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Dec 26, 2022
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How to install XRecorder Pro MOD APK v2.3.1.1 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded XRecorder Pro MOD APK v2.3.1.1 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] XRecorder Pro MOD APK v2.3.1.1 (Premium) App for Android


A good screen recorder! It is suitable for the majority of games…but it’s not ideal to record certain game (eg.Hill Climb Racing). If I film Hill Climb Racing, at the moment of driving, there is a lot of background noise that is extremely disruptive. It’s not due to the game, nor is it due to the settings of my recorder. I’m using normal mode and internal audio, and noise reduction! It happens every when you play the game…pls make it right! It’s possible that I’ll need to select another screen recorder! Hope you’ll take a take note and fix it! Thanks!

Everything in this app is focused around the user. Simple and easy to use. Effective tools and options. The recorded recordings are crisp without jitter and basic. It completes the task in as you requested it to, and then it saves the file, puts on its hat , and awaits the next time. It’s not the same as a video suite. It’s not intended to be. A simple app that can be used to do the job. BRAVO DEVS!

Very solid. Does exactly what it claims it can accomplish. It’s not ideal for an app like a letsplay, or something similar, however since I only use it to play audio for animations, it’s perfect. It required an extra app to convert the audio into MP3 but that’s not a problem It didn’t mention that it would offer that service, so it doesn’t have to. Also, it’s free. I’d say it’s worth it for mobile animators who aren’t.

Excellent performance. Simple to use. I wish it had the option of recording audio and not record video as well. I have many music-making apps on my phone and desired a consistent method for recording the audio from each app to make them suitable for booth app. Converting each video into an mp3 format is something I’d rather to not have. However, I give 4 stars for the speedy access and easy to use features that are available in this app.

It was always slow when I made an video over two minutes. It’s so irritating. My previous phone didn’t experience any issues with this. It’s not as if my storage memory is empty, but something is very odd. Even if I’ve restarted the phone, I have to uninstall and then install the recorder. To be truthful, I do not know what’s going on. Perhaps it’s the device? I’m not sure However, please resolve this issue as soon as you can. I do not like recording during an event and it starts to get slower and slower and lagger than it was before.

I’m thrilled by the app! Before installing Screen Recorder I tried several different apps, only to stop trying to find them. Then I came across the page of Screen Recorder and downloaded it. Learning curve not too steep. In less than 60 seconds, I had recorded an video! The recording of audio and playback sound is excellent as is the video quality is amazing! In the past, I would pay a lot of money for the Camtasia software, which does the same thing Screen Recorder does for free!

I’ve always wanted locate an App I could make recordings of videos which I wanted to download, but was not capable of doing so due to the site where was where the video was made available for viewing did not permit the viewer to download the video for free or even at all. This app solves the issue and allows you to record an video you are watching and is comprised of videos delivered to your computer via providing a link to be downloaded to your hard drive. It allows editing of any type.

The app is great. It’s got plenty of helpful options, but it’s not overly cluttered, it’s not bulky and large that takes up lots of space on your device (like many similar apps) It’s fast and smoothly. It has ads, however they’re not disruptive or annoying It also offers a pleasing UI layout which makes it simple to use, even for users who aren’t experienced. A very useful app I’m glad I came across it. Thanks Devs!

Fantastic quality, and does everything you require, except for the recording of your facial expressions. It can record the sounds that the phone is making, as well as the sound that you make in real-time. I also like how you can edit your videos. Editing isn’t the best part, however it’s great how they incorporate it since you don’t really require it. It’s not necessary to switch to a different app in order to modify the content.

It’s just… PERFECT. Recording is flawlessly smooth and it receives audio flawlessly, even the camera which gives a crystal clear image. There’s absolutely nothing wrong I’ve found. I hope that any subsequent updates won’t harm the quality, but aside from that, I would not pick any other recording program.

It’s absolutely fantastic. The ability to work undercover which means that other agents do not have to perform the work as it’s all about my life. I’m not able give specifics but I’ve been through many criminal gangs and had my vehicle set to explode and I’m not able to give specifics. Screen recorders have helped me collect evidence in a more organized way than screen captures. I’m grateful that I have the ability to record screen.

The app has been in use for a while. app for a while in the past and it’s by far the best screen recorder app I’ve used. I use it to create edits, as well as other types of videos and it’s a fantastic app and the videos are clear and are simple to use. It would be great to be able to record just the internal audio however, other than that I would recommend it if you need to screen-capture clearly something.

So…far…so good. East interface. It is extremely adaptable. Files are well-integrated. It is easy to enter to and out. The presentation of the ad is well-balanced and not overpowering. I am only 24 hours into using it. I’m interested to observe when the honey moon phase ends as the work begins to kick into. So far, nothing very bad. It’s worth downloading.

Ive made three videos to upload on YouTube (Gamedestroyer112). Every video performed flawlessly and uploaded extremely well. I really like the fact the fact that I can use an SD card to store my videos (which many apps do not allow). The only downside is that it’s of premium payment, but it’s not a requirement as is the case with most screen recorders! It’s very useful and enjoyable. The edit feature makes the experience even better It’s awesome! I’m going to keep this rating at 5/5 unless they decide to creating premium-quality products…


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