War Robots MOD APK (Bullets/Infinite Missiles)


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Mar 13, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install War Robots MOD APK v8.8.10 (Bullets/Infinite Missiles) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded War Robots MOD APK v8.8.10 (Bullets/Infinite Missiles) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] War Robots MOD APK v8.8.10 (Bullets/Infinite Missiles) Game for Android


Great game with terrifi images and lots of alternatives for robots, weapons, pilots, drones, chips and modules, to the point it s overwhelming. Unfortunately it is full of predatory monetisation. Also, concentrated on is very sloppy. I ve lost a variety of matches simply due to the fact I could not goal the player in front of me. This is mainly frustrating for builds that rely on the first blow. Manual concentrated on doesn’t help due to the fact you have to cycle via all the players on display screen.

Great idea and photos. But the entire point of the sport is PAY TO WIN !!! This is a extreme cash sell off, in case you dont have money……Dont play. The enhancements take forever, inspite of speed united statesand using the advertisements to feature development. Getting to MK2 and is basically impossible at no cost to play players. Not to mention MK3 getting there’s even greater difficult for players that cant spend real cash. But otherwise the game is good.

Excellent sport. Fun and addicting. Great pics for a cell telephone sport. Yeah, it is pay to win until you want to wait all the time. I’ve spent round $40 on this sport, and the smartest purchase is the 5.99 offer that receives you 21000 keys. You spend the keys at the gold chest and get all kinds of cool stuff that make the sport better. To the builders: my two suggestions- this recreation wishes a way with the intention to improve two matters at a time, even if you have to pay for a slot. This recreation desires more ranges.

I’ve been type of annoyed by using how slow and expensive it’s miles to improve your robots. Also the rewards for watching commercials could be very small compared to what it takes to compete with other gamers who purchase the first-class as opposed to rising through ranks on their own merit. That brings me to the fact that with out paying with out buying system and new robots and guns there may be no risk to compete. I’m honestly wondering the legend league offered there manner there. I’m sad because I certainly appreciated this sport.

The angler’s capacity cool down is manner too quick. You only have 4 seconds to shoot it earlier than it blinds you once more and wreck you. Aether’s force subject is too strong, Aether is manner too long lasting. I’ve been able to do extra harm to a luchador than an Aether while Aether isn’t always recovery itself. Claw, jaw, and talon do too much harm for being one hundred% correct, and its rust capacity has too many stacks, lower it to forty five stacks. I guarantee that adjusting these items will make the sport greater playable.

Really right game, I just like the all of the robots you could get, the mechanics, and the gameplay is truly great. The handiest aspect I would say that might be modified is the puzzle piece gadget. When you want to provide puzzle pieces you get 60 in step with production. To make the complete robot with the puzzle pieces you need 10,000. That method I might need to produce the 60 puzzle portions 166.6 instances. 60 puzzle portions fee about 250,000 credit. Then you want 500 gold to speed up the procedure or wait 23hrs.

A returning player. A bunch of new stuff has been brought, and it is suitable, despite the fact that I’m now not finished with a number of it. New robots and weapons. The Offers section is useful, because it allows to buy stuff at decrease price. The typical gripe is the player balance, this issue still hasn’t been resolved, in the end these years. The balanced suits are uncommon, in the main it’s just one aspect that’s vastly OP (robotic smart) and simply wipes the alternative in no time.

I deliver it five stars. Yes, there is room for improvement, and people wil usually find they might’ve carried out some thing unique, or “better”, but locating a approach to triumph over the failings, and the use of what you have to your advantage wil constantly be fantastically possible, isn’t always that what makes gaming exciting? This is an notable recreation; i am nonetheless emerging, but i will attain top tier in the end. Good paintings team!!


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