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Sep 12, 2022
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How to install Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK v1.2.2 (Free Ads) + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK v1.2.2 (Free Ads) + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK v1.2.2 (Free Ads) + Data Game for Android


I really enjoyed the game in the sense that it’s very real-life game . Sometimes, the steering can get locked and the car crashes into the sides . Zuuks games please address this problem . Also, there’s an abrupt ending to the road, and the truck is thrown into the vacuum . This issue has occurred many times. Please solve this problem too. I was watching a sudden commercial which was extremely annoying.

It was an excellent game, very realistic, with great trucks and realistic interiors. However, following the most recent update, advertisements pop up in the middle of driving through a mission that completely ruin the experience and game it’s definitely a step backwards ! It’s not the same game as prior to the update! Please eliminate the while driving ads. I know that it’s free and that ads aren’t. I’m not a problem with ads at the end of an assignment or prior to deploying drivers, but not during the drive ! !

The game is enjoyable however the only issue I’m having with the game is that whenever I drive, the roads vanish as well as when I drop off the trailer at the designated parking space isn’t marked which makes it hard to determine what to do you can park your trailer in the parking area. Fix the issue also. I don’t like ads appearing during driving. you need to correct your game glitches it appears there are glitches within the game once you are back into the game after leaving the game.

The game is fantastic with great graphics. stunning however you will encounter two significant issues. 1. Sometimes the road will come to a stop and you’ll be thrown off the map. 2.whenever you’re in long hallways with tanks and you leave and save, when you return, the trailer is thrown 30 feet into the air and won’t stop in its flinging

Great game so far, multi tasking feature. You had fun playing trucks and managing your game simultaneously. I would like to see the physics be more dazzling. I have experienced loggs while playing multi and single-p game. The ads are crazy..time according to the time pop up. This is very irritating. To be fair, the game is enjoyable and fun to play Another great game that to date, but different from the hundreds of sim truck games. More pops of flex! !

This simulator is among the most enjoyable sims I experienced on Android. The latest version of DLC vehicle is an wonderful mod. The car’s acceleration, however isn’t smooth. The brakes weren’t smooth and suspension was not also smooth. It’s not a realistic experience. It’s like playing a 3D game. I would highly recommend the game. Please fix some bugs!

This was once an Great Simulator but now it’s very Laggy and has a lot of Bugs, Laggier then ever before. I’m currently playing with low quality and it’s extremely lag-driven which causes me to crash multiple times. When I save my game and restart the game,, I lost the Map and discovered my vehicle stuck in Invisible Walls the Trailer Gone this is the absolute pain of the game. All I want is that you allow the game to be played by reducing bugs and lag Thanks for taking the time to look over my plea.

It’s a fun game however it’s not without problems and lots of bugs. The car appears on your direction, it slows and you smash it! Another issue is why do I see advertisements for hiring the drivers of the company and assign them tasks ??!!! My phone is a Samsung Note 20 Ultra! It also consumes a significant amount of battery and it runs out of battery quickly. Also, for Iranian users, due to the latest upgrade, game can not even load…

Following the update, it is not running well and there are lots of advertisements in it. It is necessary to have some new features included, such as a an office service station, and secondly we can move our trucks around the corporate settings. The third is that the driver has to be free to move at any time we want to travel. The driver must be able to move towards the trucks. ….. Overall, this is the greatest game you’ve ever played. …. Thanks

A great game, however, it is full of bugs. I once saved a route and returned later, and my truck was through the air. A great DLC, however. (And far superior to truck simulator: Europe).

The game is enjoyable and I like playing on different missions, but in the latest update , when I close the game and save it, when reopening the game, i discover my trailer and truck floating in the air, and all my progress is gone. You can work on it, but you need to create new routes, including dirt roads or upcountry ones.

What's new

Truck Simulator : Ultimate
New Features
- Drift mode for DLC vehicles.
- Camera speed effect, cinematic camera features for DLC vehicles.
- Sensitivity setting for vehicle controls. (Pause menu > Settings)
- Windshield water feature to vehicles. (When holding down the wiper button)
- Vehicle starts automatically when you press the gas.

Bug fixes & Performance
- Improved AI in traffic vehicles.
- Bugs fixes and technical improvements.



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