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Mar 7, 2023
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install Zooba MOD APK v4.5.0 (Unlimited sprint skills in combat) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Zooba MOD APK v4.5.0 (Unlimited sprint skills in combat) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Zooba MOD APK v4.5.0 (Unlimited sprint skills in combat) Game for Android


The maximum top notch taking pictures multiplayer game EVER!!!!!!…………TRY IT BROOOOO……! (The only component that is tough on this recreation is to improve your characters as they literally do now not provide us any coins to improve or any item slots to apply objects and I am on League 12 and I can accessonly one item consistent with character. OTHERWISE IT IS VERY GOOD!!! )

Love this game. Great development until you get to league 14, then you definately do not appear to get any new characters. Also buying premium skip isn’t really worth the quantity it fees. Even if it become half the charge the greater bits you can get hold of is not that an awful lot. Otherwise truly well worth playing!

So this game is probably the quality warfare Royale video games out there, but, there are some things I might advocate. 1. I do not want offers overlaying my display whenever I open the app. I can pay at the store if important. 2. It’s pretty disturbing for new players once they get excessive level characters of their recreation. What takes place is that a person unlocks a new character and in no way plays with it till they upgrade it. Then they get to stage 20, and given that they have zero trophies, they break anyone.

I preferred this recreation overall , the skills, the images and all are precise. But one thibg that i didn’t like is that we do not get rating of kills. We need to get greater score if we have greater kills in that suit. The possibilities of having new individual decreases as we pass on better leauges, little uncomfortable. The matchmaking gadget is just too awful, there are higher degree players coming on so lower degrees. Zooba we request you to fix this trouble asap plzzzzz . Ordinary very fun game . Thanks

Its an excellent recreation however it has a lot bugs like while i start a sport it would not starts also some instances in deathmatch whilst ever i kill idoesnt counts additionally some times it doesnt show the kills and scoreboard Kindly please restoration this i am inquiring for you. It is a awesome game. If viable i want you to feature anothe characteristic like chatbox so we can communicate with different players can also you’re making a facility where players can do 1v1 .

Good sport it is a laugh to play however there are some problem that I need to say are. 1. Try to make the matchmaking even better due to the fact now and again it simply kick me right into a recreation that I’m no longer even equipped to play. 2. Maybe make some person balance little bit balance due to the fact some characters are “little” overpowered. Three. Change the “Pay to Win” to grind to earn the rewards Overall the game become right to play that is the most effective hassle that I actually have

The sport is surely suitable and interesting, BUT there are few matters that suck: store gives poping all of the time, loading gradual asf, and its SOOO hard to get a new character, upgrades costs an excessive amount of… BUT, there are NO ADS – HUGE PLUS.

The recreation is without a doubt amusing and well worth downloading. I like how you may upgrade your pet and provide abilties. I have 3 things to whinge approximately. First, They should extend the battle bypass to one month and make extra degrees, it is not really worth spending 10$ a week. Second, they must make the map larger, and feature greater players in it. I hate when I spawn and get cornered. They should also disguise the area of all gamers and gaurds. So there’s no 0.33 partying and those trying to kill the legendary gaurd.

This sport is totally superb, I don’t mind better stage players. The purpose why I gave it 4 stars is because the crates are now and again so much useless. The chance of getting a person is just too low. I am tenth League and I most effective have 5 characters. No trouble with level u.S.A.Or enhancements. Other than that nothing is a trouble.

Man I tried to log in upon getting quite a few characters and lvl up to ten on a few characters and once I log in it’s begins me over I go through the tutorial try to go to account and hyperlink however does not work and I’ve spent money this sux…… Had a trouble alot of ppl said bc I failed to keep my account that it turned into misplaced and the ppl that do customer service for this recreation were given my account returned took a lil while however they did it so zooba is cool with me

It’s a amusing recreation while you recognise the matchmaking is based off your characters trophy stage. I by no means get the maximum favored gadgets even when the icon is above the chests. Don’t waste a while buying more event strength in case you don’t have time to claim the prize before the event ends. I attempted this and earned the points for a legendary crate, however whilst the match ended so had the event and the prize wasn’t there for me to accumulate. It’s been nearly a month and I haven’t obtained it in my non-public message.


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