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Mar 28, 2023
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How to install World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK v1.354 (Money + Data) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK v1.354 (Money + Data) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK v1.354 (Money + Data) Game for Android


The game is definitely worthy of 5 stars . However, i gave it 4 as there are some beautiful trucks I’d like to own, but i am unable to purchase them using the money I earn from this game. And my bet is it would be nice if they added some traffic lights to manage the traffic . Also, please boost the strength of the steering when you use “Tilt Mode”

I’m just starting to play this game and it appears like it has a lot of potential.. but I noticed an issue with seems like you never arrive at your destination. It always leads you back to the point you’ve already been.

The game is fantastic however the trucks have to pull trailers, and the game lacks street lights and robots. Also, you can update the traffic with different types of buses. By buses, I am talking about the buses in World Bus simulator. You can also add the entire garage from both games.

In comparison to one rival in Android, still lagging however you’re the best 5 that is enjoyable from the beginning to the end . Especially your driving. You are ahead of other games, though you need to be a competent driver, like me, capable of driving at speeds between the speeds of 144 or 160 (only three trucks are able to reach this speed) Enjoy this game

This is a fantastic game thus far. You guys did a great job but we need more ‘map’ gears’ trucks’ heavy loads’ and ect buf otherwise this game is bad

The need for these improvements is including: lights on the bullbars and interior lighting, real rainfall and indicator, specialized transportation, and when it is rescued the cargo must remain there.

It’s good, but could use some improvement. Also , I’m hoping that new features like a more detailed map (this is the most important feature) as well as more types of cargo trucks, truck tuning, and more vehicles on the road will be released within the next few days. There are a few bugs that are not working, such as the sleep indicator turns in the direction of zero when you enter another part of the map. You could win cash in the casino or even nothing (those tickets are useless). I’ll be very happy if receive more money in exchange for an item that is delivered. Thank you for the game. It’s the best. Keep working hard!

I’ve played all the games for truck simulators that I’ve been able to download, and this is by far the most enjoyable. The graphics are stunning but the most important features do not exist in other games is the ability to alter the driver’s position inside the cabin ( upwards and downwards left right, and forward and back) an easy feature that makes a huge of distinction. Another feature that is unique about the game is its camera perspective that looks at the driver’s window from behind. It’s obvious that obviously the truck simulator must have this view. This, and many more features, make for a great game.

The game is an excellent game that I really enjoy but you need to resolve some issues like ….put the engine brake sound into the permanent sound of the brake ….to all your vehicles ….. and please produce the best engine sounds for other trucks , not fake sounds. Engen … me. I am the only one truck with a an engine sound that is good at 1500RPM. the SCANIA The truck ….. Please make it right on all of your trucks, my boss… Thank you

Game controls well and comes with plenty of trucks available it has many routes across and around the Americas as well as a map that is very large. However, they must make improvements to games and the visuals. Gameplay. The game is poor in many places and the roads are boring with with no traffic at all and there aren’t any roads and endless roads, with no limits on speed and no sense of. Make improvements to the look and design of the game, it’s dull and boring Controls are also bizarre, so fix the game’s aesthetic and design.

The game is great, sure however, you should put on other trailers to carry cargo just like mine, so that it will be more realistic. Please make sure that you do this, it is crucial

Fantastic! I’ve been playing the game for a while, but following the update of the game, it has been able to fix a bug that keeps chorusing. please assist me in resolving the problem.

The first thing to note is that it’s BRILLIANT The graphics are amazing! I’m talking about… Look at every tiny detail on the truck, in the cabin, as well as in the surroundings as well as the graphics on a PC! It’s mind-blowing! This is by far the most amazing truck driving game available on mobile! One thing I would like to see is a multiplayer mode and the game would be even more fun! Even without multiplayer.. It still beats out all other trucking games available on mobile!

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