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Feb 17, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK v1.2.7 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK v1.2.7 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK v1.2.7 (Money) Game for Android


Yeah game is really good. Didn’t expect this type of game to exist. But after the Christmas 2022 update, I think there are many bugs and glitches in it. 1. While in the middle of the very long tunnel, the truck rear view mirror doesn’t work correctly. 2. Sometimes the driver is empty n waiting for a job but when I try assign a job to him, it doesn’t get assigned (happening recently) 3. When I change the camera angle to the inside of the truck, the left side options like my bag etc gets zoomed in
love the game great range of vehicles, would like more range options for trucks and also more range of trailers like more doubles or mixed double load also to fix the steering wheel glitch, plus add more variety of skins to add in game and cannot edit the caster truck as it just freezes and have to click out of garage in order to edit other vehicles. would also like another way to scroll though the garage either make editing through office or selecting trucks with a swipe to swich between them
Game is awesome, graphics are good in view that it’s on phone, could have had 5 stars, but The game keeps crashing after completion of each job, pls I need yu to fix this, other than that it’s awesome One more, if yu could add real time voice chat with friends at online mode, and the option to save friends and invite them to the delivery job 🤠, that’s it, if yu do that, this would be the best simulator game ever on phone
Brilliant game,graphics are superb,love that i can listen to live radio that I would usually listen too while driving,the big downfall is the amount of ads,there’s really no need to force them on us because I bet 90% of players will choose to watch ads for bonus cash/gold/spins etc, but we are forced to sit thru the other mandatory 1,2,3 ads after/before every drive even if chose to watch both ads at the end of the drive for the bonuses. IDEA:Dont have forced ads just optional for bonus ones 🙄
This game has amazing quality! But i really struggle with going backwards/reversing the truck. I keep bumping into a wall and not being able to move. I have tried really hard trying to reverse but nothing worked. This is a good quality game but needs a new update.
Nice one but improve on:- -Multiple ADs Ads Ads more than 5sec are just disgusting! -Players who exit in the mid and leaves one alone in a multiplayer should be penalised. -In multiplayer, when trucks arrive, only remove the head unit and leave the trailer parked for other players to know their position/number in arriving. It can be enjoyable that way.
Very good game but it has a very annoying glitch. When ever you leave the game while your on a job when you enter the job again your truck is separated from the load. And I would like a feature added. When you use your horn the vehicle infront/beside you moves away from your way. But I would recommend this game.
I am addicted to the game. Can’t deny the fact that this competes with most of PC simulator games. However there is an issue,after an ad is played or I shift out of my screen, the audio stops playing, and also please add songs of Bollywood FM. Would love to hear while driving.
Not even played it yet and it’s asking for a rating. Update: Okay it’s been a week or two and I’m loving this game. Just wish there were more stricter road laws like speed limits and needing to indicate, and more functionality in the cab because i like fiddling with the buttons and adjusting everything before setting off.
I love it! I just wish there was a free drive mode and you can chose Free Drive and Free Drive No Trailer!!! Otherwise it’s the best truck simulator ever!!! Also, since there are police cars with sirens, we should have to pull over so the game is more interesting.
Would give it a 5 star cause its a nice game, but could u pls get rid of the unnecessary ads. To progress in the game u have to watch ads witch i understand n its alot already, but the constant unnecessary ads i dont. Ads cost money if u dont know. A game can’t cost u money while u playing. It must b a choice
Please fix the volvos left mirror and seat adjustment. And I don’t like seeing the same highway everywhere I go. I would love a couple of new trucks too such as the 2019 international and the 2020 volvo. And maybe put actual truck companys and n the game. And as for the back of the trucks, they just need a bed and more. And lower the prices please because the most expensive truck I’ve ever seen was about 500,000$ in real life and I’m sure a phone would not cost 7,000$ that really gets me angry.


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