Wild Hunt: Hunting Games 3D MOD APK v1.477 (Money)


Time to collect your hunting gear, load a gun, sharpen your senses and track wild animals in realistic hunting locations. Become the real hunter and answer the call of the wild!
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Ten Square Games
Sep 13, 2022
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How to install Wild Hunt: Hunting Games 3D MOD APK v1.477 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Wild Hunt: Hunting Games 3D MOD APK v1.477 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Wild Hunt: Hunting Games 3D MOD APK v1.477 (Money) Game for Android


Amazing game that you must play. It is full of fast-paced hunting and challenging levels to make your progress through the game. This game is amazing and everyone who reads this should buy it. There are very few ads. : )

It’s a great game but sometimes the game freezes and you don’t get the rewards that you deserve. If you were given the task of shooting for instant 5x moose with heart shots and you have completed it, you will see the screen say that your reward has been lost.

Beautiful The Game is Wonderful. It’s as entertaining as ever. Now, I hunt prehistoric animals on exotic volcanic islands. All of them act as if they could move like it does. Good A.I. targets. It’s just like when I used ps3 or PC. This is happy hunting. Do try dual pvp mode.

It is getting better. Problems are a problem. My hunt is lost and the game freezes. I don’t get all my rewards. It was the beginning of my journey. Now I have to start all over again

Even if you kill the animal as the game indicates, you will still be marked as a failure. Rating points are also lost. It is almost impossible to get the special weapons. Update: I am unable to play the game since these updates. It needs to be fixed ASAP. Update…VIETfuqinNAM…I’m excited bout the new location…keep’m coming, also love the fact that we get super rewarded with wins…fair is fair…thanks guys at the game…

In fact, I hunt in four different states each year. Wild Hunt app keeps me busy throughout the season. It’s amazing!

I purchased a package that contained the Machine Gun Famaz and 10,000 coins as well as 450 banknotes. None of these items have been sent to me. It said that I already own the item when I tried to buy it again. Although it’s not an expensive item at $0.99, I am disappointed.

It’s great, and very enjoyable. However, sometimes I shoot directly at an animal. That’s not a kill. But the game is still enjoyable.

It is fun, but it takes too long to get parts to upgrade your guns. To level up, it takes a long time to make money. Duels are very one-sided and you have to compete against other players with better weapons. The graphics and gameplay are great and I enjoy being able hunt all over the globe. They will constantly try to convince you to spend money. You won’t be able to progress quickly unless you have a lot of cash.

This game was a great experience. Amazing graphics. It hasn’t shut down during a game so far. It did freeze once. As a player, the only thing I would ask for would be equal pvp fights. Recently, I lost a battle against someone much more rank. I would not have been able to beat him even with my highest score. If that’s possible and you agree to it, please let us know. We are grateful for your participation.

It’s okay, but it makes me mad that the button to shoot the camera is on my right side. My left hand is not able to aim in time. Moreover, when I use my left hand to aim and tap my right to shoot, my scope zooms dramatically. There are also occasional lagg spikes that slow down crosshair movement. This game would be more enjoyable if the shoot button could be moved to the left, but it is what it is.

It’s very challenging! It’s very difficult! It’s interactive, but not realistic. You can set up blinds, for example. You can also put up a tree stand. You can use wind factor to get a good shot or for scent. Camping is also possible. You might even consider bringing a dog. You might even be able to get a dog or 2.

It started out well. After a couple of updates, it started to have glitches. This game is a joy to play and I have spent a lot of money. It seems like the more I play, the more it goes crazy or glitches. The duel portion of the game seems to be the most important.

It’s a very enjoyable game, and an adrenaline rush. You guys need to make it a little more adventurous. ALSO WHEN ITS A DIRECT HIT, AT TIMES IT SAYS THAT YOU’VE MISSED, HUH IM SURE I HIT THE TARGET BUT THE GAME INSISTS IT WAS A MISS!!! It’s a cool hunting experience anyway! Keep up the great work guys! !

This game is great because you can hunt animals. It’s amazing, even though you can’t move. If you are looking to relax and get rid of your worries, I recommend this game.

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