of app is pretty difficult to create (probably because I don’t have stylus.) The only thing that would make this app better would be the ability to pan. For instance, make it so that you can sketch or draw on a large backdrop and the camera is able to be able to focus on exactly where I would like it to. It will make animations look a much better, I promise. Apart from that it’s an absolute delight to make use of!

The canvas ‘ zooming capabilities and all of it much less sluggish than flipaclip! I love the way you can add layers and things, andddddd I don’t know XD the one thing I would recommend to make the app better is canvas rotation. This is an important feature and is a lot easier to draw with, perhaps there is an option to toggle it on and off similar to flipaclip. Sorry for constantly comparing you to flipaclip but this app is awesome.

It is ideal for frame-by-frame animation. This skin for onions is great since it lets you view all frames prior to and following frames. It’s not able to add audio since it’s more of a gif than full-blown animations. Face animation is fun to play with. The tools are basic and useful, however the brushes could benefit from some basic ones. Apart from that, the application is excellent.


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