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Jul 12, 2023
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install Zooba MOD APK v4.16.2 (Unlimited sprint skills in combat) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Zooba MOD APK v4.16.2 (Unlimited sprint skills in combat) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Zooba MOD APK v4.16.2 (Unlimited sprint skills in combat) Game for Android


Fun game, but has some major issues: 1. Matchmaking has to rely much more on player level than trophy count. Trophies are lost so slowly that if you sneak into the top 3 a few times, you’ll have to lose so much to get back into a competitive match that it takes all the fun out of it. Maybe more lost trophies would help. 2. Early game crates take too long to open. It stops character development and removes motivation from playing.
I like this game, it’s very fun and I enjoy playing it. Problems: lots of bugs, matchmaking lvl 1-lvl8 is impossible, cost of upgrades – only paying players can level up – and finally crates. I have 5 accounts where I got to league 8 and I don’t have any character from leagues 5, 6, 7, 8. Please fix the mistakes! Without these weak points, the game could be more exciting. Thank you!
Zooba is an absolute gem! The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is fast and the animal characters are diverse and exciting. Controls are smooth and matchmaking flawless. With frequent updates and events, Zooba keeps me hooked for hours. It is a 5-star mobile game that delivers non-stop excitement. Download it now and experience the wild world of Zooba! This game is a really good game. It is very fun to play this game. Well at first it was amazing.
This game is the most addicting game I’ve ever had apart from roblox. the characters are so cute! ZOOBA is such a fun game. I played it for 3 months straight and still love it. The game should add more girl characters. You can also expand the map, for example adding a mini maze to hide in and a garden that has flowers. IF YOU COULD SEE THESE TYSM ZOOBA!❤❤❤❤
I like this game a lot but it has many bad things that make me stop playing it for a very long time… like the inequality between player levels,1) where I’m level ten and my opponent is level twenty!!! Are you kidding me?..2)You are adding more maps instead of one map because it has become very boring..3)Hackers are spreading in the game and there is no way to report them. Please fix these things so I don’t get bored and delete the game permanently..
This is a really nice game. I have been playing since 3 years, I have no problem with high level players. But the most annoying move is when my game suddenly crashes even if I have a good network connection or not. That’s why I want to give 4 stars.
I love this game! I play it every night to relax. They make consistent updates and add new stuff. Plus the fact that you can play with others in the world is great. The best part is that you can play without spending money at all, it helps you level up faster, but it’s nowhere near pay to play where you get stuck if you don’t spend. So yes 5 stars!
It is a very good game and I like to play it with my friends. I always enjoy playing but sometimes when I start a match my screen freezes and I have to restart, by the time I get back into the match I’m killed and my trophies are gone please fix this matchmaking issue and sometimes even log into my match very high level players and that makes the game so unfair.
I rate it a 4 only because the matchmaking is weird because I push my characters to high trophies but I always have to hide in the bushes because I can’t find tokens to upgrade my characters because their level is always more than 5 higher than mine levels and the problem i ran into right now is when i go to invite my friends it says i need to update the game but when i tap on it it tells me to play the game instead of updating it and now i cant invite my friends.
Enjoyable… but so buggy that I played for weeks. It’s a good dopamine trap. However, disconnecting from the server was incredibly annoying! And now the server is down for maintenance. Hopefully this will fix some issues, but the notification says “server is undergoing maintenance, try again in 10 minutes”, it’s been saying 2 hours already.
Matchmaking needs to be fixed in my opinion because it’s so unfair to low tiers vs. higher tiers as they have zero chances. I love the game and upgrade my character every time but lately it has been lagging a lot and never happened to me before and I couldn’t move and died afterwards. It’s very annoying, but it could be my phone. I will change my review once the matchmaking is fixed. This game shouldn’t be pay to win and should make it easier to get some characters to make things fair
Wildlife Studios, this game is amazing, but we have one piece of advice for you. You can make a smaller difference between levels between players. When we play with level 13 or below, our enemies are level 18,19,20. It’s not a fair fight because they are much stronger due to the level. Thank you, best regards 😃
I declare that Zooba is one of the best games to play. For example, characters. Like Buddy he’s strong when he’s on the ground like wow that’s awesome of course! The maps are perfect, just maybe the new map that was made needs to come back and stay forever because as people they want a new map different from Central Zoo. Characters when they are completely level up… WOW! I can’t take my eyes off it! Of course, all characters are strong, but some are not… DOWNLOAD ZOOBA NOW!


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