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Sep 7, 2022
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How to install WARSHIP BATTLE MOD APK v3.5.6 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded WARSHIP BATTLE MOD APK v3.5.6 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] WARSHIP BATTLE MOD APK v3.5.6 (Money) Game for Android


A great update that excites me even more, but those episodes, like episode 63 or 64 are incredibly difficult for us f2p’s in fact, we cannot ever get those warships of the highest tier simply because you have to complete the chapters to purchase the ships. I’ll propose some options to address this issue, perhaps you can reduce the difficulty of these phases, decrease the difficulty for acquiring these ships, and then add another merchandise in the shop, such as the pass tickets used to complete episodes, and allow it to be purchased with gold.

The game doesn’t start. It’s an unreadable grey screen once I start it and doesn’t move any further. Please investigate this. I’m using the OnePlus Nord but it shouldn’t have any effect on the game. It was fantastic when I played it years ago, and I’d like to test it today. Please fix ASAP

This is a note to the Devs I’ve imported back my data, but after I had imported it, a different account data came out. I’m not going to disclose the names of players because of privacy. It may be yours, the developers because of the insane amount of warships that it has. However, please fix it while I enjoy playing with the stuff I have received and make it impossible to progress whatsoever. I’d like to get my data back. Thanks! The admiral is level 70 and has plenty of money and gold (Jo) That’s more than I could say from the name. It’s in episode 67.

It’s very impressive. It’s got battleships as well as air carrier, destroyer submarine, and cruiser! It’s a legend! Have fun! Be aware of the adversaries! They are everywhere. Game wars, world at peace!

It’s not worth getting upset about…been playing all these high pay to play games for years…after they get enough money and your money tends to ween because you baught all the best they had for a enjoyable experience…something always happens that you can’t login…you write the WD…nothing…they’re all the same…don’t give them money.

It’s actually fun even if you don’t have a game installed on your phone. it’s broken, but great. Premium shop/pay items will be free of ads, making it even more enjoyable to play without ads. premium items give players early access to the latest powerful ship prior to the game money ones (don’t invest your money in the ‘game money’ ones too much). If there’s co-opavailable, that would be great.

The controls and gameplay are excellent. However, the data management appears to be shaky. Particularly after updates, there will frequently be crashes and repeated installations required. In the wake of a recent issue similar to this, I seem to have lost my entire progress and was required to start over. Developers generally do not respond to any questions. Update: Interestingly, developers have responded and fixed this issue. I hope this won’t happen again in the near future.

This game is very interesting. I decided to remove it because of the storage capacity of my phone, but I’m back to 1. …. This time… It’s amazing visuals and even events. The more difficult the level is, the more difficult it will be to finish the mission. It took me a long time to destroy the boss, even if I didn’t upgrade my vessel. Even though the process of getting golds is slow to me …. 🙂 😛

The game is fantastic with excellent graphics. I’ve been playing the game for nearly three years. Each time I’ve done a hidden mission and time attack, it’s been asking me to watch an video. It’s annoying. I am also unable to play the ads with a 4G internet connection. It isn’t possible to play war games. You must be ….really dissatisfied by the game.

Addictive, fun, challenging. Have played it for the past couple of years. It cost me $100 to buy ships and upgrades. My phone was taken. I bought a new phone and installed the game. Imported information from the server once I logged into the game, however it was it’s still level one and just one ship. My Super Ships such as Yamamoto Supreme, Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, etc are no longer in the game. I am back on day one on one with just one small ship. I’ve reinstalled the game several times and transferred data from the server after logging in , but it doesn’t fix the problem .

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[Ship] The new ship 'SUPER ZUMWALT'
[System] bug fix.



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